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6 Best WordPress Plugin Social Proof to Improve Business Sales

You need to win the hearts of your prospective customers at your website to make high sales. With that, let's discover the best WordPress plugin Social Proof, that allows you to create more leads to win your prospective customers' interest. 

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If you aim to achieve an outstanding business lead against your competitors, you need to integrate a WordPress Plugin Social Proof in your WordPress business website. It will provide Social Proof that urges your website visitors to trust your business based on other people’s testimonials and reviews. 

Specifically, Social Proof shows your website visitors effective content that tells many people have already shopped on your website, so they should make a purchase too. Since Social Proof is an effective business marketing strategy, it will be beneficial to know different plugins that add Social Proof forms to your WordPress website. But before that, it is essential to discover more about Social Proof and know why it should matter to you and your business. 

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Why is Social Proof Significant in Business?

Social Proof is a psychological phenomenon where people are unconsciously following other people’s decisions and recommendations. They are more likely to copy influential people who they see recommending a product. Also, they follow the majority’s choice. That’s why there are in-demand products that are sold out. 

Moreover, Social Proof takes several forms in business, including ratings, testimonials, and reviews. They act as proof that a specific business is trustworthy and capable of providing them an excellent service. 

In addition, it is a unique method to convince your customers to purchase from you so that you can boost your conversions, sales, and leads. Therefore, if your business has Social Proof, you can increase your credibility that helps make more sales and conversions. 

The Importance of WordPress in Business

WordPress is one of the best website builders that help small businesses to grow. It helps you create a blog website. If you have blogs about your products, it is easier for your customers to know your products. You need to add your product links to the blog content to make them accessible to your website visitors. If your blogs have Social Proof comments and reviews, it is easier for them to discover an unbiased perspective on your products. More importantly, a WordPress website helps to expand customers’ range.   

Top Picks for Best WordPress Plugin Social Proof

You need to win the hearts of your prospective customers at your website to make high sales. With that, let’s discover the best WordPress plugin Social Proof, that allows you to create more leads to win your prospective customers’ interest. 

1. SocialPop

SocialPop can boost your marketing effort results in less than five minutes. With its psychologically proven Social Proof notifications that trigger your prospective customers to take action on your website. For instance, since SocialPop lets you display live Social Proof, visitors will try to put more trust in your business when your site visitors see them. Thus, it leads to more website traffic and sales. 

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Moreover, SocialPop has an easy plugin setup. Plus, they also provide help and tutorials for beginners. Other than that, when you use the SocialPop plugin, you can have generated insights about your Social Proof notifications. In that way, you can regularly monitor your growth and improve your website. 

Besides that, SocialPop has various ideal plans to help you start their service. You can register for free and upgrade your service to make the most of SocialPop’s features. Additionally, SocialPop has over 24 conversion tools that work to trigger your website visitors to feel the right emotions that convert sales and conversions to your website. 

2. Smash Balloon 

Social media is an engaging online platform that keeps many people connected with other people. That’s why business social media accounts are essential to keep the customers engaged. It is a fantastic marketing strategy, and with the help of the Smash Balloon plugin, you can display your social media testimonials and reviews on your business website. 

Smash Balloon has plugins to integrate popular social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. Therefore, you can effortlessly collect effective social media reviews and testimonials. To have a significant result, you need to gather honest and genuine user-generated content. They should be unbiased and honest so that people will be more convinced. 

Although you can paste testimonial content to your website, there is a more significant effect if your website visitors will see the actual content, such as Twitter tweet product testimonials. So, they can see that real people are sharing the testimonials. Therefore, they are more convincing and valuable. 

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When you use Smash Balloon, you can effortlessly select the valuable elements to involve in your business social media feeds. For instance, if you want your customers to see that your brand is in demand, you can use the Smash Balloon plugin to display the number of likes and comments on your Instagram and Facebook posts. Therefore, it is helpful to prove that your business has many loyal customers

3. NotificationX

NotificationX is a great WordPress plugin, Social Proof, that allows you to display helpful information to your website, including product reviews, sales, comments, and more. All are essential to convince your prospective customers to trust your business based on their people’s trustworthy content. 

Also, the plugin is helpful to use across your whole business website and specific site pages. Most importantly, NotificationX has analytic tool features that permit you to recognize which of your Social Proof notification popups are the most efficient and convincing. 

Aside from that, the plugin can allow you to create small popup notifications for your website visitors, so they can be aware each time someone does a review about your product on site. In addition, it can create trigger action because of its time countdown notification bars. Therefore, you can persuade your customers to avail your promos before the countdown ends. 

NotificationX has a free service version. However, it would be best if you upgraded to make the most of its service advantages. 

4. Shared Counts 

Shared Counts is another effective WordPress plugin Social Proof. It is a straightforward plugin specializing in permitting users to add social media share buttons to business websites, especially blog websites. 

Moreover, the social media share button is significant for an easy form of Social Proof that reveals how popular a website is to people. Like Smash Balloon, Share Counts also cover popular social media platforms, including Twitter, Facebook, Linked In, and Pinterest. 

Besides that, the plugin allows you to put a button that works for people who want to share your content with someone else. Thus, it is a sharing button that permits you to widen your customers’ range. 

Shared Counts also gives you the exact number of shares to know how active your website is. It is also free; however, it can sometimes slow down your website if there are many shared activities.   

5. WPForms

WPForms is another WordPress plugin that you can use for free. It allows a simple way to gather reviews and testimonials. Also, it is designed to have an easy setup and management that is perfect for beginner users. 

Additionally, the WPForms has various template packs such as testimonial and review form templates. It allows you to have effortlessly set up forms that collect the customers’ testimonials and reviews. So, you can share with your prospective customers that your website is trusted. 

Moreover, you have the power to customize your testimonial forms according to your preferences and needs. So, you can match it according to your branding. For example, you can put an uploaded field to your website. It will encourage your loyal customers to share a photo of your product that they purchased. Plus, you can add a rating field that permits your customers to give your products and services a score. 

WPForms still has many ways to add Social Proof to your WordPress website. It lets you run a poll and survey to keep your customers engaged and connected. It is an effective way to get your customers’ level of satisfaction, which you can use to improve your products and services. 

6. Thrive Ovation

Thrive Ovation is one of the popular WordPress plugins that convert testimonials and reviews with a single click. It provides different Social Proof forms. 

Instead of integrating social media comments, Thrive Ovation captures the person’s name and photo who gave a review. So, it will look more natural and honest. 

Moreover, Thrive Ovation allows its users to make a landing page part of the website. With that, the landing page can gather testimonials and reviews through a simple online form. To keep the engagement with your previous customers, you can also send them automated emails to convince them to leave their reviews on your website. 

Skyrocket your Business Sales with SocialPop 

Every website visitor is vital since every action on your website will help you have more conversions and traffic. It will help our website grow and will develop to have skyrocket sales. 

The ideal way of choosing a Social Proof plugin is to look for the best option that will match your branding. Luckily, SocialPop allows you to customize your Social Proof notifications that will match your website. Thus, it makes them uniquely perfect for you. 

Also, SocialPop will lead you towards your business success. Visit their website today to find out more about their excellent services. Start creating your best Social Proof notifications now! 

Skyrocket Conversions with Real-Time Social Proof

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