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What Is Social Conversion and 4 Tips to Achieve It

Social conversion is the point at which your audience or marketing recipients executes an anticipated action. Simply speaking, social conversion is making someone respond to your call-to-action. To have a clearer understanding of what is social conversion, here are few examples.

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According to The History of Social Networking, the digital form of communication was first introduced in the 1980s to 1990s. The first form of digital communication was through email and real-time online messaging. And due to continuous digital improvements and the natural human impulse to communicate, social media networks have evolved drastically. Since then, businesses start to see the potential to use social media as an excellent platform to market their brands. However, social media marketing is not as easy as putting your brand on the internet and connecting with your audience. Without knowing what is social conversion and how to use it, your business social media profile will be useless.

With over 3.6 billion users of social media in 2020 and a projected 4.41 billion users in 2025, social media marketing play a significant role in all companies, whether small or big. In this article, you will know the core pillars of social media marketing and what is social conversion.

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What is Social Media Marketing?

Social media marketing uses social media platforms to connect with your target market, build your brand, initiate website traffic, and increase sales. Social media marketing involves publishing, but it does not revolve around mere publishing and sharing excellent content. It also includes listening to your audience, engaging them in worthwhile activities for the brand, and driving them to respond to your advertisements.

Here are five essential pillars of successful social media marketing.

1. Develop better strategy

Before establishing your social media pages or profiles, it is essential to know what strategy will drive your market. To understand what social media strategy to use, you must reflect on what is your corporate goal. Businesses have different motives in using social media platforms; some are using them to increase brand awareness. Some use it to have a closer connection to their audience, and others use it to increase their sales.

In addition to the goals, it is crucial to know your audience – what social media platform are they using and what types of content they want. It will help you choose the platform to use and the specific strategy to attain your corporate goals.

2. Planning your content and publishing it

After strategizing based on your goals and target audience identity, the next step is planning your content to produce. Creating a concrete plan is vital in every business activity. The plan will be your guide throughout the whole process to avoid pitfalls. There are publishing websites that will assist you in scheduling content posting. Instead of publishing and creating content spontaneously, you can plan your content ahead of time. It will save you money and time and allow you to reach your audience by the time most of them are active or online.

3. Listen to your Audience and Engage them in your posts

Establishing a good social media page for your brand will drive people to comment, tag, or even message you directly. It is as crucial as publishing that you must respond to your audience to keep the conversation going and boost the brand’s presence. However, manually checking all your notifications from different platforms will be time consuming and ineffective. Good thing there are social media listening and engaging tool who will automatically monitor these engagements for you.

4. Analytics

Like any other business activity, it is essential to review whether you are doing well according to plans or getting close to your goals. Using the social media analytics tool, you will be able to analyze if your business pages are performing well and whether your audiences respond to your engagements.

5. Social Media Advertising

The last and the most crucial step in social media marketing is advertising. After establishing a close community with your audience, this is the perfect time to advertise your products. Social media ads will allow you to reach more potential customers. Social media platforms have created a system where you can specify who you want to display your advertisements.

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What is Social Conversion?

Social conversion is the point at which your audience or marketing recipients executes an anticipated action. Simply speaking, social conversion is making someone respond to your call-to-action. To have a clearer understanding of what is social conversion, here are few examples. Making someone click the link on your published post is a conversion. Getting them to open your mail is another example of conversion. And, making them visit your profile after seeing your advertisement is conversion. Most importantly, driving them to buy your products or avail of your services is the ultimate conversion.

Here are few tips to achieve social conversion.

1. Make your pages mobile and user-friendly

Since most social media users nowadays access social media using mobile devices, it is necessary to make your brand’s page look mobile-friendly. Take note that customers prefer easy navigation without interruption. By offering a seamless experience on your pages, you can win over buyers.

2. Use more eye-catching contents

Another effective way to make your customers stop scrolling and look at your brand is by using video ads. Video ads are the best ways to display your products while incorporating creativity. It doesn’t need to be grand and expensive. A short video promotion or product display will be sufficient when properly used.

3. Include captivating call-to-action

Aside from the video and photos you publish on your pages, it is also essential to have a strong and brief description that will drive customers to respond to your advertisements. Try experimenting with different captions and call-to-action that will best stimulate your audiences. It is also very crucial that your description must support your call-to-action statement to be more effective.

4. Be mindful of your branding

Another obvious way to attract people is to organize your page as a whole. Brand consistency is like delivering your message in line with your branding. Your posts must be consistent with your branding, from the font styles, color schemes, and the tone you use on your captions. It is essential to have an organized page because what you portray is what your customers think of you.

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Social Media Platforms to Boost Social Conversion

There is no concrete answer to the best social media platform to use because it will vary from business to business. Just like every business, social media platforms have different specializations, functions, users, and ways of interaction. To help you choose which platform will be most profitable for you, here are the top 5 most popular social media sites worldwide.

1. Facebook

No doubt why Facebook is number one on the list. Facebook is the most widely used social networking site with almost 2 billion daily active users and nearly 3 billion monthly active users. According to statistics, the number of users of Facebook was increasing by 12% since September 2019. It is the third-most visited website, outranked by Google and YouTube. Besides, it is the only platform that reaches more than half of all the social media users.

2. Facebook Messenger

Although Facebook Messenger is part of Facebook, you need to download the app separately. This app contains several unique characteristics that are missing from Facebook. In Messenger, your audience can send a direct message, and you can also send advertisements via direct message. Businesses are connecting their Facebook pages to their Facebook messenger profiles. And when customers click your page, it will prompt them to Messenger, which encourages customers to start a conversation.

3. Instagram

The top 3 on the list is Instagram, owned by the same owner of Facebook and Facebook Messenger. It has features that are similar to Facebook. Instagram is considered a visual platform because you can only publish a post that includes photos and videos. It is a great advantage for businesses because people tend to remember more what they see as compared to what they read. Instagram also has an organic benefit for your brand. You can grow your followings organically or without using paid advertisements to reach your target audience. Moreover, Instagram has over 500 million daily active users.

4. Pinterest

Fourth on the list is Pinterest. Pinterest currently has 322 million active monthly users. 77% of the weekly pinners discovered a brand because of Pinterest. Also, 80% of Pinterest users have purchased products based on their Pinterest contents. This platform allows businesses to incorporate related keywords that are searched a lot on Pinterest without paying for them. If your business falls in the creative industry, this app is perfect for you.

5. Snapchat

For businesses with a target market comprised of younger audiences, then Snapchat is an effective social media platform to put your advertisements. It has 350 million monthly users and over 200 million daily active users. Almost half of the users are aged 18-24, and 71% of the total users are under 34 years old. Snapchat is also a visual platform like Instagram. With over 10 million daily video views, it is a great platform to upload your video campaigns.

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