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Avoid These Mistakes When You Make A Proof Notification

Avoid these 4 Mistakes When You Make a Proof Notification

A proof notification is real-time data that is shown on various parts of your website to increase user engagement. Every proof notification aims to send the same message, which is: there are a lot of people buying this product, and this is why you should too.

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Social proof is everywhere, whether people know it or not. You can see it on the streets where people shop or where they go to dine. It’s also present in day-to-day conversation. It’s even available online, in online stores where people leave reviews or write testimonials. This is why it’s become an emerging trend in digital marketing, and one example of it is a proof notification.

A proof notification is real-time data that is shown on various parts of your website to increase user engagement. It’s collected from the feedback of past consumers: how they rated your product and how it fulfilled their needs. A proof notification’s content can vary from a variety of things, from product ratings to personal testimonials. But every proof notification aims to send the same message, which is: there are a lot of people buying this product, and this is why you should too.

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People tend to rely on what other people are doing when they are unsure about something. And at a time where most businesses operate online, you may find it hard to build trust among customers. This is where companies can take proof notifications to another level by leveraging them in their marketing efforts. But as with any marketing tactic, there’s a right way and wrong way to do it.

Content Found in Proof Notifications

Before we get into the don’t’s of a proof notification, first, let’s get into what you can put in it. There are different types of content that you can put in a proof notification. And these examples of social proof are used by businesses worldwide because of their efficiency.

One of them is your users’ reviews. The best way to get direct, intact and honest feedback is from the people who have used your product or those who are currently using it. User reactions are indeed one of the best social proofs. By posting these social proofs, people get to witness and be well made-aware of their current inquiries and questions readily available to them. These are unscripted and unbiased statements made by those people who were very much satisfied with your services and offerings. Added to one of the most trusted social proof is an expert’s testimony. These are for website visitors that are big-time skeptics. This form verifies the information that is doubted by any random visitor.

And one of the most sought after social proof is from a celebrity promoter. These are great influencers, followed by millions of people around the world. The products they endorse are supported and bought by people who idolize them. It is also a million-worth undertaking and marketing strategy that is used by most big company names like Versace or Coca-Cola, to name a few. 

Social proof does not only show your website’s current activity. It does notify your site’s visitors about your current promotions or your shops sought-to after products. With a proof notification, your visitors are encouraged to engage in whatever activity your site offers. 

Who Should Use Proof Notifications?

A proof notification may be a good marketing strategy, but its use can vary. Other businesses might not need proof notifications because they might have other plans in mind. It could also be because they may not have an online presence to utilize a proof notification in their marketing. The pros and cons of a proof notification aside, it’s not for everybody. But for the persons listed below, a proof notification is key to achieving outstanding business results.

e-Commerce business owners

For online business owners, a proof notification can help when sales don’t meet expectations. Using social proof tactics will help build trust and confidence in your store. It can also attest to the credibility of your products and services.

Online marketers

When old marketing methods don’t seem to work anymore, digital marketers can try using social proof instead. A proof notification can grab the attention of potential leads and generate more sales over the competition.

Digital marketing agencies

Clients that are struggling with their marketing efforts could use a boost with a proof notification. Digital marketing agencies can help incorporate social proof in their strategies to help companies improve their campaign performance.

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The Don’ts in Proof Notification

As a marketing strategy, using a proof notification has its upsides and downsides. If done right, a proof notification can attract the right amount of traffic to a brand. But if done wrong, this can drive potential customers away. See the list below for the common mistakes when making a proof notification.

1. Uploading testimonials without pictures

Personal testimonies offer more than just a user rating on your product or service. They’re an in-depth look into how your brand has affected the performance of a business and can compel prospects to do the same. But one harmful practice is posting testimonials without any headshots.

A testimonial without a photo can stand on its own, for sure. You can’t discredit a good testimony because of a lack of a picture. But from a visitor’s perspective, a testimony looks better when it stands with a human face, as it gives the notion that it is real. And human faces that show smiles or positive emotions have better feedback with consumers. In this way, the testimonials are friendly and inviting to prospects, which increases the chances for more sales.

Ideally, photo quality is also a factor. An inviting picture will do no good if it can’t be seen clearly by visitors.

2. Posting negative reviews

If you give the notion that lots of people buy your product, this might compel more people to buy it. But the same goes for the opposite: if lots of people do not recommend or have a bad experience with the product, potential customers might think the same. It would be best to scrutinize content when looking for the review to post on your website. While you might think it’s a good idea to publish both good and bad reviews, having negative ones will only hurt your image.

Moreover, studies on social proof also indicate that if you highlight a poor or a negative choice, people are more likely to follow suit. This is an example of how herd mentality can harm your business. Negative reviews will work against you if you do not respond to them appropriately

3. Focusing on discounts

Discounts are good. People like seeing those “X percent off!” posts as it presents an opportunity to nab a product at a lower price. But focusing too much on discounts may put customers off by your proof notification. A proof notification is meant to drive engagement by showing feedback from past customers. And having too many deals will make it seem like an ad rather than a proof notification.

Instead of focusing on deals and discounts, a better alternative is to focus on putting up a proof notification that tells how your product or service has benefited past clients. When you highlight the ways you’ve helped, you make use of social proof in the minds of your target market.

4. Displaying low user engagement

A single review or testimonial won’t make waves for potential customers. While social proof works when you have a lot of feedback, the same doesn’t apply to the opposite. In fact, it might push customers away. You may need to rack up more reviews if you want to utilize a proof notification in your campaign plans. And good reviews, at that. The more positive feedback you have, the higher chances for conversion.

Another rule of thumb to follow: no social proof is better than weak social proof. Many people fail to recognize this particular piece of advice. If you don’t have good user reviews or testimonials, it may be better to wait things out. Having the wrong proof notification can easily backfire on your brand and hurt more sales than you would probably expect. What you can do in the meantime is work on improving your products or services to get good reviews. Another solution is to reach out to influential personalities like experts or influencers that can promote your brand to a broader audience.

To add, you can also encourage your current user base to contribute to the brand. You can do this by asking satisfied customers to post or make content about your products online.

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