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7 Types of Socialproof Free for Business Marketing

Socialproof free is an essential tool to attract customers. Customers will need to rely on outside opinions to make a decision, which socialproof free provides.

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Socialproof free is one of many marketing tools today and for a good reason. And this social influence plays a significant role in changing how people act when it comes to products and services. Consumer research shows that 83 percent of customers are more likely to purchase a product based off of the recommendations of other people. While many factors play into this like consumer wants and needs, often, social proof is what seals the deal. What other people think can make or break a successful sale, so it’s crucial to use it wisely.

Thus, social proof for marketing a business is now part of the strategies of a company. It is such a powerful tool to encourage people to support a business. However, many companies are missing out on using it because they don’t know the types of socialproof free.

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What is Social Proof?

Social proof is a psychological phenomenon that influences a consumer’s decision to purchase. In this concept, a person’s decision to act relies on the action of other people, assuming it is the correct behavior. Other people’s actions becomes a validator for an act to be considered right or wrong.

As a concrete example, a person would rather stand in line in front of a crowded restaurant than go to an empty one. The line serves as proof of the restaurant’s good performance—the same way when choosing which perfume to gift to a friend. A person will purchase the best-selling product, as it’s the most popular one out of the bunch. These validations are what we call socialproof free for your business to use for the sake of marketing the product.

There are three major categories of social proof that you might already be familiar with but fail to recognize as social proof.

1. Celebrity Endorser Social Proof

This social proof is significant if the celebrity that endorses the product is well-known and popular. It’s even better if the celebrity does it unpaid, as the endorsement will be more authentic.

2. Expert Social Proof

Brands often invite experts to confirm that their products or services are worth spending for. People rely on what experts say because they make themselves credible to test products.

3. User Social Proof

This is the most common type of social proof. Real users who testify and review products become reliable sources of information for prospecting buyers before making a decision. Although positive feedback is more engaging than negative feedback.

Why Socialproof Free is Essential

And in the time where social media reigns supreme, socialproof free is now more significant than ever. Social media becomes a tool to spread social proof to users around the world. It’s a great strategy to get your message out to a wide range of people as quickly as possible.

Moreover, with online shopping as the new norm, socialproof free is an essential tool to attract customers. Shopping online is an entirely different experience from shopping on the street, as you don’t have the chance to try the product for yourself. Customers will need to rely on outside opinions to make a decision, which socialproof free provides. Here, social proof is the deciding factor between a successful sale, so it’s crucial to learn how to implement it for e-commerce.

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Types of Socialproof Free

There are overlapping types of socialproof free for marketing your business. But choosing the best one for your company might be tricky. Listed below are some examples of socialproof free in action:

1. Social media mentions

A social media mention is one social proof you can use to entice customers. This proof is often seen on Twitter as other users mention your official user profile. Any tweet from anyone, as long as you are mentioned, is already counted in this social proof. The benefits of having your account mentioned in social media is that even other people who do not follow the account can see the tweet. This only means that your friends’ friends also hear about you; Thus, with more people, you will generate more leads. It is almost like a chain reaction when a follower mentions you. Their followers will recognize your business, and then they will become potential customers as well.

If you keep track of your mention counts, you can use it as a strategy. Marketing your business in social media through mentions can become part of your marketing techniques. The best part about it is that it is a socialproof free for you.

2. Social Media Sharing/Follow Buttons

Sharing your contents is your followers’ decision. But, as the owner of the account, you have to permit them to do so. Publicizing your content is the best way to make sharing easy. If you have a follow button on your page or your posts or any shareable contents about your business, it is easier for followers to help you.

This socialproof free for you starts with having posts worthy of sharing. If your content is not appealing to your audience, then you will have a hard time getting shares on your post. You can fix this by making engaging content for your users. This technique will reach more audiences than you can imagine. Even those people not following you will see this post.

3. Case Studies & Testimonials

Typically, visitors will find case studies and testimonials about your products on your business website. The contents of these social proof are not in your hands. But, you have the power to choose which case study and which testimonial to put on your page. Customers who put in a good word about your product will lead to more conversions. Their feedback becomes a reliable factor to other prospects and is also free promotion as to what your product can do. Although you need to make sure that visitors can see these social proofs on your page.

On the other hand, those who give testimonials are often open to being mentioned on a website. As the psychological phenomenon proves, a proof that other people are enjoying a product triggers something in other people that leads them doing the same.

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4. User-Generated Content

This social proof is the same as testimonials. But, it is a more detailed account of their experience of using your product. It can either be a blog article, a video testimony or photos that express a positive outlook on your brand.

One strategy that you can use is to ask your supportive fans and customers to participate in a content contest for your product. In that contest, they will make a user-generated content, and the best content wins a prize. On your part, you will feature the best content created on your website or social media accounts. Through this, your customer wins a prize and you get positive social proof for your brand–a win for both parties.

5. User Reviews & Ratings

Before purchasing an item, a smart customer always looks at reviews and ratings. As the owner, if you believe in your product, then be transparent about your customers’ reviews. Online reviews are like research to other consumers. It is their basis whether or not they will purchase a product. A rating in the form of stars or a scale also helps in encouraging people to buy your product. Since ratings can be iconic, it is the first thing they will look at after seeing the picture of the product. If your rating is 5 stars out of 5, the customers most likely will add your brand to their cart and check out.

6. Social Advertising

Social media advertising is the cheapest form of advertising since you only need an account to do it. You can do this by posting contents about your product. On the other hand, there is another type of social advertising that uses minimal funds. Promoted tweets and Facebook ads are just a few examples. Social advertising reaches many people because as long as you have a friend that liked the page or the product, then it will appear to your newsfeed as well.

7. User statistics

Again, social proof is the evidence in the form of purchase that leads other people to purchase as well. If a person sees that there is a significant number of users the product has, then there is a high probability that they will buy it as well. The trendiest products get more sales than others because many have already purchased it. You can show your supporters how many are already using the product so that they will trust your product more.   

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Make the Most Out of Socialproof Free

Social proof is all around you. All you need to do is be smart about using what you have as proof. It will be a big boost to your marketing strategy if done correctly. And while other brands are figuring out how it works, use it now and get ahead of the curve. If you are still not satisfied with these types of socialproof free, you can consult experts about this. SocialPOP will help you leverage social proof to boost sales and convert more leads through eye-catching social proof notifications. Contact us today to learn more!

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