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Occasionally we get asked if it’s possible to remove the SocialPOP branding from notifications. While we built a feature to remove the SocialPOP branding, it may not be in your best interest to do so.

SocialPOP adds real-time, authentic social proof to your website to build buyer confidence and increase the urgency to buy.
We add “Verified by SocialPOP” to increase trust by showing that the purchase or action is verified by a third party and not simply a fake event created to get them to purchase.

Clicking on the word SocialPOP sends users to a page informing them they are seeing legitimate actions taken by real users of your site.

Impact on Conversion #

FACT: Campaigns that include SocialPOP branding result in higher conversions than campaigns that remove SocialPOP branding.
Subscribers of the PLATINUM plan or higher can have this removed, but we discourage it. After all, you invested in SocialPOP to maximize your conversions, right?

Once subscribed to PLATINUM plan or higher, you can update this setting inside of SocialPOP dashboard within the campaign editor.

Login to your SocialPOP account and navigate to the dashboard

Under campaign, list click on vertical 3 dot button to edit your camping:

remove SocialPOP branding

From the new popup window enter your desired text for bending and URL to redirect to:

remove SocialPOP branding popup
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