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4 Amazing Benefits of Shopify Social Proof App for Online Businesses

Shopify social proof is essential not only for the consumers but for the business owners also. Social proof notifications enables both consumers and business owners to take a stand in trusted brands and businesses and manage the people's demands and thoughts, respectively.

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Did you know that “social proof” has a psychological history? A well-known psychologist named Robert Cialdini invented the term “social proof”. He explained that it has something to do with how people react to their environment upon receiving a piece of information. Often, when people are unsure how to respond to a particular situation, they automatically look unto their persons. They rely upon their possible answers and decisions. It could be from experts, celebrities, friends, families, relatives, authorities, and even consumers. Unsure people look at them in the belief that they know more knowledge. Moreover they believe that they are reliable to help them choose their stand. This makes the use of Shopify social proof app popular among business owners.

Everyone wants proof, agree? Let’s understand social proof with this thought, “to see is to believe.” Sounds scientific and realistic. Social proof is when people look for similar responses from people they know and trust. It could be in the form of testimonies, reviews, comments, or suggestions. Now, here is my question, where do you often see situations where social proof is very relevant? Bet that your answer is in social media. Nowadays, people are very particular when it comes to using their favorite gadgets. There is no single day that they would not tap their phones. More importantly, they can’t stay a day without watching TV. 

Speaking of social media, notice that businesses of today flourished rapidly on this platform. Facebook, YouTube, Instagram are only a few of the famous applications people are using every day. Plus, notice the different online shopping sites and brands that offer various products. Whether for personal use, home decoration, office, commercial establishments, and many more. Selling and buying are super easy now that technology is at hand.

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What is a Social Proof App?

Social proof makes people think, compare, read on, and feel the pulse of the majority. It makes them check social media posts, especially if the story or photo is buzzing with many engagements. Having these engagements from people is a great opportunity every business owner wants to get. Most especially when introducing their brand to the world. Social proof is very significant in the online realms because it helps people validate or evaluate their choices. Hopefully, we are getting clear on the topic we are talking about here.

Okay, to make us more familiar with social proofing, let’s dig into the different social proofing types you probably want to know. Since social proof has a wide range of manifestations, actions, channels, and connections to other groups of people, it is easily generated on any online platform. To perform social proofing, you need to have your very own social media account or a site. It can be on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, or whatever social media site where you can establish networks. Going back, the types of social proofing that you must observe is popularity, consumer trust, an endorsement from experts, and proof of demand. 


Popularity or rage in the sense that people manage to decide on pushing through or buying through online shops because many people liked or commented on their page or posts. It sometimes enables people to trust your business site and eventually purchase your products and services.

Consumer trust

Consumer trust in the sense that people, through social proofing, discover that your product has good quality, worth the price, and attractive in many consumers’ eyes. The more you read good reviews, the more you will likely follow the business site and avail their products and services.


An endorsement is also a significant factor, especially if the person endorsing the product or service is a well-known personality. Many people tend to buy products and items when their favorite celebrities or experts do the endorsements. Since they are a fan, it would be more of an automatic situation of purchasing valuable items. Hence, the approval is an excellent idea of social proof for consumers and beneficial for business owners! 

Proof of demand

Proof of demand may be crucial unless your product or service is in demand. Businesses can promote their products more and get their consumers’ trust by showing how many people availed their offers and services, their experience with the products, and how happy they are in having such products.

Shopify social proof is essential not only for the consumers but for the business owners also. Social proof notifications enables both consumers and business owners to take a stand in trusted brands and businesses and manage the people’s demands and thoughts, respectively. The bits of information we’ve just unlocked are what comprise the whole essence of social proofing apps. Using social proof apps online builds trust, credibility, and sales that every business always wanted!

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Social Proof Apps that you Need to Know

There are different Shopify social proof app available in the market nowadays. In addition, almost any platform has numerous choices of social proof plugins available for various purposes. In Shopify, there are five of the most trending social proof plugins for 2021. Here is the list.

1. Nudgify

This plugin is made within the Shopify website itself. This means that no virtual setup is needed, and you can add this without leaving the Shopify website. It can show recent activities, such as sales, page visitors, new subscribers, and log-ins. Also, in Nudgify you can show to web visitors when the stocks are running low, when a promotional campaign is ending, and the requirement to qualify for free shipping deals. 


Fomo has the same features as Nudgify. It can show customer activities and website visitor behaviors. The only downside of this plugin is that you need to program the FOMO plugin before it can be used, unlike the Nudgify. Since the FOMO plugin is not built-in on Shopify, billing and account details management are more complicated. 

3. Provesource

Provesource is another external plugin available for the Shopify platform. It can combine with Facebook and Google reviews and send them as social proof on your Shopify page. With Provesource, you can choose from a wide range of customer review notifications and informational content. It also offers a wide range of customization settings for your social proof pop-ups.

4. Fera

Fera is a shopify social proof app powered by artificial intelligence. It is considered an all-purpose digital salesperson. Aside from the customer activities, Fera can also show countdown timers, promotional banners, and other offers. One of the best features of Fera is the ability to test the effectiveness of one notification content as compared to other notification contents. 

5. Bizzy Social Proof

Bizzy is considered one of the cheapest and simplest plugins to navigate to show your recent activities. Although it only has one type of notification available, Bizzy allows website owners to customize the content to match the website branding. 

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Benefits of Using Shopify Social Proof App

Social proof’s psychological effects on human beings has a massive benefit to marketers. Here are a few of the benefits of using Shopify social proof app.

1. Proof of legitimacy

The presence of social proof apps adds value to business legitimacy, its product, and service claims. The positive customer reviews and testimonials support the excellent claims of the products and services. 

2. Supports Customer Decision

People are always after confirmation of the majority. Showing them that others are also buying your product will create a feeling to follow others’ decisions. And after purchasing the product, they will feel the comfort of making the right decision.

3. Inform Website Visitors

Showing your promotions, deals, and announcements using social proof pop-ups will inform website visitors. There is a more likely chance that they will respond to your promotions and offers by informing them. 

4. Produce FOMO

Social proof pop-ups also produce FOMO. FOMO, or fear of missing out, is a psychological phenomenon where a person feels that others are experiencing a better life or situation and they are not. This is a powerful marketing technique to push customers to buy your products or services. People will take action immediately before they miss out on a good deal of experience.

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