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The 5 Best and 4 Worst Social Proof Marketing Examples

Screening out the best social proof marketing examples will help your brand to be on track. Furthermore, these samples will make you realize that social proof and the type of marketing truly matter in success.

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People need role models to motivate them and realize their true potentials. The same goes for brands. You will need a bunch of social proof marketing examples to guide you through success. It is essential to know which kind of marketing works best for you. And for you to do that, a closer look at both good and bad social proof marketing examples is a must.

Knowing these examples will help you see the vital points that you should imitate from other brands while dodging the risks of the poorly done ones. But take note that you must still try to change these examples a bit and always incorporate a unique element of your brand. Explore and benchmark as much as possible.  Read on and witness how social proof marketing examples can shape a business. 

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Do Not Forget the Basics

So many brands are busy coming up with immediate marketing solutions in hopes of succeeding. But sometimes, all you need to do is have a refresher and go back to the basics. In terms of social proof marketing, it is essential always to remember the sources of social proof. These include testimonials, social media, and experts, to name a few. You must be aware of what a source is ideal for and how you can apply this to your business.

Also, do not limit the use of only one source per marketing. You can always combine two or more references to provide a more effective marketing strategy. For instance, you can ask a professional personality in your niche to host your Instagram account. Doing such is a display of social proof from both experts and social media. Being familiar with the sources of social proof is a shortcut to understanding its entire concept.

Aside from the sources, social proof marketing demands that you have specific goals in mind. So before diving all in, define the objectives that you want to achieve. Only when you have taken these immediate considerations in mind can you focus on the rest.

Worst Examples of Social Proof Marketing

Companies go through several trials and errors before finally reaching the top. Unfortunately, some brands have made the worst mistakes in marketing during this course.  Here are some poor social proof marketing examples that you should avoid at all costs.  

1. Unauthentic Social Proof

There will be no possible worst thing next to a brand displaying some fake social proof. Companies should know by now that consumers are smarter than ever. Too smart, that they can see thru which business is genuine and which is not believable. Social proof is indeed a powerful concept to rake sales. Few companies are so into this fact; they end up producing unreliable social proof. The result is a sketchy brand image and financial loss.

2. Wrong Timing and Placement of Notifications

Brands are fond of putting notifications or pop-ups, especially in their website; since its installation is considered a compelling social proof marketing example today. While notifications can help your business set customer engagements, the time and place to show them are crucial. Some companies repeatedly make the mistake of bombarding their visitors with too much notification. This causes irritation and annoyance at any visitor’s end. Moreover, inappropriate notifications make a brand look desperate for attention, and not a single company should be viewed as trying too hard since this equates to lower leads and conversion rates.

3. Not Addressing Negative Social Proof

Companies are inevitably bound to receive mixed feedback from customers. There are commending reviews while some express hate or disappointment about a product. The automatic response of a seller is to avoid any confrontation or disagreement with clients. Therefore, many brands intentionally avoid responding to complaints and concerns. This is a big no with social proof marketing examples. Customer’s issues left unnoticed will only backfire to your company. People do not want to be neglected and unheard. And you can think that these “small” matters do not make any difference, but they do in marketing.

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4. Showing Unimpressive Data

Brands, especially the newer ones, are understandably in need of evident social proof to thrive. It is the same reason why some businesses try to copy such social proof marketing examples from other companies with fascinating records. Although you should keep in mind that not all data are equally useful.

Moreover, there are particular factors to consider before you publish any social proof online. As mentioned earlier, users are now meticulous. They are picky about the brands to choose from and trust. So whenever a brand shows unimpressive or weak social proof, they are easy to conclude that this particular company is not trustworthy enough.

To illustrate, a business stating that they sold two products a week will not gather much attention from future buyers. Two purchases a week are not a good indicator that the product is doing well among consumers. Thus, people will probably search for a more in-demand product or supplier.

