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Getting the Digital Spotlight with Social Proof Apps

Social proof apps help companies and individuals who are having a hard time promoting their brands in the digital world. It also helps marketers to make their business not only well-known but also trusted.

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Ever wonder how a particular small company managed to come charging ahead of its competitors and land on one of the top spots in the market? The reason is nowhere near things like luck or magic. Top companies stay at the top thanks to the revolutionary concept of social proof and through the use of social proof apps.

Social proof apps help companies and individuals who are having a hard time promoting their brands in the digital world. These apps are software that inform, engage, and convert visitors into customers. It also helps marketers to make their business not only well-known but also trusted. These apps even enable businesses to track activities and collect useful data from customers. In this way, companies can further assess the gathered information to improve their services to stand out. If you are a business newbie or a CEO in an established company, it does not matter. You still need to continuously search for new and upgraded apps to display better social proof.

In searching for the best social proof apps, having awareness of other ideas helps. Knowing what reliable social proof is and the qualities to look for a social proof app will make you understand this topic more in-depth.

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Reliable Social Proof

The use of social proof is known to provide wonders for your brand, but take note that ordinary social proof alone is not enough. You need to have reliable and impressive social proof that would charm the majority of your visitors. To have reliable social proof, you must consider the following:

The Content

You need to choose contents that will show your visitors that you are worthy of their trust and attention. Positive feedback highlights your product/service must always be displayed where consumers can quickly notice them. 68 % of buyers are more likely to buy something when they look upon favorable reviews. Your social proof content must be enough to convince the prospects to stay longer and browse more offers. Also, do not forget to advertise the latest goods and inviting deals that they might want to check out.

Avoid displaying content on repeat, and try to come up with more personal captions as much as possible. Or you can post reviews and testimonials from your latest satisfied customers. It would be best to do this every once in a while since 85% of consumers think online reviews older than three months are irrelevant. Some social proof apps let you personalize content so they can appear more striking.  Moreover, refrain from posting similar content that visitors have seen among your competitors’ platforms. Always remember that a brand must be authentic and unique to impress.

The Design

Layouts for your brand’s social proof must be designed as powerful as your content. Furthermore, it should reflect how creative and competent your brand is compared to the rest. Most visitors have a short span of attention, and they are often on the go. If they find nothing looks interesting, they will leave. Some of them cannot even stand to read a long paragraph of informational social proof.

Therefore, you should instantly catch their attention with social proof pop-ups like videos or images that are expected to entertain them. Numerous social proof apps include services to customize the visuals of your social proof. This way, you can choose the vibe and approach you desire to display among your prospects.

The Marketing Channel

An online setting offers a wide selection of marketing channels. This includes websites, emails, social media, organic search, paid search, display ads, and mobile. Each of these digital marketing channels varies in features and the audience it attracts. So, researching and evaluating which of the channels will work best for your target market is essential.

Also, the choice of the marketing channel will reflect on how you want to approach your customers. For example, emails may be considered traditional, yet it is personal and versatile; not to mention that they are also budget-friendly. On the other hand, social media is a massive channel to take over since most people are active in this digital space. So, continuous cultivation and observation of the consumer’s interests and needs are expected from the marketers that will pick such channels. Although, after an all-out effort of stepping up your social proof game, a website powered by any of the efficient social proof apps is the way to go.       

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What Are Social Proof Apps?

You can think of social proof apps as an extension of your company across the digital market. Usage of this app gives you the feel of working with other virtual colleagues because doing online tasks seem easier when they are around. Furthermore, they make communication between your company and the visitors smoother. So you can quickly develop a rapport with your possible consumers.

Among the many advantages of using social proof apps, their ability to create both urgency and FOMO is the most valuable, especially nowadays when most consumers are prone to pressure alongside social proof. Conversion and sales rates of brands tend to increase whenever consumers buy products out of fear, thinking that they will not keep up with their peers’ things/services.

As long as these apps are utilized well, they can be prized assets for any business. They can get advertising jobs faster and your profit bigger. Yes, availing one of them is another expense to shoulder but keep in mind that they are investments. They will bring you income that is much greater than the initial cost that is spent on them.

Qualities to Look for Social Proof Apps

Now that you are acquainted with social proof apps, it is time to take it a little further and discuss the characteristics that you must consider in choosing the right app for your brand. Below are primary qualities that you must find in a social proof apps before availing of one:

1. Customizable

An excellent social proof app must be able to satisfy not only your company’s needs but, most importantly, your consumers’ wants. You want to have the help that will be able to adjust to any given change of trends or situations. It is mentioned above that content and design should be prioritized in showing social proof; thus, social proof apps that can meet your demands regarding these aspects are indeed a good sign.

2. Affordable

It is common for companies to have a financial limit, especially when you start to create a name for your brand. You are suggested to be on a hunt for reasonably priced social proof apps that will still deliver the quality of service you desire.

3. Diversified

Who wants a website or platform that is plain and boring? Visitors anticipate new and fun changes from time to time, so you better find social proof apps that exhibit various products ready to tickle the audience’s interest. The bottom line here is that creativity matters because consumers are gravitating towards a more aesthetic type of online content, whether it be the style of the testimonial section or a dialogue box.

4. Effective

Of course, you will need to find social proof apps that can fill your channel with desirable visuals while giving you optimum results simultaneously. This means that a social proof app should be good for the eyes and the business in general. While using social proof apps, you are expected to have an increase in conversion rate and profit. After all, making sales is one of the main goals of any business

5. Easy Integration

The kind of social proof apps that can effortlessly be integrated into any niche and website builder platform is a total plus.  Since you cannot guarantee that a display of social proof in a particular site will always be a good move, it is safer to have plug-ins that you can combine in other sites with a few simple clicks.

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