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Top 6 Proof Alternative to Increase Business Website Growth

Proof has been part of the most innovative and most effective methods lists. Most marketers include it in their marketing efforts. Also, Proof has been a reliable social proof software. It yields positive results, such as boost sales and conversion in a business website. However, because every business website is competitive and wants to stand out, this popular option does not fit their marketing plan. Thus, it leads to looking for Proof alternative that might help them increase their leads and conversions.

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There are brand-boosting software solutions used to build positive and trust in customers in today’s modern business. Proof, also known as UseProof, is part of the top list of high-performing social proof software. It supports every business website to attract more customers. However, Proof is not the best choice for other marketers. That’s why many searches for a Proof alternative. 

Many other social proof software solutions give similar services like Proof. That’s why there can be many possible Proof alternative to choose from for the website. Still, first, you need to find the relevant information about Proof. It would be best if you also discovered the core reason why some look for a Proof alternative. This blog aims to guide you in selecting the best and worthy Proof alternative to work on your website successfully.  

Keep on reading to know about Proof and its features. 

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Proof: A Powerful Software to Optimize Site Visitors Engagement  

Proof software is defined as a Social Proof solution. Marketers commonly use it to multiply their sales and revenue on their business websites. The said software consists of notifications about Recent Activity. It monitors the number of people engaged in your site activities in real-time. Things like sign-ups, making a purchase, browsing your website), Hot Streaks and Live Visitor Count are observed. The proof software also assimilates itself with WordPress, Shopify, Zapier, ActiveCampaign, and many more, so that the website can reach many people.

Sales and marketing persons use similar digital marketing techniques. Proof has been part of the most innovative and most effective methods lists. Most marketers include it in their marketing efforts. Also, Proof has been a reliable social proof software. It yields positive results, such as boost sales and conversion in a business website. However, because every business website is competitive and wants to stand out, this popular option does not fit their marketing plan

Moreover, Proof might be a successful social proof software for some. Still, it does not guarantee favorable results on other marketers, especially that the software doesn’t come with a low price. The overall feature and software of Proof are impressive. But it might be hard to start working because it offers a higher price service fee. Thus, it leads to looking for Proof alternative that might help them increase their leads and conversions.  

Boosting the trust and confidence of people in your brand might be achieved through social proof software. However, Site visitors will not do much for your business. You will need an active site visitor that will engage in your site activities. When that happens, for sure, your conversions will increase. And it will help your company to quickly achieve your goals and objectives. So, how can you convert them into action-taking consumers without using Proof? Good thing, there are some Proof alternatives out there that might work for your enterprise. 

That is why, through this blog, we are going to go over some beneficial Proof alternatives that might help your enterprise and brand to establish a high competitor lead.

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The Effective Proof Alternative Options  

Undeniably, social proof software solutions are an effective business influencer. It convinces a customer to trust a product based on its reviews. You can gain excellent benefits by using a proof solution that displays favorable product reviews and testimonials. Here are the top and leading Proof alternatives you can use for your business website. 

1. SocialPop

Top on this Proof alternative list is SocialPop. SocialPop provides social proof notifications with proven psychological triggers that influence customers to buy a product. You can build a better website image with SocialPop. Also, they have a various service plan that fits for all different business websites. SocialPop guarantees that your social proof notifications will match your brand, displaying it more personally on the website to get extra attention and interest from customers. 

 Moreover, SocialPop can help your business to obtain a stronger online presence and image. It can also get you more interaction with your potential consumers and more revenues from your digital enterprise.


The FOMO software tool is easier to remember because the tool was based on the psychological phenomena, FOMO, which means “fear of missing out.” It is one of the leading social proof automation tools used by digital marketers. It has the fascinating effect of convincing customers to buy products to avoid feeling the awful feeling of being left out. 

Also, through using this social proof software, you can create and change data with their provided template rules. It can also optimize traffic and sales for your business website. You can localize FOMO software by engaging site visitors from a particular location with prioritized content based on their area language. However, together with Proof, FOMO has a high price for its customized notification design and animation. Overall, FOMO is a great social proof tool to grab website visitor’s attention. 

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3. ProveSource

ProveSource is one of the many social proof marketing solutions that small and big companies choose to use. It assimilates various content in your business website so that conversion rate and user trust increase. Those contents involved recent customer activities, such as recent purchases, customer behavior on the site, and product reviews. It also is a good Proof alternative if we consider its work in a positive brand image. 

Moreover, ProveSource has an in-built dashboard. The dashboard lets you choose and control which notifications you want your site visitors to see. You can also regulate the display time of your notifications and how fast they are to be shown or if you wish to delay them. Also, you launch different notifications simultaneously, depending on your needs using the tool. 

This marketing solution allows you to display the number of your site visitors and their engagement to your website. One of the good things about ProveSource is that you can access it through your mobile website and mobile apps.

4. Proof Factor

One of the marketing integrated tools that helps many enterprises maximize their sales and revenue is the Proof Factor. Just like FOMO software, it uses social proof automation. It also uses gamified pop-ups to enable businesses to skyrocket conversions. Proof Factor comes with a live visitor count, recent activity features, interactive games, and exit intent triggers. These excellent features of this social Proof automation software upsurge the number of email sign-ups of enterprises. 

Additionally, Proof Factor has gamified pop-ups and exit intent triggers. Its gamified pop-ups play a significant role in building relationships with site consumers. At the same time, the exit-intent triggers display pop-ups when the software senses that a site visitor is ready to leave. Its interactive games also help in increasing conversion rates by offering discount coupons as winnings. Just like FOMO, it seamlessly merged with various websites like WordPress, Shopify, and many more.

5. Nudgify

Real-time nudges to website visitors are one of the special and unique features of Nudgify. This tool is a social proof software tool that automates nudges. The nudges display helps businesses reach and tap on many website visitors. It is one of the effective methods and a Proof alternative that allows a business to convert a mere visitor to a consumer. Nudges are way different from notifications used by much social proof software. It includes live data that shows who your visitors are online, your recent sales, and even the best-selling product. 

Moreover, Nudgify also pushes live updates, users’ reviews, and ratings. You can also use it to emphasize the most popular product on your business website. These exciting features might allow you to increase your conversion rates and leads. Nudgify also has urgency nudges that use the FOMO psychology to attract more consumers. You can also add accessible delivery nudges and custom nudges, all depending on your preferences. 

6. TrustPulse

One of the best social proof tools is TrustPulse. It is a reputable Proof alternative worth considering. Within a short time, it can let you create, publish and show social proof notifications. You do not need coding or IT experience to navigate your way around TrustPulse. All you need is essential tech knowledge, and you are good to go. 

TrustPulse is one of those social proof automation tools that leverage FOMO psychology. Its notifications can include sign-ups, live sales, and user reviews. As this Proof alternative functions in the concept of FOMO, users have a high possibility to take action with regards to the general notifications that they see.

If you want your business to flourish, you need your customers to establish trust in your brands. To do that, you need positive engagement so you can show it to your website visitors. TrustPulse can help you achieve that goal. 

SocialPop is Your Ultimate Proof Alternative Solution!

There is a list of various Proof alternatives. SocialPop is one of the credible social proof software. It can help your business increase leads and conversion rates. You can choose from 20 different notifications and widgets that are proven effective and engaging. Also, SocialPop lets you seamlessly merge your customized notifications with other well-established websites like WordPress and Shopify. 

Moreover, SocialPop specializes in helping enterprises. It boosts their sales and revenue by increasing leads. Our stress-free widgets and notifications can achieve that. 

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