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4 Reasons Why Fake Social Proof WordPress Is Not Effective

Fake social proof is simply the fabricated social proof that marketers incorporate in their websites to attract customers. Although it might give you satisfactory results, using fake social proof is too risky. When people notice that you are using fake social proof, they will no longer trust your products and brand as a whole. For that reason, there’s nothing better than widening your connections organically.

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Everybody wants to be successful in business and achieve corporate goals; companies are adapting product development and marketing techniques. According to research, people tend to believe more what the public has to say as compared to the product claims written in advertisements. This phenomenon is called the social proof effect. It is easy for large and successful companies to gather social proof because they have a wide range of customers. However, it is hard for businesses to start up because they do not have any customers at first. This, in turn, drives smaller firms to use fake social proof WordPress websites. Yes, you read it right, “fake social proof.” And yes, it really exists, and others are using it. But the question is, is it really useful, or is there any consequence of fabricating your social proof?

There are tons of fake social proof apps you can use to fabricate inexistent social proof. But before considering one, you must get down to the nitty-gritty of fake social proof. Here you will learn whether the use of fake social proof is worth the investment or not.

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What is Fake Social Proof?

It takes money to create more money. And it is true not just for money. It also applies to influencing others and gaining customers. Businesses with more customers are more likely to get more and more customers because of the social proof effect. Social proof is a psychological effect to a person of wanting to make the same choice as the majority of the people around them. Come to think of it, in buying a product, which will you most likely purchase, the one with numerous reviews and testimonials from different persons or the one without any reviews? You will most probably choose the one with more good reviews over the other. This is the reason why businesses are faking their social proof in an attempt to boost sales and gain real customers.

Fake social proof is simply the fabricated social proof that marketers incorporate in their websites to attract customers. Fake social proof is not just paying advertisers and influencers to use the product and promote it online. It includes the use of different software and applications. The software applications create fake followers, interactions, and reviews to make your brand appear more legitimate. Although this trick is unethical, it is prevalent across industries because it is believed to boost sales.

Ways to create fake social proof in WordPress

Together with the increase in popularity of e-commerce, different ways of marketing products and brands on a digital setup were also invented. And because of tight competition across industries, businesses are risking their marketing strategies. This, in turn, gave birth to the use of fake social proof as a marketing technique. Fake social proof can help you, but it can also destroy you.  Here are some fake social proof in WordPress used by brands to boost their sales.

Imaginary Influencers

Because social media personalities are the most effective influencers nowadays, you can pay them to advertise your products. But if their followers noticed that your product and company’s campaign message does not match the influencer’s personality, it will result in bad promotion. Not only that, you will risk your brand’s name, but also the influencer’s reputation.

Fake Social Media Followers

Numbers can also be used as satisfactory social proof. In the digital setup, the quantifiable features are the number of likes, comments, and followers on your accounts. You can use “Like Farming” and “Fake followers’ generators.” Although these techniques will blow up your social media and website statistics, this will become a starting point of suspicions from real website audiences because of the sudden increase in numbers.    

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Fake Reviews and Product ratings

In creating your website, you can create fake reviews and product ratings because you have the ultimate control of the content to publish. However, your website visitors can still validate whether these are real people or just make-up content for the website, mostly if these reviews and testimonials are not supported with real people’s identity.

Fake Sales Notification and Fake Website Activity

Another social proof that marketers can fabricate is the pop-ups that show sales notifications and website activities. The downside of this technique is that the website audience can verify the number of sales and interactions using the internet.

Should You Use Fake Social Proof in WordPress?

Fake social proof in WordPress, when seamlessly done, can effectively boost sales and gain more loyal customers. It is somewhat helpful for starting up businesses because they don’t have a vast customer base to gather social proof at first. If the fake social proof is adequately fabricated, it will have the same effect as real social proof. It will boost sales, increase conversion rate and widen your valuable leads. However, if your website visitors noticed that you are using fake social proof, you will probably lose public trust and customer confidence. Here are some reasons why you should not use fake social proof wordpress.

1. Your customers can easily spot fake social proof

Don’t underestimate your audience’s intelligence and detective skills. They can quickly notice your fake social proof in just a snap. Because of the ease of access of the people to information using the internet, it will be easy to validate your social proof claims from different social sites. In addition, if the website visitors are aware that you are starting up a business, putting up too much fake social proof will lead to increased suspicion on the part of your target market. Instead of boosting sales, you will end up losing potential customers because of your unethical marketing techniques.

2. The risk does not equate to the possible rewards

Although it might give you satisfactory results, using fake social proof is too risky. When people notice that you are using fake social proof, they will no longer trust your products and brand as a whole. No matter how good your products are, when you ruin people’s trusts, you will most probably have a hard time building their confidence in your company or, worse, never gain their trusts back. 

3. It is unethical and it will cost you a lot.

It is clear that making false advertisements is very unethical. Moreover, it is also illegal. The use of fake social proof can cause serious legal repercussions. And when your company violates legal regulations, you will be subjected by authorities to pay fines and penalties. For small businesses, a small violation might end up in business closure because of the considerable amount of penalties incorporated in it.

4. The use of fake social proof is unnecessary

Starting up a business is hard, especially if you do not have a wide connection. But the hardship of creating an organic customer base is very rewarding for the company. Although it will take time and patience, having organic social proof is obviously better than fake social proof. If your product and services are of good quality, you do not need to worry about social proof because your reach will grow on its own. You can also choose other effective marketing techniques that are equally effective as social proof that is ethical and legal.

Instead of boosting sales, it might end up to lost sales, eventual bankruptcy, and worst of all it could result in business closure. It is imperative to keep the integrity, especially if you are a business dealing with many people.

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Boost Sales Organically with Real Social Proof

There’s nothing better than widening your connections organically. Making real people follow your social media accounts and enroll on your mail subscription will more likely give you higher sales and active interactions. Unlike using follower boosts and like farming, the numbers will only convey a positive image on social media, but it will not add to your company’s income. Moreover, the risk of using fake social proof is very problematic. A little increase in number is not worthy of your customer’s confidence and company’s reputation. Although it will be harder and will take time, it is for sure worth it.

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