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3 Important Role of Social Proof Notification to Increase Conversions

Social proof notification helps the customers to discover more about a certain product or services of a website. Social proof notification is a kind of marketing that made its way on the corporate world trends. A lot of business owners are acknowledging its benefits upon opening their company websites.

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Most people nowadays spend more time going through online shops to buy their necessities rather than going to a physical store. With this reason, a lot of digital stores keeps on opening every day and competing with them requires a whole new level of marketing strategy. One of the best ways to gain more customers to assure them that your product or services are really good. Social proof notification helps the customers to discover more about a certain product or services of a website. It also shows them reviews from previous customers who bought an item or did an inquiry.

Social proof notification is a kind of marketing that made its way on the corporate world trends. A lot of business owners are acknowledging its benefits upon opening their company websites. By having a popup, it is now easier to let your visitors know that other people trust your product. This is enough to encourage them to leave good comments, likes, and shares and even add to cart or but it.

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How does SocialPOP works?

People online always look for the best which is why they tend to search for different brands of products and look for reviews before actually buying a product. But, how can you make this easier for your customers? The answer to that is by having a social proof notification on your website. By doing this, your customers will not have to look for a different page or scroll down endlessly just to a product review. Instead, the reviews will just pop right out their screen which is very convenient.

This is why social proof notification can make your website even more engaging and can increase the sales. It shows live interactions of your website to your visitors. It triggers you customers’ curiosity about the product especially if they see that the product is getting a lot of interactions. This can also help your customers trust your product more to the point of buying it.

Who Can Use Social Proof Notification?

If you think that social proof notification is just limited to online retail shops, you may want to think differently. Social proof notification can also be used for different industries as long as it has a website. Like for example, a travel agency can find social pop valuable. It helps them assure their customers that they are giving the best travel and accommodation deals.  

Note that most travellers hardly trust new travel agencies when booking a flight or accommodation. However, things will be different with social proof notification. By getting constant notifications of your social interaction with other customers, your page visitor will surely get a good impression of the deals that you give. This can also cause a psychological effect that urges your customer to try your deals because a lot of people are already enjoying it.

This is why pop-ups also appear in the entertainment industry and popular publishing websites. Moreover, it is also a good strategy for food delivery applications. This is because a lot of your customers will more likely want to know the opinions of your past customers. With this, you will surely gain more conversions than with good old advertisements.

Importance of Social Proof Notification

We know that letting your customers know about other’s reviews on your product is very helpful. However, what is its difference from the traditional review page or section and testimonial posts? Let me tell you some of the importance of social proof notification to understand why you need it rather than sticking to the old ways.

1. It influences your customer’s decision.

Let’s face it social media has played a huge part on our marketing strategy because other feedback from people can also play a role on us. Believe it or not, social proof can also be a part of decision making when your customers are planning to purchase something online. Its real-time tracking and smart targeting are surely helpful not only for your website, but for your customers also.

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This strategy is really effective because according to some studies, over 70% of Americans are looking for reviews before they actually decide whether they will avail a product or service. Moreover, almost 63% says that they will only buy a product if a site has a high feedback rating from its customers. You could say that product reviews are a good example of group influence for a person. Afterall, building trust with someone you cannot see is not an easy feat.

2. It helps people relate with others.

Every people are different which is why it is hard to please all of them to be interested in your product. However, social proof notification can give your visitors a feeling of belonging. As they see the testimonials of other people, they will see a relatable review that will make them want your product more.

Instead of just seeing a generic “great product!” review, your customers will want to see a real-time and sincere review from other people. With the social proof notification, your customer will automatically see reviews without putting an effort on browsing the testimonial section. This will surely increase the possibility of converting your visitors to your customers.

3. It is better and cheaper than other social proof strategies.

Marketing your business is not that easy especially in this modern and digital age. When you think of a way to up your conversions, there is a high possibility that other marketers are already doing it. This is why a lot of business owners are putting a lot of effort in advertisements such as social media posts, social media ads, etc. However, the truth is that most of these are not really worth its price. However, social proof notification is different.

You just need to use social proof notification and let your customers do the rest. Most social pop applications like SocialPOP will not cost you much and is easy to use. Aside from this, you will not need to hire product ads experts or sponsor social media influencers just to promote your product. You will only need your customer’s honest feedbacks and testimonials and you are good to go. Also, this is even more effective than other ad marketing as customers can trust past customers easier than paid advertisements.

Social Proof Softwares That You Can Use

If you will spend time online, you will notice that there are hundreds and thousands of product advertisements are on different websites. However, instead of getting more conversions, it just annoys a lot of people which is why ad blockers even exist. But if this is not effective, what marketing strategy can you use? The answer to that is social proof marketing. To help you, here are some software that can help you aside from social poof notification.


Boast is social proof notification software that promotes the usage of testimonials on websites to drive conversions. One of the hardest parts of this social proof marketing is collecting testimonials and urging customers to leave one. However, Boast provides you with an easier way to collect and save testimonials from your users. Aside from texts, Boast also allows your customers to send videos which you can post on your website or social media accounts.

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This software is more on the high tech side of social proof notifications. It uses artificial intelligence to send a message to your past customers and urge them to leave a review. With its wide collection of reviews, this AI will then post relevant and appropriate reviews on the website for a certain customer. This leaves a more personalized touch in marketing that other software cannot offer.


SocialPOP offers a whole new level of social proof notification marketing. It does not just collect reviews and testimonials and post it on a site. Rather, it provides its uses live notifications of real-time reviews, live visitor count, and the recent activity of your site. This is really easy to use and will not need any coding skills for integration. Moreover, it is very effective and your customers will surely love it. Use SocialPOP now and get more conversions!

Skyrocket Conversions with Real-Time Social Proof

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