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4 Most Effective Type of Social Proof Notifications in a Trustworthy E-Commerce

No proof means not true and people are just more practical today than before. They are equipping themselves with knowledge and the right information in order to not waste resources. This is the reason why companies created Social Proof Notifications.

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The internet world has everything there is that a man can think of. Even the things a person thought did not exist yet, the internet will prove you wrong. With all the multitude of information that is present online, it is difficult to filter which to believe in. Filtering was even harder with the emergence of fake news and misinformation. It is why social proof notifications are the trend these days.

Because of these occurrences, two extremes are happening in the internet world. One, people are believing everything they see and read. Two, people are not believing any information there is. If you are not wise enough, false content can cost you a lot. False information is not only on news or blogs but they are also present with advertisements. False advertising of products and services will not lead to any good on the side of the customer.

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Why Trust is Important in the Company?

With unreliable websites and information fed to millions of people online, it leaves everyone skeptical. As a result, the skepticism attitude is transforming people to become investigators in their own ways. The only way they would believe anything online is if it has proof. No proof means not true and people are just more practical today than before. They are equipping themselves with knowledge and the right information in order to not waste resources. This is the reason why companies created Social Proof Notifications.

Practicality also consists of making a good purchase. Money does not come easily today. It goes away in an instant, that is for sure. However, earning in this modern world is like surviving in a battlefield. You will only feel victorious if you planned and strictly followed a strategy. In purchasing items online, or offline, strategizing is also important. The best strategy that will bring a hundred percent success is letting people purchase what others are already purchasing.

How Social Proof Notifications Works

When you are shopping online, a lot of products and providers are available to customers. Imagine you are planning on buying a new lipstick for yourself. On a long list, there are thousands of lipstick brands and shades. When you have finally chosen which shade you like, you are down to which brand you are going for. At this point, you know you have to choose the brand that every girl trusts.

This is where social proof notifications take effect. You look at how many people have bought this specific brand. You saw it only has 100 purchases compared to the other brand which has 15,000 purchases for the same shade of lipstick.  Of course, almost automatically, you would go for the brand that has more purchases.

Information like that is what we call social proof. It is one strategy that you can do in order to filter which are the trusted brands for other people. If it is highly popular, you definitely would go for that brand. Because, in reality, we are purchasing an item so we would get our money’s worth. We do not purchase just to waste money and be the kind person who trusts the doubtable provider. Looking for proof is not discrimination, it is a form of gaining awareness. It is a great weapon to win battles.

Different kinds of Social Proof

The goal of every company is to gain customers who trust their products and services. It would be a bonus if these customers will become devoted supporters of the company. In the long run, these people will become living testimonies of a company. They are the eligible people who can provide social proof about the services and products of the company.

Moreover, social proof notifications are within the belief that a person’s actions and the decision is from the success or failure of other people. In short, you purchase an item when other people have proved that it is a good item. People are afraid to take the risk of purchasing items that is why they rely on other people’s experiences. As a matter of fact, there are 4 different kinds of social proof that a person may consider.

1. Celebrity promoters

People are strongly influenced by famous people who are endorsing or promoting a certain product. These people walk the talk and are really influencing audiences to avail of what they are endorsing. When a person is extra famous and has a lot of followers, these supporters will immediately support the product. It will come to a point when they will avail of the product or service even if they do not need it. They do it for the sake of supporting the celebrity they idolize. However, some customers prefer social proof notifications.

2. Expert testimony

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3. Users Reviews

Some people are too skeptical that they are not convinced by influencers. They are probably thinking the celebrity is endorsing it because it is her or his job. On the other hand, it is easier to trust real people or users’ reactions. An online review of a person is valid evidence that people can rely on.

4. Proof Notifications

Proof notifications is the newest form of social proof available online. This social proof notifies the visitors or users of the online shop about the activities in real time that other users are doing. This feature proves that the website is active and has active users and supporters. Proof notification may be new to customers but it is highly reliable.

Why Use Social Proof Notifications

Studies found that most visitors to a website leave the page without purchasing anything. They are merely visitors looking for something but it was not found on the website. As a result, they are turning to other shops that can provide what they need. On the other hand, some online shops are not lacking in products or services. They are lacking in social proofs about their product.

Social Proof Notifications with SocialPop

Social proof notifications are proven to have converted a lot of visitors into customers. For websites that are not marketing anything, social proof notifications can guarantee subscribers, signups, submissions, or engagement. With the great benefits of your website from this, a lot of companies are offering this service now. One of the leading companies that offer these packages is SocialPop.

SocialPop aims to provide services to boost the number of a website’s conversion and increase growth. With their services on Social Proof Notifications there is no need to fake and present illegitimate social proofs on your website. Although a lot of people are turning to this mischievous move, it is only an act of dishonesty. That is not what your customers want and deserve.

All customers need honest reviews and proofs from the users and the company. With the help of SocialPop, social proof notifications is integrated to any website. A website can gain more supporters and followers easily. Although profiting comes second to providing a great service, this goal will also be fulfilled. Companies like SocialPop are there to help other companies grow and prosper. An online shop with social proof notifications can gain in a few minutes more than what it does in a day without it.

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Customizing with SocialPOP

Social Proof Notifications are already legit social proof in its sense. With SocialPop, a company can own their proofs even more. SocialPop offers 24 different notification options. It can be customized according to your branding and style. As the owner, you have control over how your notifications will appear to your website. On the other hand, SocialPop will still generously offer their suggestion and work with you on customizing your social proof notifications. Through this, you are not just proving your brand is worth it but you are also owning it.

Start converting your visitors to customers and avid supporters. In a company, there are investments and risks to take in order to succeed. Along the way, there will be decisions that are not worth it. But, as the owner, you have the power to make things happen for your company. There are other companies that are willing to help and grow with you. If you are looking for a partner company that can help you with social proof notifications, SocialPop is just a call away. Visit their website and learn more about what they can do for you.

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