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10 Best WordPress Social Proof Plugin

Social proof helps to present transparent reviews and customer activity. It is advantageous to know yourself what type of WordPress Social Proof Plugin is in line with your goals and identity.

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WordPress social proof plugin is versatile. It allows a website to include a social proof element to increase customers’ trust and interest. Since social proof has created and maintained a significant part in e-commerce and digital retail, it became helpful to use in websites. Also, with the existence of social proof, the customers can make better decisions with their online purchases. Social proof helps to present transparent reviews and customer activity. Thus, it gives the ability to gain more of the customers’ trust and an increased conversion rate.

Moreover, when WordPress uses the social proof plugin, the invisible customers can be visible again. Other customers will be able to see their product testimonials and rating widgets. WordPress is an open-source content management system that creates and manages a website. Maintaining its versatile features must need consistent improvements. Thus, having social proof to WordPress is helpful to build higher customers’ confidence. Social proof brings out all the vital information for the customers to rely on. Now, you wonder how you can choose the best WordPress social proof plugin suited for you.

Brace yourself. Now, you will get to know the best options for your WordPress social proof plugin.

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The Best and Effective WordPress Social Proof Plugins Options

There is a considerable variety of plugins available that you can use to add Social Proof to your WordPress websites. It is a challenge on how to check each difference and similarities to each other. Each plugin has essential details and characteristics that make it unique. Some of the plugins you will know can function and manage within the WordPress account. The other plugin can give external spaces.

Indeed, it can be time-consuming and confusing to find an appropriate plugin for your WordPress Social Proof. Yet, taking careful consideration in choosing a plugin will pay off. As evident, a social proof plugin for WordPress can show the share counts that will help launch and establish one’s social media presence on the website. It can assure the visitors a high-trusted image of a brand. Also, some of the positive outcomes designed in plugins are to distinguish between fake social proof and actual customer activity.

As there are over hundreds of plugin choices for WordPress, we have taken a step to offer you the best options you can choose from.

1. SocialPOP

The SocialPOP is known for its user-friendly and versatile Social Proof plugin explicitly created for WordPress. It is easy to navigate and use because the plugin only needed to be added to the site by uploading a zip Installation file to receive permanent access. Upon using SocialPOP, you will enjoy the great value of high-traffic websites, and bloggers for your website will feel delighted to receive notifications as a part of the feature of SocialPOP.

2. Notification for WooCommerce

When you choose the plugin Notification for WooCommerce, you can access a WordPress Social Proof Plugin for a one-time purchase. Part of the package is the 22 kinds of templates for recent notifications you can enjoy with its affordable price. Also, the plugin comprises unlimited social proof notifications for the website, making it easier to track the progress and changes in the website.

3. Nudgify Social Proof and FOMO for WordPress

Part of the principle upon the creation of Nudgify is its target to achieve a better customer experience to have a higher conversion rate. What makes Nudgify unique from other choices is that it does not only deliver simple sales notifications, it gives a full range of Social Proof, Urgency, and FOMO notifications. Also, with the use of Nudgify, you are free to announce new features or offered discounts on any page on the website.

4. Provesource

The Provesource is ideal because of its identity as a WordPress Social Proof Plugin. When you choose Provesource as your plugin, you can customize your notifications for a great variety of adjusting options in the setting. One of the particular strengths of this plug is its plugin review notification that allows you to display the best customer reviews on your website.

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5. Proof Factor

What makes the proof factor the ideal choice of WordPress Social Proof Plugin is because it is the only option on this list that includes an exit-intent widget? Also, the Proof Factor has combined information of live visitor counts with email capture pop-ups and recent activity notifications.

6. FOMO & Social Proof Notifications

You can put your trust in FOMO and Social Proof Notifications because of their excellent function and flexible targeting and styling of messages. The function for WordPress Social Proof Plugin is also to maximize capturing of user activity and be informed by user’s preferences and interests.

7. Evidence: Social Proof and FOMO Notifications

The distinctive characteristic of the Evidence plugin is its “Boomerang Tab” feature that turns the tab titles to be scrolling text. With Boomerang Tab, the tab can turn into an attention-grabbing website. When you use this plugin, expect in its feature the function to create custom notifications to advertise new features on the website or special offers.

8. WPSocialProof

Together with WP SocialProof, WordPress Social Proof can have a plugin with built integrations that display recent sales messages with unlimited notifications and visitors. Also, this plugin offers an option to customize sound notifications.

9. VisitorsProof

The Visitors for is the only WordPress Social Proof plugin that has a plausible free plan. The plugin consists of excellent customer support upon the one-click plugin to the website. Hence, customer interest features are available in this plugin, such as the social share widgets. Also, you get to experience in this plugin the build-in reporting dashboard as a performance notification.

10. Notifia

Notifia promotes a wide variety of diverse widgets and offers flexibility in notification triggers and display settings. One of the most admiring features incorporated with Notifia is the built-in referral scheme, which gives 50% of the sign-up proceeds for clients referred from widgets.

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The Type of Users of WordPress Social Proof Plugin

When the Social Proof solutions successfully gathered the attention and interest for WordPress, many plugins were introduced by different developers. The selection for alternative plugins is also puzzling since there is a need to consider all the achievable plans for the website and your budget before finalizing your WordPress Social Proof Plugin decision. It is advantageous to know yourself what type of WordPress Social Proof Plugin is in line with your goals and identity.

Here is the list of some of the recommended WordPress Social Proof Plugin for users:


For Bloggers, their readers are the central core of their page. Thus, they need a plugin with classy page guidelines to avoid readers’ confusion from notifications of their contents. Well, NotificationX has the required feature. It has wide-ranging targeting and a custom-built notification for WordPress bloggers.


All agencies can well function if there is an organized data of the client’s profile. If you happen to have an agency, you can choose Social Proof solutions from Nudgify, NextSale, or FOMO plugin that will let you make client accounts.


Retail websites need features such as Social Proof and customization options. Plugins that can create such features are Provesource, Next sale, and Nudgify. You don’t need to take too much time to assess the options because all can give you website customization options.

Specific Variety of Social Proof to WordPress Website

Now you are aware of the WordPress Social Proof Plugin options. You can take your time in assessing and evaluating the plugin choices above. Then, it would be best to be familiar with social proof. Since the social proof itself can make advanced results to WordPress websites.

Moreover, there are Social Proof features that are promoted on almost all business websites. For instance, most companies use industry awards, social share buttons, and testimonials on their homepage. Different kinds of Social Proof are more precise to these specific industries:


Startups utilize the influence of experts, influencers, and celebrities to build reliability and credibility.


Bloggers publicize positive comment feeds to attract more readers and audiences to engage in their blogs.

E-commerce websites 

In e-commerce websites, there are present customer comments and reviews to endorse products.

Retail website 

On the other hand, the retail website seeks service of Recent Activity Nudges to create scarcity and FOMO.

Expand Your Website’s Audience Range with WordPress Social Proof Plugin

The right choice of WordPress Social Proof Plugin can offer you beneficial gains you can ever imagine. The customers are very important as the website’s audience. They are the source of the website’s popularity. So, there are more than enough reasons to be careful and wise in choosing the Social Proof plugin. A great source of Social Proof plugin you can find is SocialPop. In SocialPop, there are thousands of social proof plugins for WordPress.

When you partner with SocialPOP, you can present your social proof in over 30+ ways. There are more than 700,000+ of Social Pop’s social proof notifications that are functional right now. Choose your now and enhance your social proof to be more efficient and ideal. Contact us today!

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