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4 Ways Social Proof App Works to Boost Sales

A social proof app helps customers decide what or which to buy using the opinion of majority. Examples of this can include feedback, reviews-anything user-generated which can compel the actions of future customers through social influence.

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The Internet has become a one-stop-shop for most people today. You name it, and the Internet has it. It’s changed the way we connect and how we communicate with each other. Businesses using it as a platform to promote should be no surprise; with billions of users, you virtually have the world at your fingertips. And you can expect that with so many users, there are also millions of companies vying for the top. But exactly how do you stand out in a sea of online businesses? Simple, through a social proof app.

And as technology continues to develop at a rapid pace, the social proof app is one of the latest trends in digital marketing. It follows from the psychological concept of social proof and integrates it into marketing efforts. A social proof app helps customers decide what or which to buy using the opinion of majority. Examples of this can include feedback, reviews-anything user-generated which can compel the actions of future customers through social influence.

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Social Proof in Action

The benefits of a social proof app for the growth of a business is undeniable. You are able to guide potential customers into buying specific products or services using social proof. And now, more brands and entrepreneurs are choosing to capitalize on social proof marketing because of one thing: its’ variety. See, social proof is not limited to one thing only. As mentioned earlier, it can vary. Below are some examples of social proof in action:


Reviews are often the go-to when it comes to online shopping. Reading about another person’s rating and satisfaction on a product or service gives buyers an idea of what they might be getting. It’s also one of the most common social proof you would see on a social proof app.


It’s not enough to convince people on your own that your product works. Personal testimonies from real people can compel other customers to try the product. And once they know real people have tried it, it’s easier for them to get in on the same trend.


Thoughts and opinions from well-known public figures matter to the general public. They’re not called “influencers” for no reason; their words carry a certain air of influence, which people are more likely to trust.


In the age of social media, having a large following is a big deal, especially if you’re trying to make it in the online business industry. Numbers matter, and the more followers you have, the more likely it is people will believe that your numbers are there for a good reason. Nowadays, it’s a sign of a legit and trustworthy business to have a respectable follower count.


More often than not, people are likely to try a packed restaurant with lots of people than one without any. This is the most typical type of social proof, and this creates a significant impact on the buying decisions of potential customers.


Awards and recognitions speak for themselves. Social proof in this aspect borrows from the organizations that give these awards. Getting an award from a prestigious competition or organization validates your brand and helps you earn the trust of people.


Shares are a part of user engagement, which plays a significant role in digital marketing, especially over social media.  It helps give your brand exposure and promote it to your target market. And sometimes, even to a broader audience, including ones from different interests.

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Brands today have no excuse not to market with a social proof app. In a world where humans often follow the influence of herd mentality, utilizing that influence is crucial if you want to get ahead. This is where the concept of “the more, the merrier” comes in. If a majority of people behave in a certain way, then chances are other people will think it’s the right thing to do. Presenting information on its own is not enough; it has to be backed by public opinion. That’s the purpose of a social proof app: to frame your brand in a positive light. And when it comes to promoting your business, you have to maximize it as much as possible.

How a Social Proof App Works

After esatblishing social proof in action, let’s look at what a social proof app brings to the table. Competition never sleeps, so companies are always on the lookout for the next big thing. The thing that a social proof app does, compared to other digital marketing strategies, is it’s a strategy that’s made by the users. People and their thoughts are what make it work, so it’s the businesses’ job to make sure that they market those thoughts effectively. Here are four samples of how a social proof app works:

1. Content Promotion

Business without content is dead. Uploading blogs on your site can add traffic to your business. With a little play on words, you can provide insightful content along with the marketing of your products and services. Consistent content keeps engagements from your customers. But how are you going to share your blog posts on platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn? The social proof app has you covered, as it provides web widgets, and sharing quality brand content is just a click away.

2. Customer Engagement

Broader engagement means broader sales.  Promoting your business image is the first step to engage with potential customers. A social proof app gives you the tools to interact with your customers. Expect your visitors to provide immediate feedback, whether it is in the form of text or emojis.

3. Email Marketing

Included in promoting businesses online are mailing lists. A social proof app makes collecting customer email addresses easy. Brands can email product deals, policy changes, weekly newsletters, and other relevant consumer info that they may need to know. It collects these using an email collector notification where customers can enter their email if they want to receive updates from the company.

4. Web Notifications

The effectiveness of a social proof app lies in its accessibility. People need to see the effects of social proof in real-time if you want to influence them. A social proof app does this attaching social proof notifications as web widgets on a site, where they can pop up where people will see them.

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Promoting your Business Through Social Proof App

It should be noted that social proof app cannot function on its own. Otherwise, it would not be called “social proof.” But it’s not enough to only collect reviews and post them on your website. You have to take advantage of feedback, whether positive or negative, to drive your business further. Here are some ways to maximize a social proof app in your marketing strategy.

Invite Experts to Give Reviews/Testimonies

Having industry experts or professionals giving credit to your products will put your business at a higher standard than others. Sure, reviews from your customers don’t hurt, but feedback from specialists in your field of interest holds more weight than the average consumer. Potential customers are more likely to listen to a professional than a random review or testimony online.

Interact with Mentions

Each post, each comment, whether good or bad, is healthy for business. It shows that on a consumer level, people still rely on your brand or products to some degree. So don’t be afraid to engage with customers, regardless of their sentiments. This kind of social proof shows that your business isn’t above your consumers, and shows that you care with what they think.

Encourage User-Generated Content

Asking your customers to participate in your brand by posting content about your business is a great way to encourage participation. A simple hashtag or a repost helps spread the word online. The best part is, you let your users do the work for you, minimizing the cost of developing more marketing plans.

Revamp your Marketing Strategy with SocialPOP

Clearly, social proof is a big deal. It gives potential customers an impression on the quality of your brand and your products. You run the risk of getting bad reviews, but that’s normal. You can use it as an avenue to recognize mistakes and shortcomings. Marketing efforts aside, social proof helps your business grow in terms of rendering services.

Also, it can be hard to choose the right social proof app in the market. As more businesses begin to ride on the trend, expect that your competitors will soon be doing the same. It’s essential to find a social proof app that’s not only effective but also cost-efficient. You would also need an app where you can explore which social proof notifications are the best for you.

If this the case, then SocialPOP is the perfect solution for your social proof app problems. From Bronze to Platinum, SocialPOP has plans that can accommodate your budget that can boost your business website social conversion to reach a high number of results. Take your marketing strategy to the next level with us today! Check out our website at for more details.

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