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Why New Brands Need a Social Proof Platform

Why New Brands Need a Social Proof Platform

A social proof platform integrates the psychological concept of social proof into digital marketing strategies. It’s a cost-efficient way of getting your target market to move, and it’s easy to do with the right tools.

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In the age where online businesses are the norm, the Internet has become a competitive market. Brands are continuously fighting for the most likes, most shares, and the most engagements. While accessible technology makes it easy to join the competition, it also makes it harder to stand out from the crowd. An online presence alone is not enough; companies must utilize all tools available to secure sales. And one of these tools is a social proof platform.

A social proof platform integrates the psychological concept of social proof into digital marketing strategies. It’s a cost-efficient way of getting your target market to move, and it’s easy to do with the right tools.  But before we get into what social proof platforms are out there, let’s break down social proof and how these social proof platforms work.

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What is Social Proof?

Social proof is when a consumer adopts a behavior of the masses. It has this idea that because many people are acting in a certain way, it must mean that it is the right thing to do. One of the best things about social proof is that it boosts consumers’ confidence. This gives customers the feeling that they are not alone in their choice. It brings them a sense of human connection and acceptance as if belonging in a clique. 

Testimonies are important elements in the digitized age of marketing. You can encourage customers to help a product or service with proofs see you side-by-side. Simply put, social proof is a trigger for you to do something because one person or more did the same.

Contrary to popular belief, the social proof phenomenon is not new. Recent studies report that its effectiveness brought the rise of many social proof platforms today. And it’s no wonder, as social proof brings a ton of benefits to a business. Research shows that 66 percent of customers were more likely to purchase from a company that incorporated social proof in their message.

How a Social Proof Platform Works

You may have noticed on some sites that they set up a place for a review section. This is where loyal customers and consumers share their thoughts about a specific brand. In some instances, satisfied customers when very much amused by their experience, leave a piece of evidence to show their bliss. Positive and good reviews always attract other future clients. This activity generates more leads and sales for the company. Furthermore, a review section is a great spot to continue boosting your brand’s identity to the market.

You can see different styles of social proof over the web. It even has forms like celebrity endorsements that attract millions of followers and surveys and case studies. And in some, it is given and handed-out by experts from various industries. 

But this does not always give a positive guarantee to other brands. Social proof does not create similar persuasion and an impact on others. Different social proof platforms will do better to a specific website, a particular brand, or a specific style of proof notification. It also varies from your site activities. Another thing that plays a significant role in this regard is the plan you have for your site. Putting it simply, other brands may create more significance when using a different social proof platform. Remember, creating a better public perception is the goal. 

Why New Brands Need It

Using social proof is one of many ways to promote a business. And while there are other marketing strategies out there, not leveraging social proof is a missed opportunity. Surveys report that 82 percent of customers were more likely to purchase products with a positive rating. And this is not the only positive impact social proof has on your business.

One, social proof provides credibility to the products and services that you offer. For new businesses, it’s essential to build a reliable customer base. And you can only do that by gaining the trust of your target market. People also tend to read online reviews and testimonials before purchase, which adds to the importance of having sound social proof in your brand.

Two, social proof gives transparency to your client base. Social proof is not always about generating sales; it’s also about building consumer trust. Sharing testimonials might make prospecting customers buy your product, but more than that, it shows that your brand cares what consumers think. This trust, unlike other strategies, cannot be replicated. Once you build a relationship with your customer base, you lay the foundation for a supportive brand audience.

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Examples of Social Proof Platforms

By the day, there seems to be a new social proof platform on the horizon. There may be tens and hundreds of social proof platforms right now. But choosing the right one might be challenging.

Listed below are some of the best social proof platforms on the market right now:


SocialProve claims that you cannot fake notifications or numbers. The brand promotes honest social proof marketing for its consumers and clients. It points out that fake notifications may help convert leads, but opts for transparency in the e-commerce industry. You can have a sense of honesty and truthfulness when you see a notification powered by SocialProve. And for this, you also can be sure that the numbers popping on the website are legitimate numbers from real data. 


TrustPulse has a comfortable set-up that takes 5 minutes and does not need knowledge about coding. The application has all the options that will be handy to you without complicated settings that will waste your time. With actionable analytics, you can get the statistics you will need to boost conversions. You can be able to track and quantify goals of conversion and see at a glance which of your pages makes the highest conversions. 

One great thing about TrustPlulse is that you do not need to become a web developer to create a notification. It does not require you to use codes to make such actions for your website, unlike most social proof platforms. The only requirement needed for your website to work with TrustPulse is your business site, where you can add a custom Javascript in its body. And it’s as easy as that. 


Another social proof platform in the market is Provely. The company boasts a 2-minute set-up and auto-detects new sign-ups to display with no technical experience required. 

There are three main campaign types that Provely offers. The first type is Live, which displays lead or sale notifications to your site visitor in real-time. This real-time update shows on your site or landing page. As Provely says, it suits for the large volume sites. Next is Rotate, where the sale notification or display lead rotates and hovers over your selected time. Last is the Past Data campaign. It’s a campaign where it shows historical tips or sale notifications from your past customers that signed up. This campaign is well-suited to small volume and startup sites that do not get daily sales or sign-ups.


Of course, we saved the best for last–SocialPOP. With SocialPOP in your marketing undertakings, we can boost your leads and sales by up to 10% in no less than 5 minutes. With its easy set-up process, you can be on the go. Plus, you will have an easy integration on any website using only one line of code. SocialPOP is not a bland social proof platform. The platform has a flexible design of options to choose from, with over 24 display notifications styles that will suit your brand.

SocialPOP’s integration assures you with great content promotion, too. We know how much people are into Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. So, having the opportunity to share your content on these platforms give you exposure. Your brand will be able to promote itself in your most favorable target market. At most times, shared content brings your brand to a bigger audience, including people who have different interests. 

At the same time, SocialPOP rakes you in more followers through those people who follow you. We understand how it is a big deal to have many followers, so we bring them to you. At SocialPOP, we believe that numbers matter. And with a more increasing number of followers, the more people will follow you because your numbers define you for many good reasons. That is what we do here in SocialPOP. We bring you closer to your customers and future clients and thus create more leads. In time, these leads will turn to a rise in your sales. 

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Grow with SocialPOP Today!

While you’re still starting, it’s crucial to make use of all resources to promote your business. Social proof is one of the best marketing tools you can use right now, and besides, it’s free. And what better way to utilize it than with a social proof platform? At SocialPOP, we know that social proof is validation, and that’s where we are experts. Keep up with the competition and ramp up leads and conversions. Visit SocialPOP’s website at

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