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5 Best Social Proof App Shopify for Influential Marketing

There are seemingly unlimited Social Proof App Shopify options in the Social Proof market. However, not all are outstandingly qualified to help you build a more influential Shopify store. Luckily, you don't have to experience the trouble because here is the list of the best Social Proof App Shopify.

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Social Proof is persuasive evidence that convinces people since it mostly takes form as displayed reviews and testimonials. It is like a scenario of taking advantage of your regular customers to convince your prospective customer to try your business products and services. Since every business person is competitive, Social Proof as a customer-driven marketing strategy improves business credibility. It improves influencing marketing strategies. 

Moreover, there are numerous ways to add Social Proof in your Shopify store. One of the most popular ways is by using the Social Proof app. Thus, making it Social Proof App Shopify, which is an essential advantage for a business. You can discover later the other fantastic ways to add and improve Social Proof. But first, read the significance of Social Proof to Shopify stores. 

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The Social Proof Benefits to Shopify Stores

Showing the best to prospective customers can make a positive impact on business. One of the best forms of that is Social Proof. It helps to reduce the shopping stress and anxiety of people who plan to buy from Shopify stores. When the customers feel more comfortable trying out products with excellent reviews, it leads to an incredible increase in sales.    

In addition, Social Proof is the evidence that proves that people always consider that choice of the majority. Humans are natural followers, which means that they unconsciously follow and copy the behavior of others. Therefore, a Shopify store that collects much Social Proof can quickly get more beneficial leads and improve revenue

However, you must remember that you can only fully take advantage of Social Proof’s benefits if it looks authentic, honest, and accurate. Aside from products, Social Proof is selling trust, authenticity, and credibility. With that, every business person and marketer should keep in mind that Social Proof can only be extraordinary with the help of happy and satisfied customers

Undeniably, if your customers find your business valuable, they quickly welcome the idea of endorsing your business to other people. They are willing to do more of that because you have already gained their trust. That’s why if you want to have Social Proof leverage, you need to put more value on your Shopify store.   

Now that you learned how valuable Social Proof is to Shopify stores, it is time to look at the fantastic ways to add it to your advantage. 

Ways to Add Social Proof in Shopify

Here are some of the best ways to add Social Proof in Shopify: 

Display user-generated content.

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If you want to add Social Proof to your Shopify store, you can combine your social media channels with it. That way, you can display Social Proof user-generated content. Thus, you can present your real customers that are using your products to your prospective customers. Some apps can allow you to have an Instagram gallery to your Shopify store. Hence, you can present a more captivating Shopify store that can convince your shop visitors to give your products a chance. 

Add reviews using the Shopify integration widget.

If you want to display reviews and testimonials to your Shopify store, you must have the Business TrustPilot account. If you have it, you can go to Shopify’s integration to improve your store’s credibility using helpful reviews. However, the method of integrating Social Proof is quite complicated than using Social Proof apps. It requires more effort. So, you might want to give Social Proof apps since they offer a convenient setup and many outstanding features.  

Use the Social Proof app.

Social Proof apps are designed to provide convincing Social Proof notifications that take your credibility to another level. Also, they are great solutions for the quick and most convenient way to add Social Proof that can boost sales, conversions, and leads. Therefore, it is essential to know the best Social Proof App Shopify you can use to grow your store.   

5 Best Social Proof App Shopify Options

There are seemingly unlimited Social Proof App Shopify options in the Social Proof market. However, not all are outstandingly qualified to help you build a more influential Shopify store. 

Luckily, you don’t have to experience the trouble because here is the list of the best Social Proof App Shopify: 

1. SocialPop

SocialPop is a must-have Social Proof app because it is one of the leading options that provides cost-efficient and versatile Social Proof notifications. Also, it is available in other leading e-commerce platforms aside from Shopify. It is highly available for WordPress, Zapier, and Squarespace.   

