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Evidence Alternative: 8 Best Options for Business Websites

Evidence is one of the excellent social proof plugins used in business websites. It efficiently helps with its features that convince customers to see any business product in a better light. It is beneficial by providing services that build trust, create urgency, and increase conversions by customized notifications. So, why do you need to find an Evidence alternative to use? Keep reading to know why.

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Evidence is one of the excellent social proof plugins used in business websites. It efficiently helps with its features that convince customers to see any business product in a better light. Social proof notifications come as trustworthy proof to customers that they can rely on assessing a specific product. Hence, trusting more of businesses that are utilizing social proof plugins.

Moreover, Evidence is a brand-boosting social proof plugin that ideally helps positively sell your brand and product to customers. It is beneficial by providing services that build trust, create urgency, and increase conversions by customized notifications. So, why do you need to find an Evidence alternative to use? Keep reading to know why.

evidence alternatives

The Downside of Evidence

Evidence has distinctive features that make it different from other social proof plugins. Although it should stand out because it has a unique design and special features, it did not work great for some users. Since every user has uniquely different needs and preferences, it is understandable that not all will need Evidence.

If you are finding a social proof plugin with a budget, you might think twice with Evidence. It doesn’t come at a low price. Its basic plan called Starter is $40/month, while its most expensive service comes with $250/month. Therefore, it is best-suited for big businesses that invest more into their plugins. Nevertheless, Evidence provides its complete user control with the notifications’ design and specifications. Besides that, the plugin offers attention-grabbing features like its “Boomerang Tab.” However, it is hard to find proof of how effective the Evidence’s distinctive features are.

That’s why we created the best Evidence alternative list that gives exceptional services like Evidence.

Let’s start.

The Best Evidence Alternative Options

There are vast social proof plugin options built with a unique feature for different types of users. However, it is overwhelming to evaluate all the available choices. Hence, to avoid confusion, here are the best social proof plugins that give similar outstanding services like Evidence.

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1. SocialPop

Starting off the list of best Evidence alternatives is an effective ultimate easy setup proof solution, SocialPop. You won’t have to worry about SocialPop because it has different service plans to offer you. Luckily, there’s no need to compromise with excellent results with this social proof plugin. Although SocialPop offers affordable service, you can still expect its fantastic results since it comes with proven psychological triggers.  

Also, SocialPop comes with live social proof that effectively helps increase your customers’ trust in your business by supporting you to develop your credibility. Its main goal is to help businesses achieve boost sales, conversions, and leads. Therefore, you will meet a fulfilling result with your marketing efforts. 

Indeed, you can highly trust SocialPop as the leading social proof platform with outstanding features that benefits your business. You can have your live social proof campaign within 5 minutes, making customers feel the urgency to buy your highly rated products. It also features the highest converting product social proof notifications with 24 types to choose from! Plus, you can have it customized, so it matches your business website style and design.

The SocialPop will present social proof notifications that give your website visitors their needed social validation. It also has a FOMO (fear of missing out) effect that converts as customers and business leads. Overall, you will find SocialPop a satisfying and effective online marketing spend efficiently showing your visitors how popular and needed your product is.

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2. ProveSource

What makes ProveSource an ideal Evidence alternative is that it is one popular social proof plugin with third-party apps integrations. ProveSource specializes in displaying the business plugin’s best reviews on different online social platforms, including Google, Capterra, and Facebook. Thus, you can present hundreds of your customer activities with your social proof notifications. 

Besides that, the social proof plugin also offers notification customization, and it is also adjustable. It also comes with 20 different localization and comprehensive settings that allow specific content to present to your target audience. Therefore, you have the power to hide anonymous and some of your non helpful product reviews. It is an excellent choice for users of retail websites.  

3. NotificationX

Another wise Evidence alternative is a user-friendly social proof plugin, NotificationX. It is built with versatile features and specialized in WordPress. If you choose this option, you can plug this in a zipped Installation File so you can have its service access. You can rely upon this plugin when it comes to supporting, maintenance service, and impressive notification value for high-traffic websites.

One NotificationX disadvantage that might make you think twice about is it doesn’t feature a wide range of messages. Although it is better to know what to expect with the option, right? Well, if you are a blogger, you will still find NotificationX an excellent choice. You will like it because it displays triggered notifications when someone leaves a comment in your blog posts. Therefore, this plugin is best-suited for bloggers who want to increase their readers and improve engagement to attract other visitors into loyal readers.


FOMO integrates the psychological phenomenon “fear of missing out.” It is a well-known user-friendly, comprehensive social proof plugin. Contrary to NotificationX, FOMO isn’t specially built for WordPress. However, it has advanced features and highly rated customer support to help you market your business to your website visitors.

Aside from that, FOMO comes with a wide range of customization features. Plus, it also highlights a vast number of built-in integrations. So, you can have adaptable notifications that are well-suited for your business website design. It is also designed to give you display website show activities. FOMO always maintains its credibility. It is a solid advocate of honest and ethical social proof. That means that small businesses can’t use this plugin to create fake social proof when building their brand.

Moreover, FOMO is one of the best social proof plugins well-suited for agencies. It is an effective social proof solution for agencies. Also, it helps them create complete client accounts. Hence, FOMO is an excellent advantage for agencies to do their work efficiently.

5. Notifia

Next on the list is a social proof plugin that advertises using flexible notifications; it is Notifia. You can start with its Growth Plan. However, if you want to obtain unlimited visitors and impressions, you can choose its Unlimited Plan with all its available widgets for $49/month. Both of the plans have social proof messaging.

In addition, Notifia comes with unique, elegant features. It has a built-in referral scheme if you use its branding. You can have 50% of the sign-up profits for clients referred from your widgets. With its offered multiple plans, it is a good Evidence alternative solution for small and big businesses.

6. Proof Factor

Similar to other options, Proof Factor also gives outstanding social proof notifications. It also specializes in social proof pop-ups and recent activity notifications. Also, the pop-ups create triggered effects for customers. Plus, if your website visitors try to leave your website, the pop-ups present a spin wheel to stop them from leaving your site. It is an effective strategy with high results of increasing your website sign-ups, but it might affect your qualified leads.

Unfortunately, Proof Factor is not a reliable social proof plugin in terms of design and styling. Nevertheless, it is still an impressive option by being the only one on the list with an exit-intent widget. The smart trick in choosing your best Evidence alternative is knowing what features you really want and need.

7. VisitorsProof

VisitorsProof is a newly rising social proof plugin. However, it offers affordable, helpful services. It is a one-click plugin that allows you to present various types of on-site activity. Also, it comes with a social share widgets feature. Hence, you can display a notification if you added a new product to your website. What makes it reliable is its built-in reporting dashboard. So, the dashboard will constantly update you about your notifications’ performance and progress. 

Although, VisitorsProof lacks user reviews since it is still great with the plausible free plan. It is suited for start-up businesses who are still keeping a budget in their social proof plugin expense. Plus, the plugin’s customer support is excellent and reliable.

8. NextSale

The last Evidence alternative is NextSale which is best for retail websites and agencies. It has a wide range of messages and widgets. Also, it comes with flexible widgets you can use to announce new features, promote sales or collect emails, depending on what you need. Besides that, you can convince more of your visitors when you offer limited products. NextSale’s distinctive feature sale top bar shows a time limit based on your special offer deadline.

Aside from that, the plugin enables lively functions. It also highlights adjustable features that allow you to customize your animation and sound preferences. Plus, with NextSale, you can produce an unlimited number of various kinds of campaigns. The only downside with this option is its best plan, the Enterprise Plan that comes a little pricey. So, you might not reach the plugin’s fullest potential. 

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