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what is social proof in digital marketing

Useful Overview of What is Social Proof in Digital Marketing

Social proof is a subtle way of telling your future customers that you deserve their attention. It does not only promote your company, but it also connects you to the digital world. The impact of what is social proof in digital marketing is at its peak.

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Over time, marketers have taken notice that most consumers are into practicing simultaneous activities before a purchase. First, they browse online to search for significant products and services. Then, they immediately look for reviews or validations from others that the investment will be worth it. Upon these observations, many companies have to look further into what social proof is in digital marketing.

They continually formulate new strategies related to the concept so they can make the most out of it. Today, successful companies are known to incorporate social proof in marketing tactics. This revolutionary idea gives them an edge over competitors while also attracting more customers to try out their brands’ products and offers. They can increase their brand value and be in demand.

If you want to know how they have done it, read and discover more about what is social proof in digital marketing.

social proof in digital marketing

Importance of Social Proof in a Digital Setting

It is not a secret that online consumers love to imitate the decisions of their peers. They purchase products that are recommended by their idols on YouTube or their best friend on Facebook. They make sure that they keep up with others’ validation and their actions are the appropriate ones. In short, the impact of what is social proof in digital marketing is at its peak.

Showcasing social proof is relatively convenient than other marketing strategies online since this method does not require detailed research. It does not cost much and can save you a spare budget for other business ventures. Most importantly, social proof is the basis of any consumer trusting a company that they are not familiar with. It serves as a starting point of a strong client-provider relationship.

Social proof is a subtle way of telling your future customers that you deserve their attention. It does not only promote your company, but it also connects you to the digital world.

Social Proof in Every Digital Marketing Channel

As technology dominates a consumer’s life daily, companies have come up with ways to take advantage of it. So now, they display social proof in every digital marketing channel available. To compete with such advanced brands, you must know what each channel offers. How does it work, and what is it best for. It would help if you also chose a channel that is effective yet affordable for your brand.  

Below are channels which clearly show what is social proof in digital marketing nowadays:

Social Media Marketing

It is safe to say that social media is currently one of the most used marketing channels among brands. After all, consumers are expected to own at least one account on any social media platform; it could be the leading three – Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter. Even well-known personalities are active in this channel, promoting and influencing other users. This is the reason why more marketers are opting towards social media marketing. It is easy to access and reach a large number of soon-to-be customers in a single post.

Only posting an image or videos of your previous client’s reviews is a way to attract new consumers, but if you want to be ahead of your competitors – explore and engage. Seek what the trends are and relate your brand to what is up. Please take note that customers are after the brands that will keep them updated. They crave fresh posts that they can share with their friends or followers, so be sure that you are consistent in posting across your company’s wall and consumers’ feeds.

social proof digital marketing

Video Marketing

Videos are easy tools to entice future customers because they are fun and interactive. They can convey information about the brand without being dull. This only applies to videos that show what is social proof in digital marketing. Those types of videos can trigger FOMO among viewers and increase the possibility of a sale. While videos are handy enough, you still need to make sure that

The use of videos is taken to another level this year since brands are now allowed to insert short clips of advertisements across different videos on social media platforms. Yes, it is a video inside a video. YouTube is renowned for this kind of digital marketing because it is a platform intended for videos. Knowing that millions of users are fond of the said platform, more companies should consider when it comes to what is social proof in digital marketing.

Mobile Marketing

93% of consumers tend to use their mobiles to search and buy a product. These statistics also implies that users often have their phones on their hands. With this in mind, companies are quick to utilize SMS/MMS marketing and mobile apps. These SMS/MMS contain product details and irresistible deals at times. These create urgency among users that something interesting happens, and they need to check it out. On the other hand, most mobile apps feature notifications that pretty much do the same – urgency.

With mobile marketing, you need to be engaging as much as possible; because, yes, the mobiles are with the users. But they will often ignore messages or alerts that are not interesting enough. With this said, being knowledgeable of what social proof is in digital marketing is useful. It will give you more ideas to look into.

Your Website

Your website is the virtual representation of your brand, and it should clearly show the consumers that you are credible and capable. This is the sole reason why most companies are going all-out in this marketing channel. They take their time evaluating what social proof is in digital marketing because it is vital. The survey shows that 50 % of consumers are likely to visit a company’s website once they read a review elsewhere. Many website visitors check out the review or testimonial section for more good social proof.

Smart consumers see to it that they will get a product/service worthy of their money. So, invest in tools that will make your website stand out from the rest and start to install eye-catching models or conversion counters to get their attention. Moreover, do not forget to add many keywords in your website’s contents that you wish to emphasize. This will help Google to recognize your website and ranking.

Word of Mouth Marketing

Word of mouth marketing (WOMM) has come a long way ever since it was discovered. Traditionally, this marketing is observed whenever people get a personal recommendation from their loved ones or friends, but today, a simple dialogue of any satisfied guest in social media is considered WOMM. It can give a brand a strong foundation of trust without spending a dime.

This channel is powerful than what you think. After all, it is somehow the roots of what is social proof in digital marketing. Long before concrete marketing strategies are formulated, WOMM is already around; users themselves are unconsciously practicing the said marketing. Until now, some users are unaware that they advertise brands. A quick mention, unintended share, or unexpected buzz about a particular product is free promotion. These are more effective when it comes from a famous influencer. Since words that are not from family or friends can still affect a buyers’ decision, as long as the opinion comes from someone influential and well-respected, WOMM will be useful.

Common Key Performance Indicators (KPI)

After choosing a digital marketing channel that suits your standards, it is time to know if it is useful. Almost all companies rely on key performance indicators (KPI) to measure if their strategies are working. KPI varies from business to business. There are complex ones that require specific tools and equations, while there are basic ones that are easy and evident.   The following are examples of KPI’s to know if the approach you take on what is social proof in digital marketing has been effective.

Sales Growth

Sales growth indicates the change in your revenue over a certain period. If your company is losing money rather than earning, digital marketing is not serving its purpose. One of the company’s primary goals is to generate sales revenue, and if it is not met, there is a need to change your marketing approach. It is beyond essential to use a marketing strategy that will boost your financial resources. Without positive sales growth, your company will be at risk of being left behind or, worse, bankruptcy.

Brand Awareness

Brand awareness consists of social media reach, brand mentions, media mentions, and brand searches. Measuring your brand awareness in technical terms can help you in so many aspects. It is indeed an indicator that you must change or eliminate a marketing strategy. But aside from this, it can show you the areas you lack and what you can do instead.  There are software and other websites online that offer free tools to gauge your brand awareness.

Lead Generation

There are a few metrics that marketers are tracking regarding lead generation. Some of these metrics include familiar ones like conversion rate and Marketing Qualified Lead (MQL). Although experts state that lead generation metrics are diverse and their efficiency depends on what type of business you are in, your company goals and targets are also variables. Either what metric you choose, you must notice that a significant amount of leads is present. And you are in charge of finding a strategy that will sustain it.  Above all, what is social proof in digital marketing if it does not help you gain leads?

social proof

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