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Ways on How to Use Social Proof Marketing in Your Website

11 Amazing Forms of Social Proof for Social Proof Marketing

Social proof marketing can do wonders for your business. Aside from improving your business image, it can also help increase sales and convert more leads.

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Traditional marketing and advertising strategies are proven to increase conversion through time. But, no harm is done if a business will try to divert from what they used to do. It should not be a challenge to embrace a more modern measure like social proof marketing. It is not enough for a business to have a website where customers can go to. They also need to prove to their customers that their website is active, and people are opening it. This strategy does not only guarantee conversion, but it also establishes credibility.

Social proof marketing has different forms. A concrete example of this is the waiting line at a restaurant. When a person sees that many are still on the list, it proves that the restaurant is in demand. This line is the social proof of the restaurant. It is not just a coincidence that there is a waiting line for customers. Often, it is the restaurant’s strategy to keep the line long and have people wait. This technique is the marketing part of social proof.

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Importance of Social Proof Marketing

Social proof marketing can do wonders for your business. Aside from improving your business image, it can also help increase sales and convert more leads. An example of this is through reviews and testimonials. These social proof add credibility to your business and the products you offer. And with how social proof works, people tend to trust brands that have a lot of engagement (i.e., reviews) versus brands with little to none.

Furthermore, social proof can boost a website’s search engine optimization or SEO. It does this by adding favorable feedback to your website and your brand. By broadcasting this on the web, you can rack up more numbers and more potential customers.

How Effective is Social Proof Marketing?

There is a lot of research that has come up with social proof in recent times. One study found that 61 percent of customers go over online reviews before purchasing a product or service. And with how mainstream it is to have reviews sections, it’s not uncommon for customers to read them when choosing what to buy. A 2018 marketing survey also showed that most, if not all, consumers between ages 18-29 looked at a product review before buying.

When it comes to purchases, social proof has become a decisive factor in a purchase. One online survey reported that most consumers aged 18-34 trust online social proof reviews as much as a recommendation from a close friend or relative. These numbers help solidify the impact of social proof on a business.

Forms of Social Proof in Websites

You can integrate social proof into your website in a variety of methods. Listed below are the ways of maximizing social proof marketing in your website:

1. Customer Reviews and Testimonials

Research shows that 92% of the time, people refer to reviews before purchasing an item. In a business website, including honest reviews and testimonials prove that there are people who use the item. Moreso, it also demonstrates the quality of the item you are selling to them. Customers are smart nowadays. They know if the review or testimonial is legitimate or not. Using only legitimate reviews from real customers can win the hearts of others. Ratings with the use of icons, like stars, can also hook customers instantly.

2. Endorsement from celebrities

This social proof marketing strategy is being used for so long in TVs and printed ads. Thus, it is not new to use this proof on a business website. Having a famous person to advertise a product is an effective way to generate leads. Fans of these celebrities would often like to see their idols; thus, having them as endorsers can lead fans to your website. Most celebrity endorsers are paid to make testimonials, so sometimes non-fans are skeptical. But, if celebrity testimonials will be posted on a website even without a contract with them, it is an authentic proof. This kind of testimonial is more effective as social proof marketing.

3. Real-Time Website Activity

The real essence of social proof marketing is to entice website visitors to purchase items. What more can be useful than telling them someone else is doing the same thing at the same time? Showing the customers the real-time stat and activity on your website is more than just transparency. It is also a marketing strategy to tell them someone trusted this item. So, the next thing they opt to do is to buy the same item from the business. Subscriptions, purchases, and even registrations can be presented on the website as customers click through. Credibility and reliability are established as conversion takes place.

4. Inviting Experts

Social proof marketing is not only integrated on a website. Using social media platforms can reach a wider audience and more chances for marketing. In a platform like this, experts are often invited to host a video or interview. Experts can also write articles of blogs that you can share on your website or social networks. This kind of social proof aims to establish the reliability of the product and services. If experts announce their approval of a company’s services, many followers will witness their statements. Thus, there will be an increase in conversion because someone knowledgeable on the field affirmed their support.

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5. Social Media Influencer Takeover

Social media is the newest platform for marketing a business. Aside from experts and celebrities, social media influencers are the new ambassadors of a company. Taking over the company social media account means letting the influencer post and share things on the platform personally. Videos and stories starring these influencers might impact the following of the account and the conversion of the business. It all goes down to choosing the perfect influencer that fits your business offerings. The number of followers that they have also matters. This number will determine how many people will notice your posts or business.

6. Proof of Client

An effective marketing strategy is flaunting the big names of your clients on your website. Once potential customers see that you are partnering with big names in the industry, they will surely trust your brand. Placing the logos of your clients on your website can capture the customer’s attention, especially if the client is widely known. Partnering with your company will become an option for them because big companies also considered it. It works just like hiring an expert or a celebrity to endorse your brand.

7. Payment Trust Seals

Earning money is now the biggest concern of people. They want to get their money’s worth and not put their money to waste. Putting trust seals on your check out page can help establish legitimacy. Customers will feel that the business is not a scam. They will be assured that their money is not going anywhere far from their purchase. Studies show that conversion increases when trust seals are visible for customers during check out.

8. Platform Integration

Another way of implementing social proof marketing is by borrowing social credibility. This technique applies to businesses that have social platform partners. A well-known third-party provider of a company can become your way to entice customers. Showing their logo on your website layout is borrowing their credibility to help your business be known like them.

9. Awards and Recognition

It is not enough to state on your website that you are one of the best in the field. Being recognized in the industry by award-giving bodies is a big deal for businesses. This recognition is also a step towards being trusted. Including your recognition or accreditation on a website tells your audience that you have the qualifications. Badges and logos from these organizations will hook the interest of the website visitors. This technique is almost the same as hiring an employee. Looking at their achievements adds more to their chance of getting hired, but it only applies if they have proof of their achievement.

10. Share Count

Aside from the number of users, the number of shares can also make changes in the business. Integrating your website to social media platforms can help reach more customers. Having an option to connect with this platform can gain potential customers. User’s friends and followers can see content shared from your website. The share count on your website, on the other hand, is a social proof already that people are visiting and sharing about your business.

11. Highlighting Best-Seller Products

There’s a 50% probability that a customer will buy a product from your website after visiting your online shop. This number will increase once the customer sees that the product he is eyeing is a best seller. Best-seller labels increase the sales of a particular product. Some customers are uncertain about which product to purchase. If customers know the best-seller, it will help them choose the most trusted product.

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