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6 Best Free Social Proof Plugin WordPress in 2021

Indeed, an online website plays a significant role in business success. Yet, it requires a comprehensive marketing strategy to convince your site visitors to trust you. With that in mind, you need to add eCommerce solutions to your site. One of the best solutions for that is the free Social Proof plugin WordPress. 

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Undeniably, when you create your business website, you give your potential customers access to connect with you more. But you need to integrate marketing strategies with your website to increase your leads and sales. There’s more you can gain if you can capture your website visitor’s interest. They can be your loyal customers, which helps to establish a strong business and brand. The effectiveness of a business site is impressive, right?

Indeed, an online website plays a significant role in business success. Yet, it requires a comprehensive marketing strategy to convince your site visitors to trust you. With that in mind, you need to add eCommerce solutions to your site. One of the best solutions for that is the free Social Proof plugin WordPress. 

When you use the Social Proof plugin, you can display Social Proof notifications that display an honest and genuine pop-up that steals attention and starts urgency effectively to push your prospective customer to purchase your in-demand products. Therefore, it is essential to discover more about the power of Social Proof, especially for new business people.

Keep on reading to discover the incredible advantages of Social Proof.

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Social Proof and Its Different Forms

Your new website visitors view your site as an uncertain online environment where they are clueless about information. They know little details about your business. Thus, they have no idea whether your products are worth it for their time and money. Therefore, to convince them that your product is the best, you must display Social Proof on your business site. 

Social Proof also acts as a lead and guide for uncertain customers, leading to copying behavior and decisions. It is a psychological phenomenon that has a significant effect on business. Yet, it comes in different forms that most marketers are not aware of. Thus, here are the most common Social Proof forms that create a difference in customer’s decisions:

  • Conformity – this is a form of social proof that shows the willingness of people to follow others’ behavior and decision. It might happen to people following social influencers or celebrities. 
  • Normative Social Influence – it is conscious conformity, where an individual is aware of people she wants to follow. She accepts the influence because she is seeking social approval and acceptance.  
  • Social Influence – contrary to normative social influence, social influence is the unconscious or unaware following of an individual to majority decisions and beliefs.
  • Compliance – this is the result of people imitating a social proof result yet, still maintaining their differences from others.

Importance of Social Proof Plugin

Social Proof plugin is necessary to integrate Social Proof in a business website. It allows every business person to take advantage of Social Proof validation to influence their potential customers to patronize their business. Also, the Social Proof plugin provides visible customer reviews that came from hidden or invisible reviews and testimonials. In that way, it empowers customers to give genuine and honest reviews.

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Moreover, Social Proof plugins enable business people to have the advantage of Social Proof marketing. It helps to campaign different products and services to prospective customers. It stands out using honest and authentic reviews and testimonials—an excellent way to stand out against competitors.

With the significant impact of Social Proof in business, it is better to start a business website with Social Proof. If you are going to look for Social Proof plugins, it is better to try the free Social Proof plugins options. Continue reading to discover the great list of the free best Social Proof plugins for WordPress. 

The Best Free Social Proof Plugin WordPress Options

There are more than hundreds of available Social Proof plugin for WordPress. But it demands too much time and effort to get to know all the options. So, to help you find the best and free WordPress plugin Social Proof, we’ll share with you the list of reliable plugins. All options are worth it to try because they offer and start with a free plan service.

1. SocialPop

SocialPop is a unique social proof marketing platform that integrates live Social Proof notifications. It creates proven and urgent displays designed perfectly for business industries. Also, it offers live and honest psychological Social Proof notification triggers that are available in 24 unique types. They are helpful because of their proven designs to increase business credibility, sales, and customer trust. 

Besides that, SocialPop has different plans, making it an ideal choice, especially with new business site owners who want to try building Social Proof for their online website. Thus, you can start with its Bronze, a free account that gives a decent result of generated leads and conversions.

SocialPop needs an effortless method to integrate it with any WordPress website, so take a try with it and grow your business. Thus, you can avail of its Platinum plan that gives the most fantastic service, including customization of the Social Proof notifications. So, it can match your website and branding to create a significant image and impression to your prospective customers.

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If you’re genuinely new to Social Proof plugins, SocialPop provides help and tutorials to help their customers learn the basic plugins setup. 

