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Choosing the Best Social Proof Plugin for WordPress

Nowadays, it’s a waste not to use customer feedback for product improvements alone. What once was only a comment or a review on an item or service can now help you generate sales and convert leads faster than you know it.

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Hundreds of plugins are competing for the best social proof plugin for WordPress, and it’s no surprise why. But there are tens and hundreds of plugins for WordPress right now, so choosing the right one will be a hassle. Many factors make a plugin great, and these all play a role if the plugin will be useful or not.

Plugins may be add-ons to your website, but they bring functionality and customization to your website that might not be available through WordPress alone. And understanding why WordPress is the best platform for plugins and why a social proof plugin for WordPress is necessary will be crucial in making a smart choice.  

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Why WordPress?

Managing your content starts with the platform that you use. There are tens and maybe hundreds of content management systems (CMS) right now, and WordPress is the most popular of them all. W3Tech’s survey reports that from 1 million domains, a staggering 59% of them use WordPress. And with more sites using WordPress, more developers and designers are equipped to work on customization and site development compared to other systems. But popularity and increased developer support are not the only reasons why WordPress is the first choice for content management. 

A significant factor in why WordPress is the go-to CMS right now is that you can self-host it–meaning the domain is free. There are no costs with downloading, installing, and upgrading your content, which takes the load off of business costs. This kind of accessibility is not available to other CMS, requiring payment to upgrade certain features. 

It helps that WordPress is free, but also because it is easy to set up and upgrade when necessary. You don’t need to be an expert with computers to use WordPress, as the interface is user-friendly. The site also provides free written manuals on how to use WordPress functions; all you have to do is provide the content, and you’re all set, without dealing with the nitty-gritty bits of your website.

In case you didn’t know, WordPress is also SEO-friendly. Search engines love WordPress blogs and websites for one thing: high-quality HTML code. A high-quality HTML code, combined with WordPress’ semantic markup, makes it easier for search engines to identify the context of website content. It’s also a fact that WordPress sites rank high on search engines because of this feature.

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If you need more reasons to use WordPress, here are a few statistics that show how powerful this CMS tool is:

– WordPress has been downloaded by nearly 37 million times, according to the site’s Download Counter.

– According to the WordPress VIP web page,, Spotify, USA Today, and other top-ranked websites use WordPress.

– Web tech information profiler BuiltWith reports that 2,645 of the top 10,000 websites use WordPress. Around 500+ WordPress websites are built daily compared to 60-80 sites from other CMS websites like Shopify and Squarespace.

– According to Torque Mag, the term “WordPress” appears in 37 million Google searches each month. Torque Mag also reports that 17 posts are published every second on WordPress websites around the world.

Lastly, WordPress also allows plugins in a website–this means that besides putting up your content for free, you can also add the necessary customizations such as SEO optimization and slideshows, so your page stands out. Having the right plugins can help grow your business, making them the key to a useful website. With more than 50,000 plugins on WordPress right now, the tools for a great website are at your fingertips. And one of these powerful tools is a social proof plugin for WordPress. This plugin highlights a brand’s social proof and displays it in strategic locations around website pages. 

How Important is Social Proof?

Nowadays, it’s a waste not to use customer feedback for product improvements alone. What once was only a comment or a review on an item or service can now help you generate sales and convert leads faster than you know it. This is due to the phenomenon of “social proof” that shows prospective clients that customers enjoy your product/s, giving them a compelling reason to do business with you.

Because let’s face it: when visitors land on your web page, it’s not their business to trust you. They are not obliged to look through your products, read about your company goals, etc. It’s up to you to convince them to stay, and one way of doing that is through displaying social proof through social proof apps on your website.

Humans are social creatures–we thrive off of each other. We care what other people think, and other peoples’ thoughts can influence us in many ways. This is a fact, especially when we’re not sure of what to do. 

And when used in marketing, you can influence a person to take a specific action by showing them that other people are doing it, too. Examples of social proof in action are:

– Reviews

– Testimonials

– Newsletter sign-ups

And displaying this on a business website becomes more manageable with a social proof plugin for WordPress.

What to Look For In A Social Proof Plugin?

As mentioned earlier, a social proof plugin for WordPress leverages social proof to generate more sales. But that’s not the only reason why you should use it in your business. A plugin is only as good as its implementation, so first, you need to learn what to look for before you get a social proof plugin for WordPress.

Here are a few points to consider:

Can it be customized?

Your plugin will be a part of your WordPress site, so it has to look like it’s a part of it. Visitors that view your site might mistake it for something else instead of a social proof notification. It helps to be uniform in designing your social proof plugin for WordPress to maintain a consistent brand image graphics-wise.

If you are looking to get a social proof plugin for WordPress, choosing any other plugin will not do; a plugin that can be customized to fit your website is optimal for increasing conversions. 

Can it track recent website activity?

Social proof leverages user activity, and monitoring recent actions on your website will give you more reliable social proof to work with. Reviews and testimonials of products are not the “end all, be all” of social proof; even little things such as email sign-ups or product views can mean the difference between a conversion or a sale.

An excellent social proof plugin for WordPress tracks recent activity and shows it to website visitors for more conversions. For a more strategic approach, you can also program it to appear at different times or through certain events.

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Does it offer sound alerts?

Sound plays an integral part when it comes to displaying a notification. As messenger apps became mainstream, we learned to associate certain sounds with receiving messages. This feature made it easier to look out for new messages by waiting for a specific sound to pop up. 

The option to add sound to your social proof plugin for WordPress is not necessary but is an excellent addition in case you need it. Customers might not always be paying attention to what’s on the screen; a sound alert informs them that a new notification arrives. 

Can it display social media activity?

A brand’s social media platform is one of the strongest tools an online business can have. It’s where you can interact with customers quickly and directly and is the foundation of your online brand image. Adding share buttons to your website is one thing, but displaying your share counts and other social media activity is another. In fact, displaying social share counts is also one popular social proof online marketing techniques used today.

A social proof plugin for WordPress that can display share counts will help establish your social media presence on your website and give your visitors a more trusted image of your brand. 

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