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3 Best Shopify App Social Proof that Boost Sales

People are social butterflies, they are aware of each other's behavior, and some can't prevent themselves from copying people's actions and decisions. Besides that, social and psychological phenomena are influential when converted into Shopify marketing strategies. Here is the best Shopify App Social Proof that supports you to convert your store visitors into regular customers. They effectively convince your hesitant visitors to see your store in a positive light and eventually buy from your store.   

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The business world is emerging, and customers’ interests are also changing. Some of them love the concept of eCommerce, where products are available online, and they can conveniently select their choices in the comfort of their home. 

Nevertheless, no matter what business method is the trend, your main goal is to drive and convince your prospective customers. They must love your products and services – not only once, but you should aim to convert them as your leverage to build your credibility. However, even improving sales in eCommerce can be tricky without using marketing tools such as Shopify App Social Proof. 

Moreover, various eCommerce stores are available for business owners to start an online store to connect with people highly engrossed in shopping through online stores since it is accessible and hassle-free. One of the best and easiest eCommerce store builders is Shopify. It is accessible for beginners and small business owners since it doesn’t require prior and professional knowledge in building an online store. 

Keep on reading so you can discover more about Shopify and its advantages.   

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Advantages of Using Shopify for Online Store

There’s no doubt that Shopify is one of the best and in-demand eCommerce stores. It comes with a good reason, and it is because it offers advantages that make online selling ideal and boosts sales, leads, and conversions. Here are some of the advantages that business owners can enjoy if they choose Shopify:     

Easy and convenient setup

One of the significant reasons some business people lose their interest in starting an online store is that they encounter challenging setups. Undoubtedly, it is hard to start if they are already facing struggles. Fortunately, Shopify needs no technical skills to launch it. With that, even beginners can enjoy an easy and convenient setup to display their products quickly.

Visually appealing templates

People have a limited attention span. They won’t exert time and effort to find something interesting in a store. Instead, they will leave to visit their other online stores, and that’s the harsh truth of eCommerce. However, there’s no need to panic with Shopify because it has uniquely appealing and professional templates to motivate visitors to continue browsing your Shopify store.

Allows customization

Indeed, Shopify provides the power to develop their stores because it permits app integrations. With that, Shopify owners can quickly improve their store with additional customized functionalities and features

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Reliable and secured

Online business takes required customer information like name and address and other confidential data relevant to their purchase. With that, Shopify is trustworthy because it has regular maintenance and upgrades that make Shopify consistently reliable and secured. 

Fast loading speed

People can quickly get bored while waiting. With that, business owners have the lead and advantage with Shopify since it has an excellent loading speed and only needs a few seconds to load. Thus, store visitors will not think twice about visiting a Shopify store since it offers a fantastic online store shopping experience.          

Excellent customer support

There can be a concern at any time. That’s why Shopify’s customer support is available 24/7 via live chat, call, or email. It has an around-the-clock service to guarantee a flawlessly running Shopify store all the time. With that, Shopify is ideal since it doesn’t let any customer suffer from long-time inconvenience.   

Easy and reliable payment method    

Shopify permits its users to conveniently set up a payment gateway that allows different payment options. With that, buyers can have the liberty to choose what’s the best payment method that works for them. 

Shopify offers fantastic service for customers, from the fast loading of the store to the freedom to choose a reliable payment method that contributes to the overall shopping experience. 

However, running Shopify stores and offering incredibly low prices deals of products still does not ensure success and high revenue, especially when the store is new. With that, you need Shopify apps that can trigger your customers’ social behavior and convince them to trust you by just previous customers’ reviews and testimonials. 

Without further ado, let’s go straight to learn the social triggers that drive sales.        

Social Triggers that Drive Sales

People are social butterflies, they are aware of each other’s behavior, and some can’t prevent themselves from copying people’s actions and decisions. Besides that, social and psychological phenomena are influential when converted into Shopify marketing strategies. Thus, listed below are some of the proven triggers that Shopify store owners should apply to their marketing efforts:


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You can apply the reciprocity concept if you want to strongly motivate your prospective customers to buy products from your Shopify store. When you are starting and building your store, you must give to earn something. With this, you can give a free product in a purchase. However, this social trigger needs well-planned marketing since it requires investment to earn. 


