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5 FOMO Social Proof Marketing Style to Increase Sales

The FOMO social proof marketing is a powerful marketing technique that is advantageous to businesses. It involves attraction that any businessman needs to be able to stand out against the competitors. SocialPop specializes in helping businesses by promoting FOMO on e-commerce sites like WordPress to boost sales.

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Social proof is the evidence of the legitimacy and effectiveness of your company. It is derived from your customers themselves. It is a flow of information from your existing buyers that will be delivered to potential buyers to attract them to buy your products. The individual concepts of FOMO, social proof, and digital marketing gave birth to FOMO Social Proof Marketing.

Think of one of your online purchases; after looking for the products, which section is usually your next stop. Reviews, right? Reviews are the most common social proof that most online shoppers have encountered. We might think that reviews are only part of the online platform. We usually do not see reviews as an advertising technique, but they do the same purpose as marketing efforts. The reviews are intentionally located right beside or below the product for visitors to notice it instantly. Good reviews have an immediate effect on trusting the brand. Reviews that match the claims support the legitimacy of the brand and the product features.

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The Psychological bases of FOMO Social Proof Marketing

The business leverage effect brought by FOMO is genuinely outstanding. Thus, it significantly changes if FOMO is learned on how it can be used as FOMO social proof marketing. Here are the four psychological bases of FOMO social proof marketing. The four bases support the reason why FOMO is a powerful marketing technique for any business.

The Power of FOMO in Social Media

FOMO, or fear of missing out, is technically defined as the omnipresent anxiety or feeling that others might be experiencing a better experience while the one is lacking. It happens every day and to anybody. FOMO is a fear that other people are enjoying themselves without you. FOMO is most contemporary in the younger generations, aged 18-30.

The significant presence and influence of FOMO social proof marketing are observable in social media. Mostly, the younger generations are active users of these online platforms, and they experience FOMO more frequently than other generations. It is why people within the 18-30 years old, based on demographics, are purchasing more regularly than different generations. Because of the psychological effect of FOMO, it becomes a strong foundation of FOMO social proof marketing. This marketing technique, when correctly done, will result in increased sales and higher social conversion.

In short, the more there are good reviews of products or services, the greater the feeling of FOMO to the potential buyers. According to a study, 60% of Millennials are purchasing due to FOMO. The untimely purchase usually happens within 24 hours after experiencing the feeling and effect of FOMO. The good thing about FOMO is it is effective in all types of businesses. Thus, whatever you are selling, try using FOMO social proof marketing, and you can see how it will boost your sales.

An excellent tactic to stimulate FOMO is to display your social proof using pop-up notifications. In that way, it will quickly catch website visitors’ attention and increase the likelihood of successful purchases. There are several FOMO techniques that you can use to boost sales. To learn more, see this article after reading this one – All You Need to Know About What Is FOMO.


People are always after the transparency of the businesses. The more transparent the industry, the more the public will trust and rely on the company. With the amount of access to information people have, it is effortless to verify and search about the company. Social Proof is one of the flexible ways to increase transparency and boost a company’s legitimacy.

Moreover, offering some social proof on your website and allowing them to verify it in different third-party sources will lead to increased consumer and public trust. When the public trust is high, there is a more likely chance for people to patronize your products and services. These customers will become your social proof content source and will eventually produce FOMO social proof marketing results to the potential market.

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The Feeling of Belongingness

People are always aiming for approval and belongingness in society. People’s action to gain acceptance in society, or even on social platforms, is justifiable in the concept of the need for belongingness of people. The need to belong is also one of the most relevant and significant intrinsic motivators for human beings. We can’t deny that we yearn to be socially accepted as human beings to boost our confidence. We always desire to be part of the group we wish.

On the other hand, the concept of the need for belongingness still applies to people as consumers. Although there is no physical group for those who shop similarly, there is still the silent but impactful effect of belonging. The sense of belongingness is related to the product purchased; the idea is to be on the side of the majority’s choice.

When the brand and products are popularly known and many people (famous or not) purchase them, the brand will lead on sales because people relate the acceptance by just having the exact brand or product purchase with a big group of people. Sometimes, brands’ amounts of interest are not based on their quality but are directly from people’s attention. An excellent reputation attracts attention and interest.

Implicit Egotism

People do love themselves. The behavior is relevant in the concept of implicit egotism. In implicit egotism, we naturally settle to the people and objects that relate to us. With implicit power in behavior, it is considered as one of the successful social proof. Also, concerning marketing, people will most likely believe in the customers’ testimonials to whom they relate themselves. Thus, it is evident that in implicit egotism, the customers weigh more value to the customer who is similar to them.

Hence, it is an ideal marketing move to display as much information to your business website. As much as possible, it is perfect and more effective to include the names of customers along with their testimonials and reviews. In FOMO social proof marketing, it is easier to convince the audience. With the high demand for products coming from the person they look up to, the audience is convinced they need to purchase a product despite anything.

FOMO Social Proof Marketing Style – A Sale Booster

When people hear the word “fear,” the word already connotes unpleasant feelings and scenarios, but not all fears are negative.  There are times that fear is helpful to people. For business people, fear is beneficial to improve their revenues; business people highly take the concept of FOMO or fear of missing out advantage.

The FOMO social proof marketing helps business people gather the attention of the audience. Here are the techniques you can apply to improve your business sales through the FOMO marketing style.

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1. Create a time limit 

When you create a time limit in your business websites, it critically affects the audience. Ever since childhood, time limit sets pressure on all. This technique stands victorious as the customers will have limited time to think about their purchasing decisions. They can easily commit to impulsive purchases. Moreover, the time limit should be absolute and irrevocable to be effective. There is a high chance of gaining a ruined reputation if you create a time limit and keep on extending it. Also, your customers will not feel the pressure to buy your product if they can still have the chance to buy if the limited-time deal is available after a few hours or a day. 

2. Upgrade FOMO Marketing with Social Proof

Social proof plays a significant role in FOMO marketing. It can trigger FOMO effects on consumers. The social proof is ideal for placing at the end of the purchase funnel when the audience decides to purchase. Sometimes, what convinced the customers to buy the products are the social proofs displayed on the end purchase funnel. Thus, customers are more likely to view products positively if they can read positive reviews on the business website.  

3. Feature missed opportunities

There is a direct effect when the audience sees the highlighted missed opportunities. When they discover that they have missed a great deal, they will become anxious. Then, they will set on their mind that they will not let the opportunity slip next time. The anxiousness is brought by FOMO, which is also responsible for the quick purchasing of anxious customers. Features featuring the loss of great deals push the customers to be more interested and loyal to products.

4. Enhance the FOMO marketing message

The technique to enhance your FOMO message is to rely on nothing but the urgency of your customers. It makes a difference if you consistently message convincing deals to your customers. Moreover, when using this technique, you should create a message that substantially affects the audience. It is a technique to make them buy your products before they lose them out because time is running out.

5. Use FOMO on Business Media Channels

To easily stand out against competitors, a business needs different media channels like social media. There is a higher chance to reach all the target customers if there are multiple media channels. FOMO helps gain the commitment of customers because it is waking up the anxiousness within the audience. The result of the increase of customers is a revenue improvement.

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The FOMO social proof marketing is a powerful marketing technique that is advantageous to businesses. It involves attraction that any businessman needs to be able to stand out against the competitors. Moreover, it is not a secret that SocialPop specializes in helping businesses by promoting FOMO on e-commerce sites like WordPress to boost sales.

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