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In this tutorial we demonstrate how to install the SocialPop pixel on your WordPress website.

This process is very simple, straightforward and shouldn’t take more than a few minutes to complete.

First off, I am starting with the idea that you already have a WordPress website and SocialPop account and you are already logged in to your accounts.

Let’s Start

Login to your SocialPOP account and navigate to your dashboard #

Click on the 3 vertical dot from the specific campaign you want to install #

SocialPOP Dashboard

From the new dropped window click on </> Install Pixel #

SocialPOP Pixel Ascess

From the new popup window click on Copy Pixel button or manually copy the entire pixel code inside the code box #

SocialPOP Copy and Install Pixel Code

Paste the pixel code at the end of </head> section of your website or webpage #

Now you should go to your WordPress website where you want to install the SocialPop pixel code.

Hover the Plugins section from the menu on the left and then click on Add new link to add a new plugin. #

Install the SocialPop Pixel on WordPress 1

Now click inside the search bar and search for a keyword like “Insert header footer” plugin in the search bar.

Click on Install now and make sure to activate it after the installation is completed. #

Install the SocialPop Pixel on WordPress 2

Now that you have the plugin ready, the only thing left to do is to hover your Settings menu item from your WordPress and click on the link where it says the name of the plugin that you just installed. ( settings option for the plugin that you have just installed )

You will see something like this:

Install the SocialPop Pixel on WordPress

Now all that is left to do is to paste the Pixel code you just copied from your SocialPop account into the header fields, ( first section marked as Header or <head> )

Install the SocialPop Pixel on WordPress 4

After pasting the code and clicking on the Save button, you must go and access your WordPress blog to initiate the first load of the SocialPop pixel.

You can confirm the installation now by going back to the SocialPop Install Script page and clicking on the Check activity button.

If the installation was completed, you will see a new result with the domain where you installed the SocialPop Pixel Code.

Now you are ready to create your first campaign and setup your desire notifications types!


SocialPop Team

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