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what is social proof in marketing

What is Social Proof in Marketing and Why It’s Revolutionary

Social proof, when used correctly in a marketing setting, can be your greatest asset. Since the well-organized display of social proof will give you endless opportunities.

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Lately, social proof has been making a buzz around successful companies. But from time to time, some people would still scratch their heads and ask – What is it about?  What is social proof in marketing? Well, social proof is the power to engage with a customer through social influence. The end goal is to make the conversion rates soar. Indeed, you must consider it a huge factor if you desire to step up your company’s marketing strategies. 

Social proof is evident in various marketing platforms. Online tools or offline resources show how social proof is relevant. We are making daily decisions based on social proof with most of our purchases. Although most of the time, we do not immediately notice the pattern. Research shows that 90% of Millennials don’t buy products that their friends and family did not recommend. And mind you, that statistics is focusing on Generation Y alone. We buy products online or choose restaurants to dine based on external factors that prove that this method is effective.

Here’s a closer look into the world of social proof marketing and why it’s revolutionary for business. 

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Social Proof and Where it All Began

People have been practicing social proof way back thousands of years ago. People from the early age have adapted to their society thru analyzing situations. They mirror the actions of their peers before doing anything. It was only around 1984 when Robert Cialdini finally coined a term for this phenomenon.

Now, business people and entrepreneurs frequently talk about this term. They have regarded social proof as one most useful tactics in the marketing industry. Many online store owners also discovered that knowing what social proof is in marketing is essential. Thus, by the early 2000s, the words ‘social proof’ started to finally make rounds across marketing mediums and produce constant noises in market research.     

What is Social Proof?

Social proof, when used correctly in a marketing setting, can be your greatest asset. Since the well-organized display of social proof will give you endless opportunities. Experts as well as experienced clients will tell you so.

Here’s how social proof can bring out the best in your business:

Increased Conversion Rates          

Often, people would visit a site with no initial intent of immediate purchase. They will only browse for a couple of minutes and then leave. But it’s an entirely different story if your website is a ground full of social proof. Visitors would stay longer and check the social proof presented in the website. Within this stay, visitors are expected to do email signups, ask out of interest, and even contribute to an online sale. Showcasing impressive social proof leads to higher conversion rates. It also leaves an impact on guests of what social proof in marketing means.

Multiplied Sales

That instance, when you successfully turned visitors into promising customers equates to an increase in sales. When customers are satisfied, there is a big chance that they will recommend the product to loved ones: family, friends, and colleagues.

Credibility Booster

97% of consumers are mindfully scanning through reviews before purchasing. Thus, keeping a remarkable social proof set is more than essential to gain a customer’s trust. People search for trustworthy brands that they can bet their money into. They want a company with a strong stance in terms of credibility as well as reliability.  That’s why it is almost required that you know what is social proof in marketing because it is one of the most effective ways to gain a customer’s trust. 

You do not want to be in a worst-case scenario where customers hesitate to avail of your offers just because you lack the social proof to convince them that your company deserved their trust. Many times, social proof counters any negative opinions from the visitors. For instance, customers who viewed your brand as sketchy will be relieved once they see the 5-stars rating of verified past clients on the website. This way, you are saving indecisive consumers from leaving your page. 

Competitive Edge

Businesses with effective social proof marketing acquire more patrons compared to others. It puts companies at an advantage point among their competitors. Since most of the time, consumers do not only consider the reviews for a particular product. But also assess the capability of a company in general. Flawlessly showing a series of social proof in your site is strongly commended. It all boils down to who outperformed the other in executing the sense of what is social proof in marketing.

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Marketing Mediums for Social Proof

It is overwhelming to find a medium to exhibit social proof to develop a company’s image. Selecting the right medium is one of the critical factors to excel with social proof. Also, it can make or break the success of a company. So, you must take your time and choose wisely.

The mediums below are the well-known and common-used choices when displaying social proof. They range between the ones you are most familiar with and some that you might forget about. Each business has their respective areas to work on. Assess the needs of your company, and see what will work best for you.

Word of Mouth

Do not ever estimate the power of words coming from loyal consumers. In most transactions, customers call or ask others for recommendations and feedback before making a final buy. Moreover, 56% of users struggle from fear of missing out or FOMO based on a recent survey. They are making purchases and repeat orders based on what their fellow consumers suggest because they do not want to be left behind in a trend. It has been a proven and tested effective way to gain more customers throughout time, yet it is not pricey at all.

Furthermore, this mode has been consistent in showing that the original roots of what is social proof in marketing looked like way before the handy technology took over the industry.

Social Media

Can you count the number of times that your favorite online influencer and a distinct famous personality attest to the same products in social media? That is not a pure coincidence for brands that are well-known to recruit relevant individuals to market goods. There are 56% of people who use social media as buying inspiration. And businesses make sure that they make the best out of this. Users are likely to go for brands that their “idols” prefer than those of others.

93.3% of users state that they are more likely to buy from the business they are following. Social media is one of the most common media where anyone can witness an overload of social proof. It is low-key portraying and giving us the idea of what is social proof in marketing every day without even noticing it.

Printed materials      

Magazines, books, and posters are also considered as an outlet for displaying social proof. Unlike social media, offline ads are slightly avoided by marketing strategists. It is a tad unpersuasive, especially now, that we are more inclined to the sensations of using technology instead. But it is still useful mainly for the target markets that are situated in remote areas. It is ideal and worth the shot if you wanted your company to be renowned even in places where the internet connection is not accessible.

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Social proof and How It Changes the Game

It is only a matter of time before social proof becomes the actual future of marketing. It will be the first-picked strategy at that time. More so, companies have been promising in giving a new meaning of what is social proof in marketing.  They are doing continuous innovations in digital marketing.

Approaches to social proof can vary. There are entertaining kinds of feedback to reflect positive and negative reviews. Some websites use stars, and other use emojis. Little details like this add some personalities to some contents. These are useful in getting leads from potential consumers.

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