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6 Best Social Proof Shopify Apps to Boost Sales

Since Social Proof creates trust and followers, it has become a crucial part of businesses' marketing strategy for Shopify stores. Also, Social Proof comes in various popular forms, including testimonials, reviews, recommendations, and endorsements that triggered customers. They are powerful proof that allows Shopify owners to develop a real connection with their prospective and loyal customers. Thus, Social Proof Shopify apps support creating long-term trust and relationships that lead to higher revenue. 

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ECommerce is a competitive business platform, and lower product prices do not ensure consistent sales. One of the best marketing strategies for Shopify stores is setting up Social Proof Shopify apps to show store visitors that they can trust the store quickly. Since people can quickly feel bored, Shopify stores should directly present them with the significant products and information that they might need. 

Since Social Proof Shopify apps are proven effective, there are a great variety of options available. Yet, there’s no need to frown since this will guide you to discover the best options that can work for your needs, budget, and preferences. 

But first, brace yourself because you will discover the idea about fake Social proof. Also, know why fake Social Proofs are tempting to use but need to be avoided. Let’s start. 

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What is Fake Social Proof? 

Social Proof is a psychological and social event wherein people copy and follow the decisions and actions of people as their attempt to achieve social acceptance. They want to feel that they belong in a group or society. That’s why they positively perceive other people’s behavior and actions.  

Since Social Proof creates trust and followers, it has become a crucial part of businesses’ marketing strategy for Shopify stores. Also, Social Proof comes in various popular forms, including testimonials, reviews, recommendations, and endorsements that triggered customers. They are powerful proof that allows Shopify owners to develop a real connection with their prospective and loyal customers. Thus, Social Proof Shopify apps support creating long-term trust and relationships that lead to higher revenue. 

On the other hand, Fake Social Proofs are fabricated and imitated forms created to build customers’ trust and interests in a Shopify store. The usual form of fake Social Proof is the recent sales notifications. They show that many people are buying from that specific Shopify store. 

However, fake Social Proof undermines buyers. With that, Shopify stores that utilize fake Social Proof can suffer from consequences when store visitors discover that their proof is fake and just pure manipulation. One of the drastic consequences is losing consistent sales and customers. Some customers find a Shopify store unreliable when suspected that their Social Proofs are fake. Thus, they do not want to revisit the store since they will be highly disappointed.   

Why Should Business Owners Avoid Fake Social Proof?

Fake Social Proof is primarily similar to genuine and honest Social Proof forms. Fake Social Proofs differ because they are fabricated to establish trust in Shopify stores. In addition, Fake Social Proof Shopify is tempting for stores facing challenges in marketing their products effectively.   

Business owners perceived fake Social Proof as an easy way to capture stores visitors’ and customers’ interest so they can spark a connection with them. However, fake social proofs are only a short-term solution with inevitable damage to a store’s reputation. 

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Moreover, the most solid reason why business owners should avoid creating fake social proofs at all costs is that they are illegal forms of marketing and advertising. Besides that, some fake Social Proof might give effective results like sales, which can develop negative habits for marketers. Some might become lazy to create genuine Social Proof. Thus, they might hinder themselves from gaining much more with legal and real Social Proof. 

Aside from that, buyers are also wise. Fake social proofs might convince some customers with some fake proofs. However, some customers can spot and expose them. Therefore, there is no need for your Shopify store in trouble because reliable Social Proof Shopify apps can help you grow sales and leads.        

Reliable Social Proof Shopify Apps 

Let go of the idea that fake Social Proofs are the practical solutions to convince store visitors and have sales. Instead of suffering from the inevitable consequences of fake Social Proof, using a reliable Social Proof Shopify app is the best marketing strategy. Therefore, here are the best apps that can grow Shopify stores on another level:    

1. SocialPop

SocialPop is a captivating and exciting Social Proof app that skyrockets its users’ conversion and sales. It has compelling and engaging Social Proof notifications created to trigger store visitors to buy an in-demand Shopify store product. 

Moreover, SocialPop has psychological trigger live social proofs that efficiently enhance a Shopify store’s credibility and trust. With that reputable trust, Shopify stores can increase their conversions and sales. In addition, SocialPop allows its users to customize their 24 different types of Social Proof notifications. So, they can display notifications that match their Shopify store’s branding that helps people remember them. 

