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4 Best Social Proof Shopify Apps: The Solution to Increase Sales

With all the traffic going around websites, marketers find it hard to guarantee business success by themselves. Luckily, social proof Shopify apps are the answer to build your customers' trust and loyalty. Thus, using the best and effective social proof for your Shopify store significantly results in your profits.  

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The competition within the business industry today is rapidly increasing, in which the e-commerce traffic kept also appearing, however not enough solutions to increase sales and conversion. With all the traffic going around websites, marketers find it hard to guarantee business success by themselves. Luckily, social proof Shopify apps are the answer to build your customers’ trust and loyalty. Thus, using the best and effective social proof for your Shopify store significantly results in your profits.  

Moreover, social proof is one of the most effective marketing campaigns to strengthen the “fear of missing out” effect on people. Marketers mainly use social proof in marketing to encourage people and potential audiences to engage in their business. The idea is to convince the audience through unbiased and honest reviews and testimonials. It is an efficient concept for empowering a wide range of audiences to make a buying decision based on another customer’s purchased product. 

Since it is part of our behavior to seek belongingness, the concept of social proof to marketing strategy is efficient. Now, you may think of how you can find the social proof that will fit perfectly on your Shopify store; don’t worry because we have listed the best social proof Shopify apps on this blog. Before we know more about the social proof apps and how they will affect your sales, let’s first find out the significance of social proof on Shopify.

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Why is social proof significant to the Shopify store?

If you are managing a Shopify store, you must probably be aware of the struggles on how to market products and convince customers to trust your brand. People’s interest is hard to capture using common marketing materials. That’s why integrating social proof as a marketing style created amazingly significant results for Shopify sales. 

Moreover, social proof in marketing is where marketers use the principle to optimize their brand’s reputation and influence the audience. The outstanding result of social proof is when you receive a sale from a customer who trusted the other customers’ testimonials on the product they consider buying. Hence, besides the product description itself, customers also rely on the reviews and testimonials they see. 

For instance, you found a new brand, but you are having second thoughts about buying from them. However, you read its positive reviews. Then, it is more likely for you to trust the brand because you found proof it has a good brand reputation. Moreover, to have a complete understanding of what social proof is and how this will impact your Shopify store, here are the reasons that you can look at.

It affects the buying decision of consumers.

It allows them to eliminate their customer advocacy to deliver a significant impact on the business industry. Social proof affects the buying decision of a consumer because you are persuaded that your store in Shopify is worth buying from. So, if you use the strategy of social proof, you will more likely reduce the doubts and second thoughts of your audience to buy from your Shopify shop. 

It allows your business to grow.

If your social proof is adequate to persuade people to buy from your shop, it will increase your store sales, which is an essential component of the growth of your business. Suppose your previous consumers are satisfied with the positive actions that you’ve shown them. In that case, they will also more likely recommend your store to other audiences and provide the most positive feedback while doing so. So if your goal is to speed up growing your business, you might as well use the strategy of social proof.

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Why using social proof Shopify apps is a powerful tactic of boosting sales? 

With the numerous social proof apps existing in the app store, it might be overwhelming to find the best for you. Yet, choosing what’s the best ones for you will surely lead you to a positive outcome of sales performance. Using the apps will allow you and your brand to be liked by many people and even influencers. So if you want to execute your brand’s marketing strategy, introducing your products or service using social proof will enable you to gain a lot of the brand’s reach. 

If you decided to use social proof apps in your Shopify store, your brand’s optimization would more likely reach a massive amount of Shopify consumers quickly. It is the best strategy to let people know that your store is trustworthy. It will also benefit your profitability because the apps are designed to help you boost your Shopify sales.

As the owner of your Shopify store, your goal is to know what other people think about shopping in your store. But it is proven that people are highly persuaded by the actions and not just in any proof your store can offer, which is the reason why Social Proof should be on the top of your marketing campaigns list.

Deciding which Social Proof app is best for your Shopify store can be the most powerful tactic. With the use of those apps, you will introduce your shop to a broader audience and increase your brand’s reach. Marketing your business through Social Proof is a powerful marketing design to boost your sales in Shopify.

So, if your goal is to boost your sales through social proof apps, here are some of the best social proof Shopify apps that you can look at and use immediately.

Best and competent social proof Shopify apps options

It can be pretty confusing to learn and different features of social proof Shopify apps choices. Luckily, we have found numerous apps that will help you set up social proof onto your Shopify account. It would be best to learn the different features so it will be easier for you to decide. So, here are some of the leading social proof Shopify apps that are worthy to set up. 

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1. SocialPop 

First on the list is SocialPop, one of the ultimate social proof Shopify apps with high-proven effective social proof notifications. Also, SocialPop allows you to display the recent conversions. Showing the audience about current events can help you to convert them into customers. When it comes to excellent social proof plans, SocialPop is not behind the top lists since they offer multiple plans you can choose from for your Shopify store. Monitoring your growth is possible with SocialPop. 

Creating your next marketing plan to improve your conversion will be much easier because SocialPop gives you insights. Moreover, because SocialPop cares about their customers, they provided a step-by-step tutorial to help customers like you set up their app. 

2. Nudgify

Nudgify is part of the most popular social proof app list as it allows you to create moments that matter the most to your audience. It is an app that helps you deliver the most relevant messages for your Shopify store. The nudges in the app can help you lessen the traffic in your store. 

Moreover, Nudgify is crucial when it comes to increasing your conversion rate. With the use of this app, you will display the contents that will surely attract people, and your visitors will continue viewing your store instead of leaving immediately. By using Nudgify, you can enjoy the app’s advantages in using popular nudge, urgency social proof, and customized nudges. 


FOMO has the best solutions to build the level of trust in your Shopify store. The app is a social proof app that allows you to see recent orders, product reviews, and other behavioral patterns that your consumers showed in your Shopify store. Thus, you can sell more products and deals. 

However, since FOMO comes with a lot of enticing features, their service is not cheap. But, when you use FOMO, you can show off your store and create an urgency effect with your promos and exclusive deals. FOMO also has a variety of themes to use to make your Shopify store more attractive. Overall, FOMO has an excellent offering for its customers and is still worthy of considering. 

4. Fera

Fera is a social proof Shopify app that you can use to increase its urgency and social validation if you want your Shopify store. The app helps your store to increase conversions. It also allows you to have pop-ups that will show the information about your Shopify store’s recent sales and viewers. 

When you want to highlight testimonials, sales count, and low stock notification to your Shopify app store, Fera is a good choice. Also, Fera has a feature called the A/B testing option that allows you to compare one notification to others once you set a goal. Lastly, with Fera, you can build a more trustworthy image. Thus, you can convert more loyal customers to your Shopify store. 

Achieve Skyrocket Shopify Sales with SocialPop

It is a great advantage to have social proof in your Shopify store, and you are convinced to set up your social proof sooner. Then, in that case, Social Proof apps will surely help you build trust and credibility in a much easier and quicker way. Proving your store with Social Proof apps is necessary, especially if you’re aiming for your business more significant success. Always take note that providing your audience with suitable social proof will make them patronize your business. 

The apps will provide you the support that you need to boost your sales in Shopify. Using positive social proof is the most crucial component to lead your Shopify store towards success.

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