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what does fomo mean

What Does FOMO Mean and 5 Best Ways to Deal With It

Keeping up with FOMO marketing does indeed eat up your mental health. Don't let your FOMO marketing problems hinder the success of you and your company. Partner with SocialPop to ease your FOMO worries!

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Have you ever stumbled upon the word FOMO these past few years? Have you ever been curious about what the term FOMO means? If that’s the case, then to satisfy your curiosity – FOMO means the “Fear of Missing Out.” It actually refers to the feeling of uneasiness – the perception that others are having more fun, living better, or experiencing better things than you are. It involves a deep sense of envy, a possession of more or something better than you. 

With FOMO existing, it leads us to a life where our anxiety triggers as we see others’ lives. Our perception of normal can become distorted, often leaving us with lower self-esteem. The constant feeling of having a fear of missing out is not just for your daily lives. Usually, the answer in what does FOMO mean can be found in when you visit social media sites, which is more toxic and worse than you think.

fomo means

Connection of FOMO and Social Media

The connection between FOMO and Social media has accelerated in different ways. Comparing your regular life to the highlights of others makes your perception of normal become negative. Social media indeed creates a platform for bragging. You can share your things, events you’ve been and even your happiness. And it’s not something we can blame others for. FOMO marketing and effect is a lot worse than what you think. The constant envy, comparing yourself to others, will eventually lead you to wonder what you lack as a person.

According to various research, there is a correlation between the negative impacts of social media on people. It is discovered that people who are more likely to spend their time more on social media platforms were twice likely to experience negative emotions. It coincides with other studies that viewing the business achievements and videos of others in social media platforms is more likely to trigger psychological responses that can lead to emotional behavior.

Glamorized social media posts can impact people who are already struggling with a sense of belonging. Though it’s not something we can blame on people who post, one must know how to master the mind to prevent the fear of missing out.

Dealing FOMO

FOMO marketing happens on a daily basis. Most of the time, when you scroll through your Facebook feed, Instagram feed, you see different photos, videos, status updates about people doing things. Like going to the beach, having a night out, attending concerts, or having a promotion at their job. Thanks to the continuous emergence of technology and social media, scrolling and watching others’ lives have somehow become a part of your routine.

And from constant scrolling and scrolling, something deep inside you aches. You find yourself questioning, “Why am I not doing those things?” “Why is my life not like that?” and that’s it. The birth of FOMO – The constant cycle of comparing yourself to others that eventually leads you to a deep sense of envy – resulting in you living a bitter life. 

In the end, we all have something we want that we can’t have. Acceptance is the key, yet – we still fear our life as if it’s at its wit’s end.

FOMO marketing and effect shouldn’t be a hindrance for you to live a happy life. That is why if you’re in this position right now, here’s how you can deal with your FOMO to relive your mental wellness and health.

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1. Shift your focus

Shifting your focus is a good start to prevent comparing your life to others. Start focusing on what you have rather than what you don’t have. Make the things you don’t have a goal and focus on achieving it without comparing your process to others.

2. Admit you have relapses

Admitting that you have a problem is the start of healing and accepting that there are things that aren’t meant for you. And that is perfectly okay! Admit your insecurity – but embrace what you have. It’s important to remind yourself that there are people who wish to be in your shoes. Savor the moment, enjoy the little things you have.

3. Take things slow

Do not rush things. Things will eventually fall into the right place at the right time if you just take it slow. Constant envy from others is not easy to counterattack. Reminding yourself to be content is easier to be said than done. Comparing yourself from others is inevitable – but fixable.

4. Get off from social media

Social media is a platform wherein you are free to post whatever you want. And that’s the worst thing for someone who has FOMO. Seeing others having fun, a better life – it’s torture. That is why you free yourself from suffering and get off once in a while. Have fun outside! Have a beach escapade, drink out, and spend time with your family and friends.

5. Be thankful

Always be thankful for the things that you have. Even if it’s something small – always be grateful that you got what you have right now. Your life doesn’t depend on how glamorous other’s lives are. You don’t know what they’ve been just to be in that position in the first place. If you’re feeling envy from others because they have the things you don’t have, make it a goal.

Make your own ladder of success. Trust the process, enjoy the wave. Life is too short to envy the lives of others. Take your time – enjoy the moment.

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Living by your Rules

Keeping up with FOMO marketing does indeed eat up your mental health. That is why if you’re starting up a company and you feel like your competitors are much really ahead of you – better not start to let your negativity run wild. Your company may be new, but you’re here because you have potential. Don’t compare yours to competitors because if you don’t trust your own company’s capability, who else will? 

It all boils down to your decision. Do you want to live a life wherein you hold back to your potential just because you think it’s too late for you? Or do you want to live your life where you accept the fact that your company has potential and can be better in the future? 

If you can’t make a decision right now, why not try choosing SocialPop? We’re a company that will help you ease your worries. We assure you that your company website will not be left out of the new trends and services. If you’re scared to jump, that’s when you know you need to. Take a risk and enjoy your life. Don’t let your FOMO marketing problems hinder the success of you and your company. Contact us

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