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Social Pops Explained: 4 Reasons Why Social Proof is Important

One of the reasons why Social Pops uses social proof is it augments your current marketing strategies with user-generated content from trusted partners and consumers. It establishes your brand more clearly than without it, and it is usually cost-efficient and only takes a small effort to implement.

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Social Pops recognizes that there is a hidden value in social proof. Many companies might not know it, but social proof can boost brand sales generation and conversion rates. Using social proof is often overlooked, and thus, some have wasted many opportunities to use it for their business.

Now that what we do online is transparent, social proof has become an excellent marketing tool for business. A business thrives on publicity and engagement, and social proof allows companies to do just that with relative ease. Social Pops has seen many marketing trends that promised more conversions, only to fall short. But using social proof, now you can edge out the competition with 10% more leads and sales.

Here’s how Social Pops does it:

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Using Social Proof for Business

Social Pops leverages the concept of social proof in boosting conversions. And social proof is all around us: a long line of customers waiting on a particular product or business is social proof, and so is the number of people who have signed up for an online newsletter. Social proof guides us that we should copy others’ behavior in a given situation. And this phenomenon is possible because of human behavior.

While some might not admit it, most of us want to fit in with the crowd. Sticking together is human nature, and part of human nature includes basing what we do on other influences and commonly-accepted behavior. It’s a normal condition, and it even applies to how consumers decide when purchasing. And in the digital age, where we get to see what more people are doing, social proof effects are multiplied.

Social proof might sound plain, but there are many forms of social proof, whether online or offline. Here are some types of social proof today:


Most people value insights from professionals and industry experts when it comes to specific products or services. For instance, if you’re running an online shop, having a trusted badge from major online payment systems like Paypal or MasterCard will assure users that they’re making a verified purchase.


Think “publicity” when it comes to this kind of social proof, as celebs and influencers with large followings can directly compel how people see your product. If you’re watching your favorite star or vlogger talk about a particular product, you might be more inclined to buy it thanks to their influence.


Social Pops mainly uses this kind of social proof to market, as it stems from user-generated content like reviews, testimonials, and ratings by the people who have availed a specific product or service. More ratings/reviews/testimonials you have, the better social proof you have at your disposal.

Wisdom of the Crowd

You can see this kind of social proof, both online and offline! As people generally don’t want to get left behind by their peers, manifesting a large number of people who are buying or availing of a particular service is an effective way to compel more customers to do business with you.

Wisdom of Family & Friends

Input from close family and friends plays a more prominent role in purchasing than you might think. These trusted figures influence a buyer’s actions and input more clearly.

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Using social proof for business is Social Pops’ strong suit, and it’s easy to see why: everyone is connected. Messenger apps and social media are the newest marketing platforms as they provide instant messaging and push on-demand updates to users. And since growing an online presence to compete in today’s digital marketing, marketing your business with social proof might give it the boost it needs to stand out. Because while social proof has already proved its impact, many brands have yet to make us of its value.

4 Reasons Why Social Proof is Important

Not using social proof is like leaving money on the table. One of the reasons why Social Pops uses social proof is it augments your current marketing strategies with user-generated content from trusted partners and consumers. It establishes your brand more clearly than without it, and it is usually cost-efficient and only takes a small effort to implement.

But if you need more reason to get into the social proof game, here are 4 points why:

1. The ad game is changing; ads cost higher than ever

Recent updates to platforms like Facebook changed the way users see ads, resulting in higher ad costs. Businesses that don’t have the budget to feature products/services on ads are on the losing end of this change, which calls for social proof marketing strategies. Many businesses will look towards creating engaging content and user-generated campaigns to highlight their social proof on their website.

2. Advertising is not as effective any more thanks to fake news

Fake news is an ever-growing problem in social media, and it has encouraged people to be more scrutinized when viewing information across platforms. While this phenomenon has become a driving factor for information to stick to the facts, it has also produced skepticism among these platforms’ readers. As false narratives increase, marketers will need to find a way to add credibility to their campaigns, and social proof is one way to do it.

3. Ad blockers are becoming mainstream

Most people can attest that the ads experience is not fun. Users can find ads on almost every corner of the Internet, which hurts the user experience, and thus, ad blockers were created. This is the consumers’ way of saying that instead of annoying and intrusive ads, a non-intrusive way like social proof is a better and more reliable means of converting prospects.

4. People want “real” content

Let’s face it: we care what other people think. And on the subject of social proof, we can reference our decision with what other people do before we act. Recent studies show that about 85% of people trust online reviews as they would trust personal recommendations. Customers want to base their decisions not only from a business’ marketing copy but also on other consumers’ experiences.

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How Social Pops Works

Social Pops displays your social proof on your website for the world to see. It promotes it using social proof notifications or pop-ups, whether on your website or on one of your social media pages. What makes these social proof notifications so successful is that it incorporates the element of “fear of missing out” or FOMO. When consumers feel like they are out of place, using FOMO is a great way to encourage them to go with the flow.

Social Pops’ notifications are sent and seen by users in real-time, with over 24 notification types to convert them in many different ways. Regardless of your industry, there’s a social proof notification for everyone: The Live Counter notification shows how many people are browsing your site at the moment, while the Hot Streaks notification showcases the number of people who have purchased from your site. Your creativity is the limit.

The great thing about Social Pops is its easy integration. Social Pops notifications are supported on leading website builder platforms like WordPress and Shopify and over 1000 well-loved tools like Shopping Cart and Auto-Responder. All that packed into a tiny JS file package, which won’t let your website loading speeds suffer.

Plus, the “Social Pops” branding is not an issue with the right plan. Also, better plans get more notifications and more campaigns, with no limit of impressions per month. At its peak, you can customize your social proof notifications to your hearts’ content, and with priority support from Social Pops’ talented service team.

It’s essential to take note that Social Pops works not only for boosting sales but for every type of conversion out there: email lists, newsletter sign-ups, bonuses–anything under the sun.

Social Pops’ main goal as a social proof platform is to help you monitor and optimize your growth. Running a business is hard–that’s why everyone needs a little help. And you can get that needed boost when you partner up with Social Pops.

Skyrocket with Social Pops!

Social proof is not a new concept as it has existed for centuries, and there will always be social proof as long as there are people. How businesses use that social proof is the determining factor between a good business and a bad business. And as people begin to get tired of ad campaigns, brands need to make a more convincing reason for customers to buy. Social proof solves that problem and, at the same time, puts your company ahead of the pack.

And there are so many ways to use social proof. One option is to partner up with Social Pops and its social proof notifications. As one of the leading social proof marketing platforms, Social Pops helps you deliver your message instantly for everyone to see.

You might not be the first to use this strategy, but ensure that you won’t be the last. Before social proof marketing becomes mainstream, take the lead with Social Pops’ real-time and on-demand social proof notifications. Let Social Pops help you skyrocket your sales and conversion rates today. Visit our website now!

Skyrocket Conversions with Real-Time Social Proof

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