2. VisitorsProof

If you pay great attention to your website activity, you can never go wrong with VisitorsProof. It offers a display of website activity to your website visitors to prove that there are many people interested in your business.

VisitorsProof also has an easy integration being a one-click Social Proof plugin. So, in no time, you can add attractive social sharing widgets to your site. Plus, it also allows you to display your brand new products. Thus, you can market them well with your customers since they are in your website’s spotlight. 

The VisitorsProof plugin is one of the new plugins. However, it captures attention because it is a free Social Proof Plugin WordPress. It is well-suited for business people who prioritize having a built-in reporting dashboard. It shows details of how effective Social Proof notifications are on their website. In addition, VisitorsProof has reliable customer support that guides its clients to the best problem solutions.

3. ProveSource

When you talk about well-known free Social Proof Plugin WordPress, ProveSource will always be on the list. It is popular in the Social Proof market since it is connected with numerous third-party apps, which allows the user to display plenty of different website activity customized notifications.

Also, third-party apps are helpful if you want to present your reviews on other social media platforms where people always browse. Since many people are drawn to social media, it is one of the biggest platforms to reach many prospective customers.

Another edge of ProveSource is its comprehensive settings that permit its users to create unique content and targeting to have precise results. Therefore, you can always present the best and convincing displays to customers. You can start with its Free pricing plan. However, if you want the best powerful notifications, the ProveSource Monster plan is for your retail websites.

4. NextSale

The following free Social Proof Plugin WordPress highlights lively plugin features and functions; it is NextSale.

When it comes to multiple pop-ups, you’ll love to try NextSale. It has impressive ranges from promotional pop-up boxes to exit pop-ups notifications. Also, NextSale has widgets that can help their users to promote, announce, and even collect emails, solely depending on the user’s need for their industry. But it is a well-suited Social Proof solution for agencies because it allows them to collect emails from clients.

Deadlines have an interesting effect on people. One best effect for business is its power to create urgency. So, the NextSale’s top bar will convince your website visitors to decide faster on purchasing your products based on the time limit. Besides that, it also has triggering message pop-ups helpful to stop your visitors from leaving your site. You can also integrate personalized sounds and animations plus an unlimited number of unique campaigns.

Although NextSale is relatively new to other Social Proof plugins, it proves that it can match with incredible service. However, one negative point with NextSale is you cannot permanently avail of its free plan since it has limits. If you reach it, you need to upgrade your plan. Therefore, please make the most of it while you’re trying it for free.

5. Proof Factor

Proof Factor specializes in email capture pop-ups. A free Social Proof Plugin WordPress allows you to convince customers to stay on your site longer. It is made possible by the triggered pop-ups that display a spin wheel to a visitor that tries to leave on your website. The strategy is popularly known as the gamification marketing strategy. With that, your prospective customers will reconsider your products that help to increase your sales.

It is better not to have high hopes with Proof Factor if you like styles and customizations because it lacks personalized integrations and styling. The main selling point for Proof Factor is its free plan and exit-intent widget. So, if you notice that your website visitors have only given little time to your website, you can use the Proof Factor plugin to solve that dilemma.

6. NotificationX

The last free Social Proof Plugin WordPress is one of the friendliest plugins, NotificationX. It is a free WordPress Social Proof solution that enables FOMO. Likewise, with SocialPop, also requires an easy basic setup. It is helpful for beginners who have lesser ideas about Social Proof plugins.

NotificationX has impressive notification alerts that develop customers’ trust. For website conversions, you can increase it by using Social Proof notifications like website sales, product reviews, and comments. That gives an opportunity also to grow your website’s traffic.  

Moreover, it also highlights an excellent notification bar to present special discount offers that gather more attention than usual. The Social Proof plugin also permits you to integrate additional countdown timers. That creates trigger displays to activate your customer’s sense of urgency. 

Although the plugin is helpful for any business website, NotificationX has a distinct feature that makes it an excellent Social Proof solution for online bloggers. Since blog post comments are essential to determine the quality of blogs, NotificationX triggered comment notifications are helpful for bloggers to have more online readers.  

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SocialPop will help you reach your business goals using Social Proof notifications. It will help you keep your business growing using customers’ trust. Also, with its live and proven psychological services, you can swiftly increase your business credibility. If you want these services – SocialPop is the perfect free Social Proof plugin WordPress for you!

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