There are various influencers nowadays that partner with Shopify stores, and they promote products. It is an impressive marketing strategy since influences have authority over people that idolize them. Therefore, if they endorse a Shopify product, there will surely be earned sales. 

However, using influencers in newly built Shopify stores might not be the best marketing solution because store owners must build their credibility and reputation without too many costs. They must keep improving to prove that they are worthy of endorsing if they already have partner influencers.     


Suppose that your Shopify store started to have customers and products with low stocks, don’t hurriedly restock. Instead, it would be best if you convert it to your advantage. 

You can display that to your Shopify store, and it will reflect that many people already have trusted your store. With that, when people visit your store and they see that you have in-demand products, they may wonder about it. So, they will be more convinced to buy them and also save themselves from experiencing fear of missing out.    


Every business owner like you must have prospects and targets. By that, you can conveniently relate and show Shopify products to them. It is helpful to make them feel that they need your products like any other people similar to them.   

Social Proof 

Social Proof is the most popular social trigger that influences people to copy others’ behavior. Also, it takes different forms such as testimonials and reviews and undoubtedly helps Shopify stores to earn customers’ trust and interest. So, continue reading to know why Social Proof matters in Shopify.     

Why Social Proof Matters in Shopify

Social Proof is a quick and effective marketing strategy to convince and motivate your store’s visitors to try out your products. In addition, you might have new visitors daily, and since they are new, it is not surprising that they are hesitant to buy from you. Nevertheless, since they are already in your store, you need to take advantage of Social Proof forms to pursue them. Social Proof works like saying that many people have already trusted and bought from you so, they should do it too.    

The 3 Best Shopify App Social Proof

Here is the best Shopify App Social Proof that supports you to convert your store visitors into regular customers. They effectively convince your hesitant visitors to see your store in a positive light and eventually buy from your store.     

1. SocialPop

SocialPop is one of the best Shopify App Social Proof that utilizes proven psychological triggers. It provides live Social Proof notifications that effectively skyrocket sales, increase credibility, and improves trust in Shopify stores since it displays honest reviews and testimonials from previous customers. 

Aside from that, SocialPop allows its users to integrate customized Social Proof notifications to make it appealing and match a Shopify store’s branding and design. Although SocialPop has an easy and hassle-free setup, it still proves that it cares for its users by providing help and tutorials that can guide them in integrating Social Proof into their stores.   

Moreover, SocialPop has 24 different Social Proof notifications and has different features like an informational bar, coupon bar, and many more. Besides that, the Social Proof app also produces insights about the impact of Social Proof notifications on a store’s growth. Therefore, Shopify store owners like you can know how to improve. 

More importantly, SocialPop offers different service plans so it can accommodate many users. It offers a Bronze service, a free service plan that is essential and helpful for newly started Shopify stores to keep their budget and use it for other expenses. Nevertheless, SocialPop’s other service plan is reliable in generating high revenue and leads.     


FOMO is a psychological phenomenon that means the “fear of missing out.” That’s why the Social Proof FOMO boosts sales with that strategy. FOMO provides Social Proof pop-ups that trigger panic to quickly convince customers to buy in-demand products to satisfy their desire to belong in social groups. 

Also, FOMO has appealing pop-ups that display product reviews so visitors can have a guide to help them evaluate products. One downside of FOMO Social Proof is it only offers a 14-day trial. After that, if a Shopify store owner likes the FOMO service, they need to pay for the services. Yet, there’s no loss with FOMO since its pop-ups are impressive and captivating.  

3. Nudgify

Nudgify is the best native Shopify app Social Proof that needs effortless integration like SocialPop. It provides Social Proof nudges such as customized messages, recent sales, live visitors count, and pop-ups. Also, it integrates the concepts of scarcity and urgency. 

Moreover, Nudgify also provides store customers helpful information like discounts and free delivery deals requirements to convince customers to buy. It is best for Shopify stores that need Social Proof support to build sales and trust. 

Boosts Your Business Sales with SocialPop

Partner with SocialPop to help your Shopify store boost its sales, conversions, and leads to create an advantage against your competitors. Win the hearts and interests of your store visitors through appealing and eye-catching Social Proof notifications.  

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