SocialPop is the best Social Proof app Shopify that provides its users helpful generated insights to know how their Social Proof notifications support the store’s growth. Besides that, SocialPop has many outstanding features that users can easily set up and integrate; it doesn’t require professional technical skills. However, to avoid any confusion, SocialPop has provided help and tutorials for its users.    

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Like Social Proof marketing forms, FOMO is also designed from a psychological phenomenon of a similar name, “Fear Of Missing Out.” Thus, it is not surprising that FOMO utilizes the concept to push Shopify store prospective customers to buy products out of their effort to belong in a group. 

Aside from that, FOMO is a leverage solution for Shopify store owners who want to boost their sales using effective and dependable psychological Social Proof. For instance, FOMO can display a Shopify store’s live traffic data that shows a visitor how many customers are buying from the store.  

FOMO has appealing pop-ups that show recent sales and product reviews to generate visitors’ interest. However, FOMO has one downside. It starts with a 14-day free trial. Thus, it is not a free social proof Shopify app and only has various plans that start at $19/month. Therefore, FOMO does not have a simple billing method. Nevertheless, it is not wrong to try out FOMO’s service since it promises impressive results in the Shopify stores.          

3. ProveSource

ProveSource is a Social Proof Shopify app that needs to integrate with an external platform. It provides pop-up notifications that show how much a Shopify store sells products. Also, ProveSource allows its users to display a live visitors count that tells how well a Shopify store is doing. 

When people know how in-demand Shopify is, they can’t help but feel intrigued and visit and check out the particular Shopify store. Moreover, most people are observant, and they try to evaluate things first. That’s why ProveSource is an ideal answer since its features are designed to have convincing effects. 

In addition, ProveSource pop-up notifications are customizable, so users can take that advantage to set impressive notifications. However, users must set the customized timings. Aside from that, ProveSource has limitless and unique customization options. 

ProveSource has various plan services that can fit every user’s needs, although it does not have a free plan service for beginners.        

4. Bizzy 

Like FOMO, Bizzy also has a 14-day trial offer. Thus, if the users wished to use the app, it would cost them $6.99/month. 

Bizzy is a Social Proof Shopify app specializing in providing notifications that allow Shopify owners to retarget their previous customers. It is made possible using the recent sales notifications that can effectively convince them to check out the stores again. More importantly, Shopify store marketers can convert the notifications into multiple languages.

Moreover, Bizzy is the best option for Shopify store owners who want to keep a solid connection to every past customer since they value each person that trusted their products.    

5. Nudgify

Nudgify is one of the most effective native Social Proof Shopify apps. It only requires an effortless integration without needing to leave them since it is a native app. Thus, it has a more simple billing process compared to FOMO. 

Besides that, Nudgify provides recent store activity notifications similar to other apps. Notifications include the recent store sales and live visitor count. Since people value the majority’s purchase, the Nudgify display of in-demand products will surely be helpful to convince prospective customers to buy. 

In addition, the Social Proof app helps customers with product details such as the amount they are required to spend to qualify for a free delivery service advantage. Thus, Nudgify is an effectively helpful app that conveniently develops your Shopify store’s credibility. Hence, it allows an increase in the store’s overall sales and conversions.     

6. Fera 

Fera allows Shopify store owners like you to take advantage of their various Social Proof integrations, including the Social Proof messages that have contents that influence customers to check out Shopify products.  

Moreover, Fera offers an easy setup to quickly integrate it into a Shopify store to develop its credibility quickly. Also, Fera has unique, customizable Social Proof contents to match a store’s style and branding. However, customizing the notifications might take a lot of effort. 

More valuable features of Fera include countdown timers, banners, carousel, and recent pop-up sales notifications that can easily capture attention and interest. Most importantly, the Social Proof app has an A/B testing feature that compares notifications. Therefore, the Shopify store owners can be aware of which of their notifications dominate a successful result.  

Display Genuine and Effective Social Proof with SocialPop

Indeed, it is more beneficial for Shopify stores to only display genuine and honest Social Proof. Say that you are interested in growing your Shopify store with SocialPop, there’s no need to think twice because SocialPop has various service plans perfect for every Shopify owner. Plus, they provide a free service plan to help your boosts your Shopify sales. 

So, visit SocialPop’s website today to know more about their exceptional features and services that can help dominate eCommerce stand and lead. Contact SocialPop now!

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