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best social proof plugin wordpress

10 Best Social Proof Plugin WordPress Options

Showing your social proof on your websites will boost your sales and increase your overall conversion rate. In an instance, when someone visits your website and is still undecided what to buy, your social proof will help them decide.

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When people are making decisions, we naturally look for validation from others that our decision is right. Social proof has become an essential part of digital marketing. Because it helps customers make better decisions online, and businesses boost their sales. Big brands like Amazon use social proof on their sites, which allows them to increase their sites’ profitability. Using social proof on your websites increases public trust in your company. And eventually persuades them to buy your products and services. To maximize website effectiveness, you must consider the best social proof plugin WordPress.

If you are an owner of a business with a WordPress website, you might want to consider showcasing your social proof on your website to attract website visitors. In this article, you will learn how to add plugins to your WordPress website and the best plugins currently existing on the internet. 

social proof plugin wordpress

What is social proof, and Why is it Important?

Social proof is a psychological phenomenon where people based their decisions on what the previous customers have to say. Your customer experience will be your marketing tool to gain more customers and to win more sales. The social proof plugins will make your invisible customer reviews visible to the website visitors. These plugins will also make your customer activity and reviews available on the website without manually coding them. Social proof comes in different forms. It can be a review or a testimonial, earned media awards, business credentials, or celebrity endorsement.

Showing your social proof on your websites will boost your sales and increase your overall conversion rate. In an instance, when someone visits your website and is still undecided what to buy, your social proof will help them decide. Because people tend to copy the majority’s decision showing them that a group of people trust your brand will persuade them to do the same. Although social proof is most useful to undecided customers, it can also influence the decided customers to switch to your brand. 

Ways to use social proof on your WordPress Plugins

There are tons of different statistics and ideas you can use as social proof to attract your market. Here is the list of ways you can use social proof on your website.

  1. Include organic testimonials and reviews from your actual customers. The public tends to trust more actual customer reviews than the product claims provided on your website. It is more effective if you supplement the product reviews and testimonials with pictures of your real customers. Enable your audience to validate your social proof by showing the name, or profession of the customer. These information will also be a good supporting detail to your social proof. 
  1. Indicate the total number of sold items next to your product. If a customer chooses which product to purchase, they will more likely choose the one with the highest number of successful purchases. The number of sold items will create a psychological message to the audience to follow the same decision by the majority. 
  1. Show the celebrities, influencers, and known personalities who trust the product. These personalities have a huge base of followings to market your brand. It will drive their followers to try your products too.
  1. If you have a massive following on your social media accounts. You can include these numbers on your website. Any numerical business statistics that conveys a positive outlook for the brand can serve as social proof. It will include but not limited to the number of likes, shares, followers, comments, interactions, subscribers or even page visitors
  1. Include certification, industry recognition, and awards received by the brand and the product. This is one of the ultimate social proofs you can showcase on your website, because these are concrete proof that your brand and product can be trusted even by the industry experts.
best social proof plugin

Best Social Proof Plugin WordPress

WordPress is the world’s most popular website building platform today, and it is widely used by all scales of businesses in marketing their sites. And because of its popularity, there are great plugins to choose from. Here are the top ten best social proof plugin WordPress options. 

1. SocialPop

SocialPop is a unique social proof plugin because it focuses on customer service rather than simple social proof notifications. It uses real-time data from the real-world context and incorporates it into your website. SocialPop increases your conversion rate in an enjoyable way for the customer. Aside from the pop-up notifications of the most recent sales, SocialPop also allows you to create custom notifications for your existing promotions, discounted deals, and announcements. 

2. NotificationX

NotificationX is a social proof plugin for WordPress websites that the WPDevelopers create. It is designed specifically for WordPress and very versatile and user-friendly. Although it has limited features compared to other plugins, it has useful features suitable for WordPress users. And because the WPDevelopers are the ones who create this plugin, no need to worry about the maintenance and support service. It also offers lifetime access by uploading a zip installation file.

3. Notification for WooCommerce

Another one time purchase plugin available for WordPress is the Notification for WooCommerce. It has over 22 different templates for your sales notification. Its interface is a bit basic compared to other social proof plugins but requires a more technical set-up process. The downside of this plugin is you cannot distinguish whether the notifications are real or just made-up sales. 

4. WPFomily

WPFomily is another user-friendly plugin for WordPress websites. However, it is not included in the WordPress plugin listing. To install the plugin, you will need to purchase it through their website and upload it manually to WordPress. In addition to the usual sales notification, it has location targeting, targeting rules and long listing of integrations. WPFomily also allows visitors to trace the notifications in the analytics via UTM tags. On the other hand, WPFomily does not distinguish between fake and real social proof. 

5. Provesource

Provesource is a popular plugin for social proof because of its distinguishing feature. It allows you to connect your website to 3rd party sites, such as Facebook, Google, and whatnot. It allows you to easily customize your notification for different types of viewers. Provesource automatically captures conversions from the web and shows all-time events if you don’t have many visitors. 

wordpress social proof plugin

6. Proof Factor

Proof Factor uses a combination of recent activity notifications and live visitor counts. It is the only plugin that has an exit-intent widget. An exit-intent widget is a tool that captures lead whenever a visitor attempts to leave your page. It is believed to increase the sign-up rate. However, due to the limited customization options of Proof Factor, there are valuable visitor activities that you cannot show on your notifications. 

7. TrustPulse

TrustPulse is considered the best FOMO tool in the market and proven to increase sales by 15%. Its notification includes recent purchases, sign-ups, form submissions, and many other customer activities. TrustPulse has a smart targeting feature that analyzes to whom to display social proof notifications and what specific notification to show. Besides, it does not overlap with your website content to not compromise your visitor experience. 

8. Smash Balloon

Another useful WordPress plugin is Smash Balloon. It allows you to quickly gather content from your social media accounts such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Youtube. By connecting your social media content to your website, your visitors will readily confirm that your social proof is real and from actual users.

9. ShareCounts

ShareCounts allows you to connect your social media accounts to your website. It will enable you to show how many people have shared your content on different 3rd party pages. Also, it has options where your visitor can easily share your website content to relevant social networking sites. It also allows your visitors to share your content through email in just one click.

10. OptinMonster

OptionMonster is the most suitable social proof plugin if you are looking for valuable leads where to send your email advertisements and sign-up forms. OptinMionster also offers different types of notifications such as pop-ups, floating bars, full-screen pop-ups, and slide-ins. 

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