6 Best Free Social Proof Plugin WordPress in 2021

free social proof plugin wordpress

Indeed, an online website plays a significant role in business success. Yet, it requires a comprehensive marketing strategy to convince your site visitors to trust you. With that in mind, you need to add eCommerce solutions to your site. One of the best solutions for that is the free Social Proof plugin WordPress. 

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Evidence Alternative: 8 Best Options for Business Websites

evidence alternative

Evidence is one of the excellent social proof plugins used in business websites. It efficiently helps with its features that convince customers to see any business product in a better light. It is beneficial by providing services that build trust, create urgency, and increase conversions by customized notifications. So, why do you need to find an Evidence alternative to use? Keep reading to know why.

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Evidence vs Proof: Which is the Best Social Proof App for You?

evidence vs proof

Evidence and Proof, formerly known as UseProof, are social proof apps used in an online business website. Digital marketers use it as an advantage to marketing strategies to convince customers to choose their brand and products. While both are connected, especially in their role in business strategies, they have distinct differences and offer. 

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Top 6 Proof Alternative to Increase Business Website Growth

proof alternative

Proof has been part of the most innovative and most effective methods lists. Most marketers include it in their marketing efforts. Also, Proof has been a reliable social proof software. It yields positive results, such as boost sales and conversion in a business website. However, because every business website is competitive and wants to stand out, this popular option does not fit their marketing plan. Thus, it leads to looking for Proof alternative that might help them increase their leads and conversions.

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Guide on How to Use Proof and Its 4 Effective Types

use proof

Social proof firmly established the brand’s image of a company. It makes the enterprise appear trusty, reliable, and credible, and it uses the influence of a third-party faction. The utilization of proof helps other salespersons improve their sales efforts because it also serves as a great tactic in social media marketing. Therefore, it is a great weapon that can help achieve success for your business.

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4 Reasons Why Fake Social Proof WordPress Is Not Effective

fake social proof wordpress

Fake social proof is simply the fabricated social proof that marketers incorporate in their websites to attract customers. Although it might give you satisfactory results, using fake social proof is too risky. When people notice that you are using fake social proof, they will no longer trust your products and brand as a whole. For that reason, there’s nothing better than widening your connections organically.

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