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3 Checklist to Find the Best Social Proof App Shopify

Finding the best social proof app Shopify will give you an edge to stand out and attract more customers. After all, a successful company must only be equipped with only the best option available.

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It can be intimidating to start a move in e-commerce, especially when you are still a new business figuring out how and where to do it. Good thing that nowadays, more and more platforms are willing to assist brands. Among the many online options, one platform is continuously winning the hearts of businesses – Shopify. It is known to cater to almost all of the essential needs of any company that wishes to start, run, or grow their brand; these include social proof. But with the overwhelming range of options, how would you find the best social proof app Shopify?

This sounds like a simple question to answer, yet this might make or break your e-commerce game. This is because social proof is one of the most influential factors in a consumer’s purchase. Most customers are looking forward to companies that have an impressive image and an overall positive review. And with the tight competition in the digital market, social proof serves as a tiebreaker for businesses.

Finding the best social proof app Shopify will give you an edge to stand out and attract more customers. If you are a businessman who wishes to utilize both Shopify and social proof, read on the pointers below.

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Get to Know Shopify

No doubt that Shopify is a booming platform, and many businesses aspire to reach its level. However, it is unknown to many that the said successful platform owners have their humble beginnings. Shopify started as a 5-people team whose only desire is to set up an online store for snowboards. During that time, this team could not find the perfect ecommerce solution that would match their needs. So they end up building their platform, and the rest is history.

Today, Shopify powers over 1 million businesses in 175 countries across the world. From 5 people, they are now a growing community with more than 5,000 partners and employees. They are consistent with their mission, which is to create a global impact. They can contribute 319 USD billion in the worldwide economic activity that happened around the years of 2016-2019. Furthermore, the platform has been nonstop in offering fresh and useful features for its merchants. They support businesses, from hosting an entire website up to marketing and analytics.

Aside from a fascinating corporate record, Shopify also emphasizes its commitment to sustainability. To back this up, the company has millions worth of funds for sustainable initiatives. Furthermore, they are also continuously searching for future green projects to help the environment in the long run. Not to mention that they are still currently working with few promising ones such as carbon-neutral operations, LEED-certified Offices, and Carbon Negative pledge.

With all this greatness, small and big businesses continue to choose Shopify. Even though there are several lists of other possible e-commerce platforms, it is safe to say that Shopify is an irresistible option to decline as of the moment.    

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Social Proof in Shopify

Now that you have an idea of the e-commerce platform to use, it is time to decide on the best social proof app Shopify will go along with it. Shopify is aware that companies, especially newly established ones, need social proof to thrive. For this reason, the said platform provides a particular category intended for social proof creation. Upon going to this section, you will see over 200 apps that offer a different social proof approach

These apps are displayed with their respective logos with a snippet of the services that they offer. The ratings of each app are shown for reference; with this, you can see how many people have already tried it. On the same page, the variety of plans is listed per app. Some brands offer free trials, while few are direct about their price range. With this said section, you can easily filter the apps that might work for you.

Take note that once you set up your store, you will be the one to add the features and extra functionality to your actual site. So, it is vital to install the apps that will surely help you attract more customers. It would be best if you also remembered that social proof is a powerful marketing strategy to incorporate into your brand; it is a proven way to gain future customers’ trust. Thus, it would help if you were willing to find the best social proof app Shopify to excel in both visuals and credibility.

Since Shopify is in demand and many of your competitors are using it, you must make a way to be ahead. You should utilize the platform and be wise about the additional features you will install, especially when customers are quick to hop from one site into another. Your brand should offer something unique – a personal touch. And this will only be possible through social proof tools such as notifications, chat boxes, modals, etc.

Choosing the Best Social Proof App Shopify

While it is nice to have a wide selection of apps that you can integrate into your site, it all still boils down to your company’s needs and your target market. So it is only proper to screen the best social proof app Shopify among those apps that will serve you no right. After all, a successful company must only be equipped with only the best option available.

Below are a few pointers that will ease the process of finding the best social proof app Shopify for your company:

1. Compare Plans

This is the first thing that any brand should look into because the plans will mostly reflect the amount of money you might spend on an app. With this, being mindful is the key. It would be best if you easily were not thrilled upon seeing free trials because, cheap does not equate to sound quality. Understandably, most brands are budget-conscious. But if a plan is a little bit over your intended budget yet you feel that it will be useful in long-term use; then, it is worth it. Most social proof apps in Shopify offer an initial free trial to let you experience their services. Some apps offer a monthly plan or an annual plan, while others are capable of providing both.  

On the other hand, the type of plan determines the financial resources needed and the number of notifications that the app will display. An estimate of your desire amount of notifications is highly suggested since it will be easier for you to filter the best social proof app Shopify this way.

For example, one social proof app offers a plan which costs 9 USD that delivers 10 000 notifications per month, while another app bids with a 19 USD plan that displays 25,000 notifications monthly. There is indeed a significant difference in the prices and amount of notifications between the two offers. In this case, it is your task to compare and find a plan that will be worthwhile for your company and your customers.

2. Explore the Tools

Most of the time, the tools that you have are also your triumph cards to get more customers; because tools allow you to be creative as much as possible with your content. And that is what the majority of customers are fond of these days – aesthetic. As much as they want to see the information about your products/services, they still give merits to those brand’s websites that have an appealing overall visual.

So if you want to display a form of social proof on your site, be sure to get the best social proof app. Shopify offers the handiest tools. It should be able to provide eye-catching banners and conversion messages without interrupting the users. The most useful tools are those that can trigger FOMO and urgency while still being subtle.

Since the primary goal of social proof is to rake soon-to-be clients, and not to annoy them away.  The perk of most social proof apps that offer free trial is that you can explore most of their tools and not spend any. That is why it is best if you can try as many social proof app as possible.

3. Guarantee Effectiveness

All of your efforts will only be put to waste if the app you avail of is not useful at the end of the day. In short, it does not increase your conversion rate nor generate any leads for your company. The best social proof app Shopify should never give you such issues. To find the most acceptable social proof in the platform, it is mandatory to verify its effectiveness. You can do this by checking out other reviews from previous users of the apps; remember, social proof reflects a product’s value.

Another thing that you can do is to test the effectiveness of the apps yourself. Like with the exploration of tools, you can take advantage of the free trials to know if it can excellent results. Do not settle for mediocre output and look for the most effective social proof app.  

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