Besides that, SocialPop has over 24 different types of Social Proof notifications with proven psychological triggers. Plus, you can change its style to suit your store designs. So, you can expect that your customers will feel the urge to buy your Shopify in-demand products. Thus, it results in more generated sales and leads. 

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SocialPop provides data from the Social Proof notification results. Moreover, it allows you to monitor your store growth. Hence, give you highly reliable insight data for your reference in improving your store. 

Luckily, SocialPop has available help and tutorials for their new users that efficiently guide their new clients to attain an easy Social Proof app setup. Thus, it guarantees an effortless integration of Social Proof to Shopify stores. 

2. Fera

Fera is another best Social Proof app Shopify that provides services that build trust. It allows Shopify owners to have a quick setup of Social Proof since the app is built with no required complicated and professional coding. 

Also, Fera is ideal for users who want to have customized Social Proof that perfectly matches the styles and designs of their store. But creating unique Social Proof content with your own is quite complicated and challenging. Yet, the good thing about Fera is it is equipped with a great variety of Social Proof integrations such as Social Proof messages. It works as a multipurpose salesperson that has input from Artificial Intelligence.

Since people want to be aware of the majority’s choice, Fera’s recent pop-up viewers and sales attract attention immensely. Plus, it also comes with limited offers, banners, carousels, and countdown timers. Above all, Fera has the edge with its impressive A/B testing feature that permits you to find the best notification by comparing them from one another. Thus, increasing the chance to get the most effective and attractive one. 


Next Social Proof app Shopify option has countless different Social Proof messages integrations, so it is possible to offer a unique style for every customer; this option is FOMO. It is built from the psychological phenomena of the same name, which means “Fear Of Missing Out.” Thus, it provides Social Proof service that triggers people to make fast decisions in shopping based on the reviews. 

Besides that, FOMO permits its user to display the engaging Shopify customers’ behavior, recent posts and sales, and product reviews. Plus, its pop-ups look impressive and appealing, not cheap. Although FOMO has an impressive effect on customers, it does not have simple billing details. At the same time, the Social Proof app is limited for Shopify integration. Therefore, displaying store views and live sales can be a pretty tricky task to do. 

4. Provesource

ProveSource is a Social Proof app Shopify that connects with an external platform. Similarly, the FOMO app connects with other social platforms such as Google Reviews and Facebook. Meanwhile, it has an edge against it because it allows users to select their ideal notifications from various information, reviews, and events. Plus, it gives a great variety of editable messaging options and templates to its users. 

Also, ProveSource has almost limitless available customization options for Shopify stores. However, since ProveSource is dependent on external platforms, setting up new notifications requires too much process. 

5. Nudgify

The last option is a popular native Shopify Social Proof app; it is the Nudgify. Since it is a native app, it is ideal for users who want to integrate Social Proof without leaving the platform. Also, it allows simple billing management, and there’s no need for a virtual setup. 

Similarly with the other Social Proof apps, Nudgify displays recent store activities, including page views and store sales. Plus, it lets you display your in-demand products to trigger your customers to buy it while it is still available. Besides that, it gives details to customers about their purchases, such as how much they should spend to qualify for the free delivery service. 

Moreover, another advantage of being a native app, it can identify different types of pages. Therefore, you can conveniently assign unique types of messages template to different types of pages. Together with its Nudges and customization options, you can quickly build your store credibility. Thus, achieve a high increase in sales and conversions. 

Make the Most of Social Proof Advantage with SocialPop

SocialPop is one of a kind Social Proof app Shopify that works best on e-commerce stores and business websites. So, if you want to influence your prospective customers to try your products, convince them using SocialPop notifications! 

If you are interested in SocialPop’s services, don’t hesitate to contact us at our website to discover more about the full potential of our services when integrated with Shopify. We are available from Monday to Friday, from 9 AM to 7 PM. We would be happy to assist with all your needs. Visit our website today!   

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