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Social Proof Like: A Psychological Phenomenon in Digital Marketing

As some collated studies defined, social proof like marketing strategy serves as an information social cue. It creates a ripple of psychological influence. In such a way, it puts people into thinking that the actions of others are the modeled behaviors to follow. So, social proof like reviews and testimonials has a significant role in people’s lives.

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Social proof is a steadfast avenue for all digital marketing agencies looking forward to an efficient means of advertising their services. 

As some collated studies defined, this kind of marketing strategy serves as an information social cue. It creates a ripple of psychological influence. In such a way, it puts people into thinking that the actions of others are the modeled behaviors to follow. So, social proof like reviews and testimonials has a significant role in people’s lives.

Amazing, right? But there’s more about it. 

As social proof escalates its effects on audiences, so does the dependence of people on conditioned decision-making. Thus, generally has been influenced by the collective information of the society and other social community influences.

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Psycho-Social Marketing: Psychology of Social Proof Trust

When the mind becomes unconscious, the tendency is that the body reacts to the psycho-social factors that trigger the human reflexes to believe and act according to what is in the surrounding. 

As evident from Sigmund Freud’s psychoanalytic theory, he clearly defined how the information in our unconscious affects our behavior. He mentioned the imbalance in our self-awareness. So, to say, we only become aware of the small details in our mind’s activity. While most of our thoughts remain hidden from us in our unconscious state.

Through his psychological study, therefore, many business experts take advantage of this psycho-social reaction of humans to better their markets by the hype of audiences. Through social proof notifications, people are easily driven by socially established information. Regardless of whether it is make-believe or real, other people’s responses matter the most in gathering audiences. 

Therefore, social proof is an influential social and psychological phenomenon that explains the reason why people copy the actions and decisions of others.

5 Common Types of Social Proof

A network of audiences is significant in any marketing business. The more audiences a business could gather, the higher the chances of boosting its marketing effectiveness. Aside from this, a business will have a more incredible opportunity to deliver its services since social proof helps market advertisements.

Thus, as a type of marketing agency, it will be a big-league if it knows the various types of social proof. Strategically, a business could come out with any of the following types of social proof for marketing strategies:

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1. Expert Social Proof

Nowadays, people become more thought-driven by the information they are reading from various social media sites. Not only that, such sites provide easy access to information. In one way or another, it provides them with ideal make-believe concepts and testimonials that catch their attention in just a span of time.

That is why Virtual Assistants (VAs) and Digital Marketing agencies worldwide offer their services with the best expertise to support other businesses in leaping to market prominence.  

2. Celebrity Social Proof

Beyoncé, Kylie Jenner, and Stephen Curry – from music to artists and even in sports industries, for sure everyone knows them all. Not only are they seen on televisions or news magazines as famous personalities, more so. But they have also been the content of some spotlights for their product advertisements. 

Thus, this form of social proof is indeed one of the most dominating approaches to social media industries. As to mention, when well-known personalities use a product on social media or in public, the more likely it is that a crowd of people- most probably their hardcore fans will make efforts to use the same products as them.   

As a result, the audiences who have seen or read their advertisements will seek reservations about those products from the market companies they are endorsing.

3. User Social Proof

Instances happen when some people are not turning a blind-eyespot to the information that is delivered to them. It makes them satisfied, in most cases, when they find more satisfying and positive feedback from those who have used the products or have availed the services they are into.

All the while, a good review means a whacking move in purchasing a specific product since the customer’s satisfaction determines its value. 

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4. Wisdom of Crowd Social Proof

Are you in trends? Don’t want to lose track of what is up today? Well, then that calls for a FOMO (or the sense of fear for missing out). But don’t worry, buddy, that’s a normal response to this so-called “wisdom of the crowds.” 

Ideally, business agencies take this as an opportunity to lift their market value in a hype. To elaborate, this type of social proof relies on the idea that large groups of people are collectively smarter than individual experts, making it a subject for diverse opinions.

As a result, market movements and herd-like behavior among investors are addressed, which is indeed beneficial in boosting the market’s economic standard.

5. Social Proof like Friends

If there are people whom you’ll be trusting the most, it probably is your friends, family, or closest colleagues. For sure, their recommendations ring a bell to you that you even wish to try whatever products or services they are endorsing to you. 

As to say, friends’ social proof turns out to be the most convenient advertisement for any marketing business. Aside from the free advertisement, the business is getting known just by words of mouth from those other people. Hence, it is how this type of social proof influences the mass. 

Social Proof: Key for Increased Conversion

According to the data that Statista Research Department has published, 44% of netizens worldwide have confirmed their belief in the increasing impact of social media platforms in their daily life (so as in political polarization) as of February 2019.

Meanwhile, various business agencies see the effectiveness of the social proof plugin WordPress in their marketing advantage; since the majority of the people have been hooked up in the use of the social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google, YouTube, and the like.  

As a result, getting the audience’s interests through such virtual references increases mass conversion. 

Undeniably, increasing the conversion rate of people who are patronizing the products and services is definitely an ideal strategic step in boosting its market value. By leveraging the business’ social influence, the more likely it reaches the pinnacle of success – not only locally but also internationally.  

4 Types of Effective Social Proof Marketing

1. Ratings and Reviews

Customer reviews are powerful social proof. It can either help your product or not. Since most potential customers are looking for unbiased reviews and ratings, having accurate ratings and reviews can help your business have increased leads. For instance, in popular online stores, reviews and ratings serve to speak for the product; they are social proof marketing strategy. Also, they act as testimonials to help buyers make better buying decisions. They are relevant to online stores where opinions of larger populations are accounted for. 

Also, keep in mind that some honest reviews might not be all positive. But don’t worry! Still, it is effective because it only mirrors that your business product/service reviews are not biased and is credible and trustworthy. 

2. Testimonials

Using testimonials as a social proof marketing strategy is effective when it is found credible. If you want to display testimonials as your social proof, choosing the customer’s testimonials who don’t have any personal connections to your business is better. If you have collected helpful testimonials, always display them where they can be easily seen. Knowing where to put your business website testimonials delivers a significant impact on your business sales. 

3. Social Connections

Keeping a great social connection with your customers can help you keep track of your clients. Therefore, you can also have more idea of what they want in products. So, it is wise to choose social proof plugins that will allow you to be socially engaged with more potential customers. 

4. Influencer’s Endorsement 

Prominent people always have a huge influence. To make it straight, social proof is the natural behavior of people to follow and imitate what behavior stood out from them. People precisely follow those persons they greatly respect – plus those who have the strongest influence on larger crowds. Hence, if people follow what socially influences them, it gives them unmeasurable pleasure and satisfaction. 

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