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Social Pop: The Perfect Partner for a Social Proof Success

Social Pop promises more engagement, growth, and leads in terms of digital marketing. Simply put, it is your one-stop-shop for any social proof services imaginable.

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Companies that consistently observe social proof in their marketing strategies have one thing in common – success! They search and partner with companies that focus on social proof services like Social Pop.  It offers digital assistance during your journey towards displaying better social proof and achieving your company’s goals.  

Social Pop helps companies to get an idea of how social proof leaves an impact on consumers. Since most current consumers prefer companies with better social proof that those who don’t mind you often, a simple review section at the bottom of your website is not enough to engage visitors, that is why; getting an aid that specializes in this field is a must.

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Get to Know Social Pop           

Social Pop promises more engagement, growth, and leads in terms of digital marketing. Simply put, it is your one-stop-shop for any social proof services imaginable. Although among all available services, the company takes pride in its wide range of customizable notifications. Choosing and stating the best one is nearly impossible since all of them are equally special.

Moreover, this company also offers a service in pixel installation to integrate into your desired websites. Speaking of pixels, trying, and using them should never intimidate you because it is only a simple line of code that you can copy and paste. Then voila! You got a new aid to do a variety of tasks. Pixels gather useful data for your company, so you will be able to track activities happening on your website. The tracking and data collection continue to occur while you also get the chance to build a bigger audience.

It is safe to say that Social Pop will help you grow and profit out using social proof. You can expect favorable changes in your company’s conversion rates and the number of generated leads; all these within a reasonable amount of time. As long as you take a pick from one of their worthwhile plans as well as notifications, you are set for an impressive social proof journey.

Quick Guide for Social Pop’s Notifications

As visitors browse through your site, it is essential that you feel accommodated; because you are not physically present with them does not equate to poor service. You can still interact and create an impression with them online. How? Getting a sufficient notification that will get your consumer’s attention. At the same time, these notifications are perfect tools to showcase social proof among visitors.

In Social Pop, you are entitled to choose from 25 notifications, which you can modify according to your liking and the company’s needs. Notifications are handy because they are multipurpose. They initiate engagement from visitors while stimulating conversions. Below is a brief guide of what they are and where they are ideal to be in use.

Best of Basics

If you are looking for simple and easy kind of notifications, Social Pop offers a handful of them. The top choices will be an Image or Video Notification. These types are no-brainers since all you need to have either a picture or clip that will give visitors an idea of your brand.  You can also inform them of your newly launched product by merely having the Call to Action Notification. Notifying visitors with Coupon is also widely used and is known to be a primary tactic to attract more consumers.    

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On the other hand, Cookie Notification is one of the basics that most companies have. They are useful in collecting data without the need to interrupt a visitor; although if you prefer a more straightforward notification for a client’s information, the Email Collector and Request Collector will suit you best. Another direct yet effective strategy is to display an Engagement Link with all of your relevant links is included. In this way, you will stay connected with clients while not dealing with complex social proof maintenance.

Feedback at Its Finest

Entertaining feedbacks are trending right now in digital marketing. There are great ways to know what consumers have to say about the quality of the products and services you give them. With Social Pop, feedbacks come in unique and interactive forms. They offer text feedback where you can let consumers directly write their suggestions called Text Feedback; Score Feedback where they can rate you from 1 to 5, 5 being the highest score and lastly, Emoji Feedback that can give you a gist of what they are feeling towards the product/service.

Keep in mind that it is typical to get not only good reviews but also negative ones. But those not-so-good feedbacks are also beneficial for you. Because they are still content from customers, you can take advantage of the website traffic they create. After gathering feedback from consumers, you can use them to amp your social proof game. Take those reviews from previous clients and put it in a Random Review Notification, making visitors into prospective patrons.

Content for Conversions

Increasing conversion rates must be prioritized at all costs when you are in a digital setting. Ways for conversions vary but are all equally valuable for any company’s success. Social Pop makes sure that you will be equipped with the best notifications to boost the conversion rate. Notifications such as Conversion Counter, where you can display the number of conversions, and Latest Conversion, which shows recent conversions, are great for head-starts. 

On the other hand, Live Counter and Countdown Collectors are real-time notifications that trigger fear of missing out or FOMO among consumers. These are great strategies to raise the urgency for visitors to engage in any conversion.

There is also a Social Share Notification featured in Social Pop, where you can encourage consumers to share their experience with people that they know on social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Linked. But if you are looking for a blank slate that is entirely modifiable, a notification called Informational lets you create a personal message for your visitors.   

Beneficial Bars

Notification bars serve as your pop-ups to alert visitors of what they can expect from your brand. They are usually shown at the top or bottom parts of your websites. If you only want to give them specific information, you can use the Informational Bar. But if you wish to add a little bit of something extra, go for the Button Bar since it provides a button that consumers can click upon to have a better view of what specific product/service you are promoting.

Furthermore, another type of bar known as Collector Bar is that notification enables you to collect emails or leads without distracting the users. Finally, the Coupon Bar allows you to give out nice coupons for your visitors so they can use them later. 

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Modal Matters

Modal is the perfect notification if you want to emphasize certain information. It permits you to display an additional window inside your website so visitors will not have a hard time redirecting to another tab.  It is low-key and user-friendly. Social Pop offers two variations: Modal Collector and Modal Two Collector. They look similar, except Modal two gives you more space to show details, and it has a better aesthetic. 

Social Pop and Its Flexible Plans

Having a flexible plan to fit all your company’s needs should not be a light decision to take into consideration. It is vital to choose a plan that ticks all the criteria to hit your company goals. Good thing that Social Pop is ready to layout plans that can be well-adjusted according to your desire.

Social Pop has free plans that you can try without spending a single penny. More so, it offers both monthly and annual plans so you can pick what is best for your preferred service duration. In terms of cost, you can enjoy social proof services for as low as 19 USD a month or 190 USD per year. Plans are referred to as Silver, Gold, and Platinum, with each has unique features and advantages to explore with. 

Partner with Social pop

With all those features considered, it is no doubt that Social Pop must be your partner in your upcoming success. It is the leading platform for social proof that boosts sales up to15% for any niche. It will help you run notifications across world-renowned sites such as Shopify, WordPress, Zapier, and Squarespace. Thus, it works for every business with a website.  And it makes sure that your online advertising is top-notch at the same time, cost-effective.  

It is proven that showing visitors social proof increase trust and brand leadership. So, what are you waiting for? Outsmart your competitors and rise to the top of success. Social Pop will guarantee that you optimize conversion rates and gain a larger audience as soon as possible. Check out Social Pop’s website for more details. 

Skyrocket Conversions with Real-Time Social Proof

Using SocialPOP in your marketing efforts can boost your leads and sales by 15% in 5 minutes!