Examples of Best Social Proof Marketing

Screening out the best social proof marketing examples will help your brand to be on track. Furthermore, these samples will make you realize that social proof and the type of marketing truly matter in success. Here are some social proof marketing examples that will inspire you to achieve better results:

1. Displaying Figures

It is easier to convince future buyers that your products and services are worth their money if you can show them the specific numbers of what you are capable of. Figures like the amount of the products you are selling each day or how many stores you have in various locations. You can also show them the number of clients that you have satisfied with your products.

One of the leading technology companies in the world – Apple takes this marketing to another level. Apple publishes its financial data and statements to update investors of its earnings from time to time. This impresses not only customers but also other people who wish to invest in a thriving company. It also shows one of the smartest social proof marketing examples that figures sway customers and future partners.

2. Sharing the Highlights

Marketers are putting a lot of effort and resources into a brand to make it successful. That is why; you must share every single milestone that you have accomplished. It does not only make great social proof; it is also a reminder that your hard works pay off. These milestones can be the brand’s anniversary or reaching a million followers in a social media account.

Also, do not forget the awards and recognitions that you receive from anyone. It does not matter if the acknowledgment comes from a small-time magazine or a big awarding body. The important thing is to share with the audience that you have an excellent brand, ready to cater to anyone. After all, an award means that you have done well in applying the finest social proof marketing examples out there.

3. Reposting Social Proof

Most marketers know that consumers gravitate towards contents that show authenticity. And the easiest way to do it is to repost mentions and feedback from your clients. Simple tags or shout-outs from known personalities are more than useful. Prospective buyers are more likely to trust brands reposting reviews from real people who have tried the products. For the obvious reason, previous customers would not dare to post about a brand if it does not satisfy them. So if you cut, then your products must be worth buying. It is also an indicator that you have well-adapt a few effective social proof marketing examples along the way, so competitors should watch out.

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The online furniture store Wayfair proves that reposting user-generated contents increase a brand’s value. Wayfair hosts hashtag campaigns on different online platforms that encourage clients to take pictures of their purchases from the brand. Then, Wayfair features the best photos on its page, tagging the client’s account who posted the image and providing a link to where they can get the particular furniture. With this, they can display convincing social proof while redirecting users into their official website.

4. Collaborating with Reliable Influencers

Influencer-marketing gains momentum with the help of different online platforms. The said industry is set to reach 10 billion USD by the end of 2020. This is because many marketers attest that the combination of social media and influencers is an effective marketing strategy. Any business can partner with an influencer, even those brands that are on a tight budget.

Nowadays, you can team up with micro-influencers. These influencers are not necessarily celebrities or experts, but they have many followers on the platform. Thus, they can still promote your brand to a particular group of users. Also, micro-influencers do not usually require a considerable fee from businesses. You can instead give them commission rates and freebies in exchange for the endorsement. Knowing that 70% of teens trust influencers more than celebrities, their money will be worthwhile.    

Revolve, a massive online retail store, set the bar high with its constant use of influencer-related social proof marketing examples. This said, the brand is famous for hosting various events and programs that are intended for influencers. Some of these curated occasions are Revolve Festival, Revolve around the world, and Revolve Summer. During these events, the brand invites reliable and known online influencers to document and promote certain products. They even create their very own Revolve Awards for other brands and, again, influencers. Since then, Revolve prides itself on having a 1.2 billion USD brand valuation with influencer marketing.

5. Triggering FOMO and Urgency

FOMO and sense of urgency among customers are social proof marketing examples that will give you a specific profit gain. For the reason that customers have a higher chance of purchase when they feel left behind from their peers. So as much as possible, they buy the same products that they see from others. You can do FOMO marketing thru notifications like conversion counters and promo countdown on your business website. Another option is to activate FOMO via social media. Both ways will work as long as you use the perfect social proof app and do engaging campaigns, respectively.

According to TrustPulse, 60% of people make purchases within 24 hours of experiencing FOMO. Big brands are most aware of this, making sure that they use it to their advantage. For example, Amazon often puts up a “deal of the day.” It is an offer or a discount that is impossible to resist, and they see to it that the deal only lasts for 24 hours. After that, the cost of the products will return to regular prices. This takes any visitor to the page in a FOMO situation. People will have a sudden urge to get the product due to a great deal they do not want to miss.

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